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CMPQwk v1.42, Part 1 of 4, Windows offline reader. Very nice!.

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CMPQwk 1.42 - File 1 of 4 - QWK reader
for Windows - main program and help
files. Optional sounds 142FMSND.ZIP
(female) or 142MLSND.ZIP (male).
Rated A/A+ by Shareware/freeware report,
"Best" by Windows Online review. $40
shareware with a $25 competative upgrade.

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CMPQwk v1.42, Part 1 of 4, Windows offline reader. Very nice!.
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CMPQwk 1.42 - File 1 of 4 - QWK reader
for Windows - main program and help
files. Optional sounds 142FMSND.ZIP
(female) or 142MLSND.ZIP (male).
Rated A/A+ by Shareware/freeware report,
"Best" by Windows Online review. $40
shareware with a $25 competative upgrade.
* Welcome to CMPQwk 1.42 *

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This is file 1 of 4 for CMPQwk 1.42.

You must unpack ALL FOUR FILES into the same temporary directory before proceeding. If you do not have all four files, I'd advise you go ahead and download them (contact [email protected] if you can't find one, we'll give you some BBS phone numbers).

Please run SETUP.EXE to install. Please read all of this file BEFORE proceeding with the install. We'd really appreciate that.

- About this release -

It will keep your existing CMPQwk settings if you've installed it before, so you can install this update into your existing \CMPQWK directory. We suggest you do this, since you will not have a "registered" installation if you do otherwise and have registered a prior release.

This is a FREE upgrade to all CMPQwk users of all prior versions. So DO NOT send us money again, or re-register on the BBS systems, or anything like that. You DO NOT owe us any more money in order to use this version. Please enjoy the hundreds of improvements we've pounded into the program since it appeared in version 1.0. If you registered a prior release, this one is all yours for the taking.

Printing has been improved greatly over the prior releases. See the new help file section about printing for details. Printing to Postscript printers is still not optimized and in some cases may not work well. This appears to be related to bugs in the Postscript driver and not CMPQwk.

- Upgrading from 1.3x? -

This file will update any version, but 1.3 users are strongly suggested to upgrade to 1.4x first. If they elect not to do this, we suggest they delete every file from their \CMPQWK directory EXCEPT those with the extension *.CMP and those with the prefix FOLDERS.*. The reasons behind this have to do with subtle changes in some of the files that CMPQwk relies on for configuration information. You will have to re-register and re-set window positions, but overall your upgrade will go more smoothly and will probably be more reliable.

- Known upgrade quirks -

Some users have reported that when they have upgraded from 1.3x or 1.40, when they try to reply to a message, the Write window "doesn't appear." Yes it does, but it's off the screen. Select Window/Cascade to re-set your stored window positions, and then drag the windows to the positions you want to use. If you make an orderly exit from the program after that, the new positions will overwrite the old.

This is caused by a slight change in the format of how window positions are stored. If you see a window's name on the window menu, then that window has appeared---you just can't see it. If you see te word REPLY on that list, that means a Write window is off the screen. If your MDI workspace has scrollbars, it means *some* windows are partially or fully off the screen. Selecting CASCADE or TILE will bring them to the front and center space.

You will NOT be able to use your private spelling dictionary if you upgrade from 1.3x. Don't try to use it. You will crash the speller. The format has changed. You will need to create a new dictionary, or use the default one and add the words you want to that.

Version 1.4 users do NOT have to take any such precautions, and only a tiny percentage of 1.3x users encountered problems during an upgrade (mainly invalid window positions). But we thought we'd mention this anyway. If you don't have your registration numbers handy, please go ahead and attempt a direct upgrade --- please don't write us to ask us to look up your numbers, okay? Keeping those handy is the responsibility of the user who registered. Thanks!

- Registration notes -

If you are an unregistered user, CMPQwk will begin pestering you HEAVILY after 60 days of use UNLESS you register prior to then. Your free trial is for 30 days, and we allow 30 days to get your registration to you if you send it in via mail. If you wait for 60 days to register, you'll be experiencing 10 seconds a day of delay possibly for a month while we process and mail your registration. We suggest you mail your registration well before the 60 day courtesy period expires.

Unregistered users cannot select a tagline, their tagline will say UNREGISTERED. We apologize about this, but it's the only way we can think of to track use of the program, and it's hardly an inconvenience, since all *meaningful* features are fully functional.

- About CMPQwk -

If you've not used CMPQwk before, we think you'll be in for a treat.

CMPQwk is fully compatible with Windows 3.1x, Windows NT 3.5, and Windows 9x. It is optimized for use on a 386 or better machine and performance is best if you have at least 8MB of total system RAM (with 3MB free) on a 486 or better system.

- What does the press think about CMPQwk? -

* Steven Cohen who writes for Windows Online Review and ZiffNet said about version 1.4:

"CMPQwk is clearly the best OLR for QWK mail. Period."

* MIDI Magazine said:

"'ll wonder how anyone could function without it."

* The Shareware/Freeware Report '94 rated CMPQwk 1.4 as follows:

Bang for the buck : A
Ease of Use : A
Help system : A+
Overall performance: A

- Who created this CMPQwk thing? -

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding CMPQwk 1.42, please share them with us. You may contact the authors via various methods, please see the on-line help file for complete information.

Todd Henschell - [email protected]
Technical Support - [email protected]
CMPQwk Development Team
* Dangerous Cybernetics *

See the help file for complete pricing and registration information. Terms and prices subject to change without prior notice. The laywers made us write that!

- end of file -

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