Dec 102017
Derr's fast file finder v5.0.

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FileFinder v5.0 - Finds Files, & DIRS
on normal, networked,& CDROM drives & inside
compressed files, also locates DUP files..
Extremely fast and versatile. NEW - Create
ZIP file from list of tagged files.

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Derr’s fast file finder v5.0.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ASP-HUB.DOC 2182 945 deflated
BRZ.COM 33824 20525 deflated
FF2.COM 45822 26800 deflated
FFD.EXE 47394 27379 deflated
FFF-386.EXE 100724 47981 deflated
FFF.DOC 78947 15173 deflated
FFF.EXE 105076 49048 deflated
FFF.ICO 766 207 deflated
FFF.PIF 545 135 deflated
FFF.REG 3465 1059 deflated
FFFCFG.COM 29094 15378 deflated
FFFHLP.COM 15188 8467 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 216 167 deflated
OMBUDSMN.ASP 595 356 deflated
SGREP.COM 21758 13487 deflated
VENDINFO.TXT 3112 1337 deflated
WHATS.NEW 3858 1466 deflated

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Contents of the ASP-HUB.DOC file

AHN15.DOC V1.5 04/08/94

This form is designed for use by ASP authors. Please feel free to include this
text as a part of your support/distribution documentation. Out of respect for
our other fellow ASP BBS members, we ask that you *NOT* include this as a
separate file in your distribution archive.


In an effort to make it easier for you to obtain your favorite software,
the latest updates of many ASP authored programs can be found on the BBSs
listed below. These BBSs are members of the ASP Hub Network (AHN).

Zone 1 - East Coast USA

North-East Coast Mid-East Coast

[Site #1] [Site #2]
The Consultant BBS The Break RBBS
Jay Caplan Bruce Jackson
P.O. Box 8571 4660 Whitaker PL
New York NY 10116-4655 Dale City, VA 22193-3011
BBS Phone: 718-837-3236 BBS Phone: 703-680-9269
BBS Software: PCBoard BBS Software: RBBS

Zone 2 - North Mid-USA Zone 3 - Southern Mid-USA

[Site #3] [Site #4]
The Twilight Zone The DataExchange BBS
John Hrusovszky Don Morris
1119 E. Main St 119 Herring St.
Auburndale, WI 54412 Leesville, LA 71446
BBS Phone: 715-652-2758 BBS Phone: 318-239-2122
BBS Software: RBBS BBS Software: UltraBBS

Zone 4 - West Coast USA

[Site #5]
Space BBS
Owen Hawkins
PO Box X
Menlo Park, CA 94026
BBS Phone: 415-323-4398 (ASP Files)
BBS Software: PCBoard

Zone 5 - Canada

[Site #6]
Knightec BBS
Phil Knight
35 Robb Blvd #6
Orangeville, ONT L9W 3L1
BBS Phone: 519-940-0007
BBS Software: PCBoard

These BBSs are bound by special agreement with the ASP.
In the case of a dispute contact the ASP Omsbudsman.

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