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McAfee's TSR anti-virus system.

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VShield version 2.1.4 (214) 01/11/95 by
McAfee, Inc. Memory-resident (TSR) virus
protection and prevention. Auto-loads
into RAM above 1Mb. Req: DOS 3+, 67Kb.

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McAfee’s TSR anti-virus system.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AGENTS.TXT 29887 10948 deflated
CHKVSHLD.EXE 18957 11975 deflated
COMPUSER.TXT 6252 2448 deflated
FILENAME.TXT 1950 731 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 164 146 deflated
LICENSE.TXT 22941 5668 deflated
NAMES.DAT 149515 60596 deflated
PACKING.LST 1740 711 deflated
README.1ST 1869 916 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 9857 3784 deflated
SCAN.DAT 141894 99251 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
VALIDATE.EXE 15958 10918 deflated
VALIDATE.TXT 3560 1257 deflated
VIRUSCAN.TXT 234467 48587 deflated
VSHEML.EXE 30876 14440 deflated
VSHIELD.DAT 167613 82827 deflated
VSHIELD.EXE 203557 62419 deflated
VSHINST.EXE 44110 20927 deflated
VSHLDCRC.EXE 45043 24054 deflated
VSHLDWIN.EXE 29394 14214 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

VShield version 2.1.4 (214) 01/11/95 by
McAfee, Inc. Memory-resident (TSR) virus
protection and prevention. Auto-loads
into RAM above 1Mb. Req: DOS 3+, 67Kb.

Along with this file you will find a brand new VirusScan, version 2.1.
We are excited to bring you this new technology. We have introduced
new detection and cleaning engines which perform significantly faster
than previous versions of the software, while providing us with a
foundation for even better detection of viruses. Additionally, the
memory usage of this new product has been reduced, which allows it
to run in even more environments.

We are providing this new version to you as a part of our commitment
to provide our customers with the highest levels of service and
support. In order to ensure that our new technology meets your
requirements, we are asking you for feedback. If you encounter any
features that you would like to see added, if you encounter any
"false alarms" (or files that are reported as infected that are not,
in fact, infected), or if you encounter any problems with the
software, we would like to hear from you right away. We are
committed to responding to your feedback as quickly as possible.

Regarding false alarms, we strive for the highest detection rates,
with minimal false detections. However, we also want to be
conservative in our reporting of virus infections. Therefore,
when we suspect that a file is infected, we will report that
suspicion to you. It is possible that it is not infected. As
always, when you encounter a file that is infected, we encourage
you to send us the file for additional evaluation. You can
upload the file to our forums on CompuServe (GO MCAFEE) and America
On-Line (McAfee), our Internet node ( or our BBS
(408-988-4004, 8N1). You may also send us the file on diskette
(McAfee, 2710 Walsh Avenue, Santa Clara, CA 95051).

Thank you for your use of McAfee anti-virus products.


The McAfee Product Team

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