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Latest drivers (2.20) for Sony IDE CD-ROM drive.
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Latest drivers (2.20) for Sony IDE CD-ROM drive.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

******** Information for custom setting the driver *********
****** for SONY ATAPI CD-ROM Drive CDU55D/E ******

To install device driver in config.sys:

device=atapi_cd.sys /d:sony000

/d:Specifies device driver name. Used by CORELCDX. This is the
current value if none is specified in config.sys.
/QThis re-enable the interrupt mask for IDE. This bit is used
when IDE harddisk is using IDE interrupt on the same bus with
CD-ROM drive. If long delay is shown when the accessing IDE
HD after aceesing CD-ROM drive, Adding this switch may solve
the delay.
/I:0The driver only returns "invalid disk change" for IOCTL call.


Last valid drive letter. DOS defaults to 'e'. If you have 3 or more
hard disks, or ram disks, this must be used to expand the number of
letters available.

To install Corel CD-ROM Extensions via autoexec.bat:

corelcdx /d:sony000 /l:m

/d:Name of CD-ROM device driver. Must match the value specified
in config.sys. This is the name recommended by Microsoft.

/l:Specifies the drive letter to use for the CD-ROM. If this,
'/l:m' is not here, the next available drive letter is used.


NOTES for CDPLAY Ver.2.1

1. If the program starts under DOS/V J mode, it automatically switches the
screen mode to English from DOS/V J mode, and restores it before exiting.
2. Control file (CDPLAY.CTL) is not necessarily required.
When the file does not exist, the program automatically scans the valid
CD-ROM drive.
3. The program can be terminated by Esc key at any time.


NOTES for Jumper Switch setting on the drive

There is a jumper switch on the back of ATAPI Drive for selecting
Master/Slave drive. Please make sure that you set jumper pin on the
correct side for your computer. If you already have IDE Harddisk Drive
in you computer and install the ATAPI Drive on the same cable, CD-ROM
drive must be a slave.


If you have any comments and questions, SONY Technical support is
available at following number:

phone: 800-326-9551/408-894-0225

SONY Electronic Inc.
3300 Zanker Road
San Jose, CA 95134

*** END of Document ***

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