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SysTips is a small utility designed to help those new to the Windows 95.
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SysTips is a small utility designed to help those new to the Windows 95.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

SysTips: System Tooltip Utility for Windows 95
Version 0.3, 4/29/95 by Mark Gamber
For Windows 95, build 347 or better

SysTips is a small utility designed to help those new to the Windows 95
interface by providing "tooltips" for system items such as the Close button,
Sizing buttons, System Menu and sizable borders.

To begin using the program, you may either copy SYSTIP.EXE and STIPDLL.DLL
to a common directory (c:\windows, for example) and start it as any other
program, or install it using Control Panel. Start the "Add/Remove Programs"
item and select the "Windows Setup" tab. Select "Have Disk..." and enter the
path to SYSTIP.INF. Select "OK" and the item should be displayed and, after
checking the item and selecting "Install", it should copy and create a folder
and Start Menu entry for the program. If the Control Panel installation is
used, it may be removed by simply unchecking the item in the "Windows Setup"
dialog box tab and selecting "OK".

Upon starting SysTips, a small icon should appear on the taskbar somewhere
close to the clock. The icon, which looks like a pointer with a small window,
may be double-clicked to display a dialog box from where you may close the
program by selecting "Exit". The delay time, the amount of time you must keep
the mouse still over an object, may also be set between 250 and 999 milli-
-seconds. After changing the value, press "OK" to save the changes or press
the "ESC" key or use the Close button to close the dialog box without saving
any changes.
Note that to prevent tip window collisions, SysTips does not apply itself
to the tray or anything residing within it.

SysTip messages are kept in the registry and may be changed at any time.

Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\MarkG\SysTips

Values: Delay: Time (in milliseconds) to hold the pointer over an object.
Close: Text displayed for Close button.
CRestore: Text displayed for caption bar area of a maximized window.
Maxmize: Text displayed for Maximize button.
Minimize: Text displayed for Minimize button.
Move: Text displayed for caption bar area when not maximized.
Restore: Text displayed for Restore button.
SizeLLC: Lower-Left corner sizing text.
SizeLR: Left and right borders sizing text.
SizeLRC: Lower-Right corner sizing text.
SizeUD: Top and bottom borders sizing text.
SizeULC: Upper-Left corner sizing text.
SizeURC: Upper-Right corner sizing text.
SysMenu: Text displayed for System Menu "icon".

This program may be freely distributed but is not public domain and may not
be altered in any without without explicit permission from the author. By using
the program, the user assumes full responsibility for it's proper use and may
not hold the author liable for any loss or damage. If unable to accept this
condition, the program may not be used and must be destroyed immediately.

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