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Update Led Lasermaster Winprinter Drivers for Windows 95 (Beta).
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Update Led Lasermaster Winprinter Drivers for Windows 95 (Beta).
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
WPTEST.EXE 87226 37711 deflated
WP800.SPD 8559 2454 deflated
WP600XL.SPD 8277 2314 deflated
WP1000.SPD 8606 2451 deflated
WJ800III.SPD 8509 2447 deflated
WJ800IID.SPD 8567 2454 deflated
WJ800II.SPD 8505 2448 deflated
WJ8003D.SPD 8567 2454 deflated
WJ1200.SPD 8743 2492 deflated
STARTUP.PS_ 470 455 deflated
SETUP.INF 2343 648 deflated
SETUP.IN_ 882 881 deflated
SETUP.EXE 43520 20832 deflated
ROMFONTS.DL_ 122689 115432 deflated
README.DOC 40448 11366 deflated
OEMLMLPT.IN_ 739 714 deflated
MSUILSTF.DLL 48640 6749 deflated
MSSHLSTF.DLL 23552 9161 deflated
MSINSSTF.DLL 68608 33017 deflated
MSDETSTF.DLL 19968 8911 deflated
MSCUISTF.DLL 68608 16900 deflated
MSCOMSTF.DLL 87552 32373 deflated
LMWINPRT.IN_ 267 266 deflated
LMTI32.EX_ 357205 344046 deflated
LMPRINT.INF 6622 1968 deflated
LMPRINT.HL_ 15388 14538 deflated
LMPRINT.EX_ 102959 99255 deflated
LMONITOR.DLL 24576 10370 deflated
LMH.VX_ 9584 9333 deflated
ERROR.MS_ 2336 2228 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file


!"#$%&'()*+,-./0123456789:;<=>[email protected] EntryFgorMWordDocumentCompObjne printing of PostScript printer files. Pagination options like printing Saddle, Duplex, and other options are not supported with this utility.

The LaserMaster Direct Driver and PCL4TSR will not be included with WinPrint 2.0. There are no current plans for further development of these drivers. We realize that this an inconvenience to some, and hope that the LaserMaster PostScript printing enhancements in WinPrint 2.0 will provide the speed and ease of use that you have become accustomed to.

Compared to Windows 3.x, Windows 95 font management has been greatly improved. LaserMaster has determined that a WinPrint Font Manager is not necessary for this release.

Technical Notes:
- WinPrint 2.0 Installation Instructions
- WinJet 800's on LPT 2 or LPT 3
- Font handling
- PageMaker 5.0
- Printing blank pages after each job has finished
- LaserMaster PostScript Driver (LMPS.DRV)
- Printing to file
- Network Banner Pages
- PostScript header files
- Printing the Demo Page on the WinPrinter 600XL
- WinPrinter 600XL multipurpose Tray
- Clearing Paper Jams on the WinPrinter 600XL
- Error Handling

WinPrint 2.0 Installation Instructions

I.Install LMTI

To install LMTI run setup from disk 1. Follow the instructions on the screen to either
choose continue setup, exit, or request help. Choose continue.

The next setup window Identifies your LM product Name, Current IRQ setting and I/O
address. Please record this information for later use. Choose continue.

Here you will now have the option to choose if you want the full installation or minimal installation on your system. Choose continue.

Please specify the location you would like for the WinPrint installation files. If you
select a path other than the default location be sure to record that path. Important
information and troubleshooting is found in that location and may be needed
from time to time. Choose continue.

Setup will now copy the selected files to you hard disk. When setup finishes it will
prompt you to reboot your system so the files copied during the install can take effect.
Choose Restart.

When Windows restarts you will notice a new start window group titled WinPrint 2.0 was added to your system. This start window group contains a shortcut to the LM File Printer which allows you to Enqueue/download PostScript files to your WinPrinter or WinJet.

II.Install LPT7

Enter the Control Panel and select Add New Hardware. Select Next. When you are
prompted to specify if you want the Windows Hardware Wizard to search for new hardware, Select NO. Enter the section titled Ports(COM & LPT). Choose LaserMaster
as the Manufacturer, and LM WinPrint Hardware Interface LPT7 as the Model. Select
NEXT 2 times and select Finish. Reboot your system when prompted.

