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Dogs Wallpaper.

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Dogs Wallpaper by Innovative
Information Technologies. A
sample set of BMP files of dogs.

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Dogs Wallpaper.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BICHON.BMP 33018 8782 deflated
BICHON_S.BMP 14654 4546 deflated
DOGS.BMP 43666 10015 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 93 88 deflated
LICENSE.DOC 2517 1060 deflated
SHELTY.BMP 32350 8432 deflated
SPANIEL.BMP 42006 8389 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
WEIMAR_S.BMP 14054 2182 deflated

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Contents of the LICENSE.DOC file

The images in this sampler are copyrighted works by Innovative Information
Technologies, Inc. and you are hereby granted a license to use these
images. These images may be freely copied and distributed but they may not
be incorporated into any product that is resold. If you wish to
re-distribute these images as part of another product in any way you must
contact us for permission. If your request helps us, and you maintain our
copyrights, we will help you by granting you a limited, non-exclusive
license on the images or other parts of our products or supporting

If you want the full set of PC PETS/DOGS Wallpaper consisting of 92 breeds
(so far), please send or fax the form below to us along with a check or
money order for $15 plus $2.50 for shipping and handling. We will send the
PC PETS/DOGS Wallpaper Collection in a disk mailer via surface mail. We
will also send you more information about PC PETS/DOGS.

The images in the Wallpaper Sampler and the full collection have been
captured and exported from PC PETS/DOGS, one of a line of Petware(TM) from
Innovative Information Technologies, Inc.. PC PETS/DOGS is an easy-to-use
program that tells you what you need to know about choosing or owning a
dog. The full program introduces you to more than 90 breeds in graphics and
text. A unique breed selector allows you to specify characteristics of the
dog or your lifestyle so you can choose the dog that is right for you or
your family.

We hope you enjoy the Wallpaper Sampler and will order the full collection

==========================ORDER FORM==================================
City ______________________________State/Province_____________________
Postal/ZIP Code____________________Country____________________________

No. Copies Product Price S/H Total
_________ PC PETS/DOGS Wallpaper $15.00 $2.50 _______
_________ PC PETS DOGS Full Product $39.95 $6.00 _______

NY Residents add 8% tax _______

_________ Check or Money Order

Please send or fax to ITI, 55 Fairhill Dr., Rochester NY 14618
Tel: 716-272-9909; Fax: 716-475-1623

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