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Black Dog Cribbage is an excellent game of Cribbage for Windows.
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Black Dog Cribbage is an excellent game of Cribbage for Windows.
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Contents of the README.WRI file

14;;;;<=Black Dog Cribbage
Version 1.1c,
Copyright (c) 1993, 1994, 1995 by Rob Wilson, proprietor, Black Dog Software
Revision date of this package: January 25, 1995

License and Warranty

This program is distributed as shareware. It isn't free. If you continue to use it, you are required to register it with Black Dog Software. (The program won't stop working if you don't register it -- I'm relying on the honor system). The registration fee is $15 U.S. (or $20 Canadian), for which you will receive the latest copy of the program, and a license to use it. Please review the program's online help information to learn more about registering Black Dog Cribbage.

For License and Warranty information, please see the online help table of contents, topic "Disclaimer / License Agreement".

Installation Instructions

To install Black Dog Cribbage on your system, use the Windows Program Manager "File | Run" command to execute the Black Dog Cribbage "Setup" program (setup.exe). The Setup program will copy the necessary files to your hard drive (if you haven't already done so), create a "Black Dog Software" application group in Windows, and create the Black Dog Cribbage icons.

1) From the Windows Program Manager menu, select "File", then "Run...".

2a) If you're installing from a diskette, insert the diskette, type "a:setup" on the command line, and press ENTER.

2b) If you've already copied the software to your hard drive, enter "c:\path\SETUP.EXE" on the command line. (Replace the c:\path with the drive and path you copied the software to). Since you have already copied the files to your hard drive, Setup will not copy the files. Click "OK" when warned that "no files will be copied".

3) Follow the instructions displayed by the Setup program. If you're not sure how to respond to any of the prompts, choose the default response by just pressing the ENTER key.

Files contained in this package

The following files should all be present:
BBS.TXTa short description of this program for use on BBS's.
CRIB.EXEthe executable program.
CRIB.HLPthe Windows Help file.
README.WRIthis file.
REGISTER.WRIa registration form you can print and complete to register this
SETUP.EXEthe Setup program which installs Black Dog Cribbage.
SETUP.INIconfiguration information used by the Setup program.

Installation Notes

If you use certain older 256 color video drivers on your system, you may find that this program runs very slowly. If this is the case, you may need to obtain updated Windows video drivers for your video card. I found that this game ran terribly slow when using the older (1990) 256 color video driver for my ATI card, yet ran fine with the 16 color video driver installed. I installed more recent (1992) 256 color video drivers, and the difference in speed of this game and other programs was incredible. If you have problems running this game (or other programs) in 256 color mode, you may want to check with your video card vendor on the availability of updated Windows video drivers.

Revision History

This section summarizes all change activity related to the Black Dog Cribbage package to date.

DateVersionRelease or Modification
February 22, 19941.0- Initial release of Version 1.0.
February 27, 19941.0a- Minor revisions to help file text.
- Corrected problem with registration screen Help button.
- Added Setup program, revised installation instructions
in Readme.wri.
- Added "Single Click Plays Card" option (customer
March 2, 19941.0b- Corrected problem with "Go" marker overwriting the
"Fifteen 2" and other markers, making it appear that
the "Fifteen 2" or other points did not get counted.
- Changed "Quick Play" option to not cut immediately
after Human has discarded both cards to the crib.
- Added CompuServe online registration procedure to
Help file "registration" topic.
- Revised "Single Click Plays Card" logic so that "click
to continue" will not select a card to play if a card
happens to be under the cursor. Renamed the
option to "Point and Click". Updated Help file with relevant info.
March 6, 19941.0c- Corrected problem where a "Go" for the human would
sometimes be counted as two points instead of one.
- Added RCO (Registered Customers Only) command
to display statistics: points won, games won, etc.

October 2, 1994 1.1a- Added "Count" option to allow human to count his/her
own points.
- Added "Background Color" option. (RCO)
- Added "Choose card back" option. (RCO)
- Saved window size between sessions.
- Added gambling option (RCO)
- Added "Level of Difficulty" option
- Fixed problem where human was always dealt first,
even when human was dealing.
- Added "Muggins" rules option.

October 4, 19941.1b- Corrected problem with end of game message, where
money lost is shown as negative.

January 24, 19951.1c- Corrected "Help|About" dialog to format the text properly when large system fonts are in use.
- Corrected a problem where you couldn't re-enter
your score for points pegged if you accidently pegged
fewer than you earned, and the options were set to
"Peg your own points" and "Remind you of points missed".
- Corrected another situation with the end of game
message showing money lost as negative.
- Improved the logic the program uses to decide which
cards to discard to the crib.

About Black Dog Software

Black Dog Software is a proprietorship registered in British Columbia, Canada. It is run by me (Rob Wilson) and my wife (Jeri Wilson). We can be reached at:

Black Dog Software
P.O. Box 62556
12874 96th Avenue
Surrey, B.C., Canada
V3V 7V6

We can also be reached via CompuServe mail at:
or on the internet:
[email protected]

By telephone (no collect calls please): (604) 878-1024.

If you have any suggestions for improvements to this game, please drop us a line.

Hope you enjoy Black Dog Cribbage!

Rob and Jeri Wilson
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y!y8yqyyyyHyy "Fifteen 2" and other markers, making it ap Arial the "Fifteen 2" or other points did not get counted.
- Changed "Quick Play" option to not cut immediatel

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