If this screen informs you that there is a device conflict it could mean

Your card is either interfering with another device on the systemand the address or I/O
jumpers on the board need changing. Follow the instructions in the manual to change
Jumper settings and then run Wptest from the WinPrint 2.0 install directory. WP test
will provide you with diagnostic information including current IRQ and I/O address
settings. It will also run a series of tests to verify your product is installed and functioning correctly. If Wptest completes without any errors, reinstall the WinPrint
software. If Wptest does not complete try another IRQ or I/O address setting.
You have reinstalled the software and port settings without first removing the existing
driver in Control Panel, System, Device Manager. In this case Windows has probably
assigned the new port as (LPT2). Remove the existing driver and then continue setting
up the new driver.
III.Install your printer

Enter the Control Panel and Choose Printers. Double click on Add Printer. If you have a network, you will be prompted to install a Local or Network printer: choose local. Select Have Disk and enter the path to the first WinPrint Distribution disk. Select Next.

In the this dialog boe#"KfH,l,l

x(T&7xMS Sans SerifSymbol SystemTimes New RomanTimes New Roman ArialWingdingsWordPad Document8/24/95

LaserMaster WinPrinter Beta Release 2.0.b2

LaserMaster has released this beta version of the WinPrint software to all current WinPrinter and WinJet customers who would like to participate in the WinPrint Beta Program. Please keep in mind that LaserMaster does not recommend that you depend on this software for your work. LaserMaster Corporation cannot be responsible for any loss of information, time or money incurred with its use.

This version of the LaserMaster beta software for Windows 95, was coded, compiled, and tested with the Windows 95 Build 490 pre-release software. This is the only version of the Windows 95 operating system that is known to work with this version of WinPrint beta software. Any attempt to load the WinPrint software on an earlier build of the Windows 95 pre-release software may or may not work. The final release of WinPrint software will be tested on the final version of the Windows 95 operating system, when available.

Supported WinPrint products for the beta software are:

WinJet 800 (for HP LaserJet II, IID, III, and IIID)
WinJet 1200 (for HP LaserJet 4 and 4M)
WinJet 1200+ (for HP LaserJet 4+ and 4M+)
WinPrinter 600XL
WinPrinter 800
WinPrinter 1000

For more information on other functional changes to the WinPrint beta software for Windows 95, please read the section of this document titled "Functional Changes."

What's New:
The WinPrinter software has been dramatically rewritten for the Windows 95 operating system and is not compatible with earlier Windows 3.x versions. We are working to achieve the greatest compatibility and 32bit performance possible. During installation, the WinPrint 2.0 SETUP program detects which version of Windows you are running. Setup will cancel the install action if the version you are running is earlier than Windows 95. To upgrade to Windows 95, contact Microsoft Corp. or your computer manufacturer or dealer.

Beta Information:
All revisions of the WinPrint beta drivers will be located on the LaserMaster BBS in the Controller download areas, PC File Downloads, WinPrint File Download section of the LaserMaster BBS. The LaserMaster BBS can be reached at 612-835-5463 and is available 24hrs a day. The BBS supports connect speeds up to 28.8 V.34. If you need more information regarding the LaserMaster BBS, please request LaserLine #2004, Using the LaserMaster BBS from Ask Otis, LaserMasters On-line Technical Information Service at (612) 943-3737. Be sure to check the BBS regularly to see if a more current release is available. The LaserMaster Windows 95 WinPrint beta drivers are for customer evaluation and comment; there will be no direct technical support for this version of software. We will be compiling all information supplied from customers comments through a fax back forum. This information will be used to create the full release of the WinPrint drivers for Windows 95, so every little piece of information can make a difference.

If you find that you are having some difficulties with the WinPrint Beta software, please fill out the Beta Release Information Form available at the end of this document, or from Ask OTIS, LaserMaster's On-line Technical Information Service, at (612) 943-3737. When OTIS answers request Document # 1027. This fax back form should be used for all of your feedback regarding the WinPrint Beta. Customers will find it beneficial to make copies of the form for continued contact with LM. Please fill out the form completely and accurately and fax it LaserMaster Technical support at (612) 944-3755. If we have a known workaround for your specific problem, Technical Support will be glad to contact you. All contact will be made via fax, so be sure you include a Fax number on the fax back form so we can contact you. Again, we are not able to provide direct technical support for beta or pre-release software versions.

