Dec 102017
Some more rs232 C++ code using BCC OWL.
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Some more rs232 C++ code using BCC OWL.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
OWLCOMM.CPP 5392 1845 deflated
OWLCOMM.DEF 282 166 deflated
OWLCOMM.H 2587 945 deflated
OWLCOMM.ICO 766 140 deflated
OWLCOMM.MNU 120 85 deflated
OWLCOMM.RC 164 87 deflated
PROJECT.TXT 368 210 deflated
READ.1ST 733 411 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
WCOM.CPP 3098 1090 deflated
WCONNECT.CPP 1791 631 deflated
WMODEM.CPP 3721 1210 deflated
WNOTIFY.CPP 1425 596 deflated
WTTY.CPP 4205 1363 deflated

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Contents of the PROJECT.TXT file

If you are using the IDE you should create a project in the same
directory as the source.

Here is a list of files to put in the project file:


Here is a list of options to turn on:

Generate Windows Executable
Large Memory Model

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