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Latest file with japanese and english docs...
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Latest file with japanese and english docs…
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Contents of the README.1ST file


LHA Version 2.55b is the most current update release of the internationally
popular freeware archiver. The two executables contained in LHARC255C.EXE are
self-extracting LZH archives.

LHA255B.EXE was obtained from the PC-OHIO BBS and contains the author's
documentation in Japanese, and two copies of LHA.EXE, one a Japanese and the
other an English version of the updated program. An updated English-language
manual is not available at this time. LHA255B.EXE is the author's official
distribution archive, which has been kept intact.

212DOCS.EXE is a self-extracting archive containing the available English
documentation. Availability of documentation in English, unfortunately, has
not kept pace with the program's development. Users of earlier versions will
see that basic use and parameters have not changed, however. The most recent
official English-language manual was released with version 2.12, and is
provided here. (Note that it is not in standard English.) For latest changes
in version 2.55b, read the files 255B_ENG.TXT and 255C_ENG.TXT.

One of the reasons that LHA is not more well-known in the U.S. may be that a
standard American translation of the documentation has not been available. If
you wish to to view the documentation in Japanese, read the file COUNTRY.TXT
in your DOS directory for instructions on how to alter the code page of your
display and keyboard to accommodate Japanese ideograms. Warning: Any system
modifications you make will be at your own risk. Note that the file LHA.EXE
contains the Japanese-language version of the help screen which will not
display properly on screens configured for English-speaking users. The
program file containing English-language help is named LHA_E.EXE.


In today's competitive business environment, it may indeed seem strange that
the software documentation hasn't been kept current, or that a distribution
archive adapted for Western users hasn't been developed. Who's responsible
for its distribution, anyway? Well, the answer is NO ONE, because LHA is not
a commercial venture. There is no commercial marketing plan, no advertising,
no staff, no single company behind it.

LHA is one of the rare freeware programs in existence which also must be
acknowledged as a major advanced work. LHA distribution, except for
commercial interests which bundled it with their products, has been entirely
user-initiated. The English translation of the manual and the accompanying
help files were products of volunteer efforts. LHA has made its way across
the world from Japan basically on the good will of its users. And now YOU own
a copy of this amazing, free, advanced Japanese archive software.


LHA255B.EXE This is the author's official archive release of v2.55b
All files included, except LHA_E.EXE, are in Japanese
This file should be distributed unmodified and intact

212DOCS.EXE Compilation of available English documentation

255B_ENG.TXT Translation of v2.55b READ.ME file provided for the
American release of the author's archive
255C_ENG.TXT Corrected English translation

MAKELHA.ASC Interactive batchfile which demonstrates commonly-used LHA
commands and switches (rename with BAT extension to run)
MAKELHX.ASC Separate module (included in MAKELHA) to create archive
installation batchfile

README.1ST This file

For questions or comments regarding MAKELHA.BAT and MAKELHX.BAT e-mail to:

Roger T. Imai, GEnie: R.IMAI
Internet: [email protected]


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