Functional Changes:
Some WinPrint products are not and will not be supported in future releases of WinPrinter software. The WinPrint products not supported are:
WinJet 300 and WinJet 300SI
WinPrinter 360XLS
WinJet 800C ( for the Cannon LBP-4 printer)

The LaserMaster Print Manager has been replaced by the Windows 95 Spooler. An LM Print utility has been included for thx you will be able to select the exact WinPrint Model you are using. If you are not sure please refer to your WinPrint manual for the exact model. Select

Note: WinJet 1200 and 1200+ users should select WinJet 1200.

Setup will copy specific files from your WinPrint diskettes to your system. You will
also be prompted to insert your Windows 95 CD-ROM/diskette for additional system

In this screen you will need to select from the available ports. Select WinPrint PostScript
Port and then Configure Port. Here you will need to specify the amount of system memory used to process your print jobs. Enter a value between 1024 and 1/4th the physical ram on your system. Select OK and then Next.

Enter the name you would like displayed for the printer and if you would like this printer
set as the default system printer. Select Finish.

A LMTI32 dialog box will be displayed and will initialize the WinPrint software. When
it is completed you may minimize the dialog box. Your printer has now been added to
the Printers section of the Control Panel.

Note: At the end of the installation you may get an LMTI error. Click OK. It will not
appear again.

IV.Setup your printer

Enter the Control Panel and Choose Printers. Double click on your LM WinPrint icon.
Go to Printer/Properties to display the Printer Property Sheets.

Select the Details Tab and then Spool Settings. Disable bi-directional printing and then
select OK.

Select the PostScript Tab and then Advanced. In Data Format choose "Pure binary data"
and select OK.

Select the Graphics Tab and select the desired resolution for your product.

Select the Fonts Tab and then Send Fonts As. Choose Don't send from the True Type
Fonts pull down box. Select OK.

Note: This last step is not necessary, but will ensure that jobs are printed in the fastest
possible way.

You should be up and ready to print. When you print a job, the LaserMaster PostScript Interpreter will load and stay loaded. Look for the familiar open book icon next to your clock, when a page is partially flipped, a page is processing. Currently we have not animated the icon based on the philosophy that it would take processor time away from printing and your applications. To Close the Interpreter, click the right mouse button on the icon and select Exit LMTI. Note, LMTI starts automatically at print time.

WinJet 800's on LPT 2 or LPT3

With the WinPrint 2.0.b2 release, users of WinJet 800's that use LPT2 or LPT3 for the standard parallel port of the HP printer, must manually add a line to the LMWINPRT.INI file. The file is located in the Windows directory. Under the first section of the file, (DIRECT) add a line that states STDPort=LPT2 if you use LPT2 and STDPort=LPT3 if you use LPT3. The Direct section of the file may look like this:

TopMargin=0 ; Adjusts top margin in 1/1200ths of an inch
LeftMargin=0 ; Adjusts left margin in 1/1200ths of an inch

Font Handling
Most TrueType fonts installed in Windows 95 are available for printing to your WinPrint 2.0 product. Currently the Printer Properties Fonts menu needs to be modified to maximize speed and quality of printing your TrueType fonts. Open this menu and select Always use TrueType fonts. Next, Select Send Fonts As...and change the Send TrueType fonts as: to Don't Send. Extensive testing has not yet been completed using ATM or allowing Windows to directly send Type 1 fonts to the printer.

PageMaker 5.0
Currently PageMaker 5.0 pages may not print correctly. We are working on this issue and hope to have it resolved before the next beta release.

Printing Blank Pages after document
Click on Printer, then Properties. Select the PostScript menu, then Advanced, and select the Pure Binary Data option. This will eliminate the driver from adding some ASCI code at the end of each job which causes printing a blank page after every print job. This may also be an indication that the application you are using prints using a driver other than the Windows 95 PostScript driver. If this is the case, please notify us. PageMaker users, please see the PageMaker notes.

LaserMaster PostScript Driver (LMPS.DRV)
The WinPrint 2.0 software will not function properly with our earlier LaserMaster PostScript drivers (LMPS.DRV). LMPS.DRV is not supported by the WinPrint 2.0 software.

