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Paradox Win utility to create, store and apply style sheets to forms and reports.
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Paradox Win utility to create, store and apply style sheets to forms and reports.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Artistry for Paradox for Windows v 5.0
Uploaded February 3rd 1995

About Artistry
Artistry is a Paradox utility that enables you to create, store and apply style sheets to your forms and reports. You can save up to 60 style sheets in the Artistry Gallery.

Artistry comes with a Gallery of 40 pre-defined style sheets. The Gallery allows you to view a sample of each of these style sheets. Open any existing Paradox form, select a style from the Gallery, press the Apply icon and Artistry paints your form with the desired style.

You can also create your own style sheets and save them to the Gallery. Click on the Modify Style icon and you can then create a style using a sample form. Name and save it to the Gallery and then you can apply that style to any form or report.

You can capture the style of any of your existing forms or reports and save it to the Gallery. Simply open the desired form or report, press the Camera icon and Artistry will create a new style based upon that form or report. Name it and it will automatically be saved to the Gallery.

Beta Testors Wanted
We are looking for persons who will beta test this software and provide bug reports containing specific information on the bug, and what to do to reproduce it.

Please use Artistry v.9 Beta and enjoy it... all we ask is that when you discover a bug report it!

Here is the bug reporting address: Rick Goodman 74724,1646. Thanks a head of time!

Installation is a snap. You have already unzipped the main file, so now you are ready to install the program. You may choose either one of the two EZ methods that follow:

EZ Method #1:
1. From the Windows Program Manager, create a new icon for the
Install.exe file that comes with Artistry. (Only you know where
this file is currently located.)

2. Once the icon is created, double click on it.

EZ Method #2:
1. Copy the four files you have already unzipped onto a disk in
the A: drive. These files are:
- Art.Inf
- Art1.001
- Install.exe

2. From the Windows program Manager select File | Run

3. Type in A:Install, press return

Running Artistry
Artistry can be started from the Paradox Tools Menu. Alternatively, not that you would wish to, you can also run the Artistry.FDL form.

Tips for Using Artistry
Artistry comes with a self running demo. To view the Demo, select the Demo icon.

Artistry Help is available on-line. Simply select the Help icon.

When you are viewing the Artistry Gallery, Artistry takes up most of your screen. Artistry can be made much smaller, while still using all of its features. To switch between the large and small form of Artistry click on the minimize and maximize buttons.

Thanks for downloading Artistry for Paradox v5.0.

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