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Nmodem protocol. Like Jmodem.
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Nmodem protocol. Like Jmodem.
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Contents of the README.1ST file


NMODEM is offered as an alternative to protocols that think huge
blocks of data and bells/whistles is the way to go.

My feeling is that the file transfer must be as fast as possible!

I do NOT profess to replace ZMODEM with this driver in difficult
conditions. However in good to medium conditions tests indicate
that NMODEM will save you time and telephone bills.

If you are trying to transfer huge files via a difficult connection
then ZMODEM should be your choice (mine as well!). ZMODEM is a
master at recovering from and handling these situations.

Large blocks look good but the penalty for an error is huge. My tests
have indicated a 2048 Byte Block (2k) is where the efficiency limit
is reached and a hit only requires resending 2k NOT 8k!

I also feel the protocol driver should give the user information
about the transfer that is pretty accurate.

NMODEM does NOT include any "undocumented" requirements as do some other
protocol drivers that I have used. I have tried to let you know what
it needs to function as far as I know.

Please read bugs.doc in this package.

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