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TT Fonts of cartoonish origins.

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"ToonzScript",True Type Font
cartoonist's handlettered

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TT Fonts of cartoonish origins.
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Contents of the REGISTER.TXT file

This typeface is a "cartoonist's dream." If you are still handlettering your
work, and would like the same look with all the advantages that TrueType has
to offer, here's your answer:

Introducing "ToonzScript"! Ver. 2!

Send your SHAREWARE Fee today for $9.99 U.S/in North America, (Foreign orders
are $12.99 in the form of U.S. currency-International money order) to the
following address. (Please add your local sales tax if you are located in

Address your mail and make the check or money order payable to:

Stewart Daniels
P.O. Box 7171
Laguna Niguel, CA 92607-7171

e-mail America Online: StuArtist
internet: [email protected]

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