Printing to File
The advanced printer setup options dialog of Printer/Properties/Postscript setup, has an option entitled 'Pure Binary Data'. This applies primarily to fonts embedded in print jobs, and secondarily to a few applications that will send an image to the Postscript Driver for printing, such as Windows Paint. If you will be taking a postscript file to a different device or printer, you might need to disable this option before creating the file, as not all printers have the capability to process binary data.

When creating Postscript Files, to be printed later or at a different location, the correct procedure is to select the Printer Driver for the final output device when you compose your document.

Network Banner Pages
When using WinPrint in a network environment, care must be taken not to attach a PCL or text banner page to PostScript jobs. If this happens, WinPrint will not sense the job as PostScript, and will print it as PCL. For more information, contact your Network Administrator or network vendor.

PostScript Header Files
Many DOS applications send special PostScript header files along with print jobs. Depending on the application, this header may need to be sent with each job, or sent only once per Windows session. LaserMaster recommends that you experiment with your application to find what works best.

WinPrinter 600XL Multipurpose Tray
Although the WinPrinter 600XL has an optional tray called the Multipurpose Tray, which attaches to the rear of the printer, the Windows PostScript Drivers do not have a tray selection entry called Multipurpose to select it. You should use "Envelope Manual" to select the Multipurpose tray.

Clearing Paper Jams on the WinPrinter 600XL
After a paper jam has occurred on a WinPrinter 600XL, the printer may take as long as 30 seconds to "recycle", or return to a ready state. As a rule, you should wait until this recycling has finished to press "RETRY" on any jam notification Message Box.

Paper jams cause toner buildup which may cause poor print quality. Make sure to check your printer for buildup after experiencing a paper jam. For more information on clearing paper jams and toner buildup on the WinPrinter 600XL, see your WinPrinter engine manual.

Error Handling
Currently, errors can occur at three levels:
the Port monitor level (Controls the Port's)
the LMTI32 level (LaserMaster TrueImage 32bit Rip)
the LMH level (Controls the WinPrint hardware.)

Errors are handled differently at each of the three levels. When an error occurs at the port monitor level, a message box appears on the screen. The message box will identify the routine in which the error occurred and the cause of the error. (Please, log all error messages that seem unusual, unwarranted, etc.) In many cases, you would be able to print again with no problem. Most of the port monitor error messages are prompted by the behavior of the LMTI32 application. In some cases, when the error is related to the behavior of LMH, the following situation occurs: the port monitor and LMTI behave fine, but only blank pages come out of the printer.

If files seem to be flushing or if you can print nothing but blank pages, even after closing restarting LMTI32, restart Windows 95.

The WinPrint Beta Release Information Form can be found on the next page. To print this file correctly set your WordPad margins back to the defaults. Select File, Page Setup, and set Left and Right margins to 1.25", Set the Top and Bottom Margins to 1.0".

You may need to add/delete carriage returns to fit the Fax Back Form onto a single page.


WinPrint Beta Release Information Form. Fax to LM at # 612-944-3755

Company Name:______________________ Contact:________________________________

Address (shipping):____________________________________________________________

Phone #:____________________________ Fax #: __________________________________

LaserMaster product:

q WinPrint 800q WinJet 800q WinJet 1200
q WinPrint 1000q WinJet 1200 Plusq WinPrint600XL

Printer Serial #______________________Controller Serial #_____________________

System Information:

Computer brand/model: _________________ Motherboard brand/model:__________________

CPU: ________________________________ BIOS (type and version):___________________




HD Size:_____________ qIDE qSCSI Video Card Brand/model:___________________

Scanner:qYesqNoIf Yes, brand/model:____________________________________

Other printers:qYesqNoIf Yes, brand/model:_______________________________

Other peripherals (CD-ROM, Graphics Tablet, etc.):____________________________________

Please list the values given from WPTEST exactly as they appear on the screen:
I/O:_____ IRQ:____ PAL:_____ BUS SPEED:______ FIFO TYPE:______ FIFO SIZE:________

Did it print the test pages in WPTEST?q Yesq No

Windows 95 revision/build:__________________

Application(s) used (please include version number):___________________________________

Will it print from WordPad?q Yesq No

Complete description of the problem (including error message(s) if any): __________________



Desired Features:_______________________________________________________________

1995 LaserMaster Corporation. All rights reserved.


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