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Multiple clipboard for windows, allows you to cut & paste 10 different sections of text. Shareware.

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Clip 'Em 1.0 For Windows!
Text Clip Manager and Editor! Paste
Text into, Copy Text out of, open,
save, and edit text files up to 32k!
Open 10 files at once! Useful for keeping
notes, or clipboard items!
Requires VBRUN300.DLL (CIS:WinFun Forum.)
Shareware $10. Written By Richard Ratayczak

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Multiple clipboard for windows, allows you to cut & paste 10 different sections of text. Shareware.
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Clip 'Em 1.0 For Windows

Written By Richard Ratayczak
For Disk And Desk Inc.

Copywrite (c) 1994 Disk And Desk Inc.

Clip 'Em For Windows 1.0 is a Text Saver. You can paste text to 10 different textboxes, and save them.
You can also open text files up to 32k in a textbox and copy them to the clipboard. Excellent for your little notes and junk!

Clip 'Em is small when it loads, but when you click on "Open Up Window --->" From the system menu, you will see 10 different text boxes. There, you can use the normal MS Windows Control keys to paste, copy or cut text from the text boxes.

Control Keys for Cutting, Copying, And Pasting to and from the clipboard:

Ctl - C Will copy text to the clipboard.
Ctl- X Will cut the text from the textbox and copy it to the clipboard.
Ctl - V Will paste text from the clipboard into the textbox.

All those other little buttons!:

The save and open buttons from 1 to 10 signify the textboxes 1 through ten.
Use these buttons to save text in a textbox, or open a text file to be opened into the textbox.

Also, the About Button Display info about this program, the Quit Button quits, and the Small Button Returns Clip 'Em to small Form.


Registration is only $10 for a disk with the latest registered version. That includes a "Always on top" menu item, and a "Select All Text" Menu Item.

If You have a CompuServe Account, I will upload this into your E-MailBox for the mere price of the upload, plus $6 dollars! You save $4! But, Be sure to fill out the order form and mail it to me with a check or money order of $5. And Don't Forget to write down what your CompuServe Number is.

Other than that, I think this program is self explanatory.

Send your US Check or Money Order For $10 or $6 if you prefer Getting the program via E-Mail, to:

Richard Ratayczak
2553A South Howell Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53207-1604

My CompuServe Address is: 71524,2416

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