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Finally a utility that scan your system and attaches a dollar value SHAREWARE.
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Finally a utility that scan your system and attaches a dollar value SHAREWARE.
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Contents of the CHECKME.TXT file

Copyright (c) 1993 The quick system information and
Mike Wishart evaluation software.
327 Denslowe Dr, Dept CM
Reno, NV 89512


This program will quickly determine information about the computer it is
run on. This program will function well on 8086s up to 80486s.

To execute the program, simply type:
from within the directory that the program is installed.

The accompanying file "VAL.DAT" contains information about dollar values
of computers. If this file is in the same directory, a dollar value
will be displayed as determined by the program.

Information displayed about the computer:
* Speed and Type of Processor
25Mhz (25.0) [2.866 MIPS] 80386
^ ^ ^ ^
Type of processor
Million Instructions per Second Rating
Actual speed measured
Speed used in determining computer value
* Monitor type and speed rating
... Color Monitor (Txt:1289k/Graph:1029k CPS)
^ ^ ^
Graphic mode speed of Graphics Card
(Characters per second)
Text mode speed of graphics card
(Characters per second)
Color or Mono monitor
* Math coprocessor
NO Math coprocessor found. or
Math coprocessor found.

* Bios date

* Base Memory size and speed rating
Base memory size = 640k (5136k CPS 190.1ns access)
^ ^ ^
approximate access rate
Speed rating in Characters per sec
Size of Memory found

* Extended or Expanded memory size
Exp memory size = 3392k (signature: EMMQXXX0)
^ ^
Memory Manager signature
Size of Memory found
Total avail memory: 4032k
Total of Base and expanded memory

* Serial, Parallel, Game Ports
1 serial ports 2 parallel ports Game Port

* Floppy and Hard disk information

Type SHd-EHd SCyl- ECyl SSct-ESct TSectors
Drive A ( 1.25Mb): FLOPY 0 1 0 79 1 15 2560
Drive B ( 1.48Mb): FLOPY 0 1 0 79 1 18 3040
Drive C ( 61Mb): Boot 1 4 0 975 1 26 126854 (239.2k CPS)
^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

Data rate
Total sectors
Partition Starting/Ending Sector
Partition Starting/Ending Cylinder
Partition Starting/Ending Head
Type of partition: FLOPY - floppy drive
Boot - boot partition
FAT12 - 12 bit FAT
FAT16 - 16 bit FAT
ACTIV - Active DOS
EXTND - Extended DOS
?x07? - Unknown type 7
Partition Size

Total Hard Disk Size: 61Mb
Total of all hard disk space

* Market value (if VAL.DAT is available)
Computer Market Value: Std Case Laptop Notebook
$ 680.95 $ 480.95 $ 805.95
^ ^ ^

Battery powered
Portable (not battery op) case
Value if in Tower/Desktop case

This program is intended for use by people planning to buy computers or
by retailers wishing to check out the value of a trade in a computer.
Note that the values given by the program can be severely altered by
config.sys or autoexec.bat settings (specifically memory managers and

* CMOS settings can reduce the speed of a processor as can the Turbo switch.
Be sure that the computer is not de-tuned by either of these when running
the program or false information can be displayed.

Register this software and receive the latest update that does not delay
5 seconds before running as well as an editor for VAL.DAT.

So please, dive in and enjoy the fun of legally sharing good software
with your friends and associates. But also be aware of the following
restrictions, designed to protect the community of User Supported
software users and authors, and to prevent greedy people from taking
unfair advantage of the trust, hard work, and good will of User
Supported software authors:

1. No price or consideration may be charged. However, a distribution
cost may be charged for the cost of the diskettes, shipping, and
handling, not to exceed $15.00 total.

2. The files and programs on the disks may not be modified, deleted,
nor added to.

3. The programs cannot be sold as part of some other more inclusive

4. The programs cannot be "rented" or "leased" to others.

5. The Author retains all rights to the CheckMe programs.

6. The programs cannot be used commercially without registration.

To receive the Value Editor and latest version of CHECKME.EXE (without the
5 second startup delay), simply send in the registration form on the next page
with a check or money order for $15.00. This exact form is not necessary.

Mike Wishart makes no representation or warranty that any software is fit for
any particular purpose and any implied warranty of merchantability is expressly
and specifically disclaimed. Furthermore, Mike Wishart is fully indemnified
from any losses, unfortunate consequences, failures or inadequacies resulting
in the direct or, indirect application or, misapplication of this software.

Free registration for information leading to improvement of this program as
far as:
1) detecting SX vs DX on 386/486 processors (16/32 bit external bus).
2) detecting new processors (Pentium, R4400, Alpha, or Power PC).
3) detecting floppy disk parameters (heads, tracks, sectors/track) on 8086.
4) NT & Unix Hard Disk Partition System Identifiers.

To receive the reward, send in your check or money order for the regular
registration fee. If your information proves to be correct, your registration
fee will be returned with your new software.

Check Me v1 Registration Form

Name: ______________________________________

Address: ______________________________________


City: ______________________________________

State: __________________________ Zip: ______

Country (if not USA) ________________________________

Where program was found: ____________________________

Item Total
Check Me Registration |
includes Values Editor ($15)_______________________|_________
Shipping outside USA (add $3.50)____________________|_________
Total Enclosed: |_________

Preferred Disk Size: 3.5" ____ 5.25" ____

Mail Completed Form and Check or Money Order to:

Mike Wishart
327 Denslowe Dr, Dept CM
Reno, NV 89512

Send me information on:

[ ] Check Me source code

[ ] Speaker Wave - command line PC Speaker .WAV file player

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