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Windows utility to capture screen image and direct to a file, printer or to the clipboard.
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Windows utility to capture screen image and direct to a file, printer or to the clipboard.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

SnagIt 2.5 README.TXT 24 Aug 1995


SnagIt has been providing Microsoft Windows users with an easy way to
capture and print Windows screens since it was first released in 1991.
In "Windows 3.1 Secrets," author Brian Livingston calls SnagIt "the
print utility Microsoft Windows forgot."

SnagIt allows Windows users to capture an entire screen, a portion of
the screen, or a single window or icon. SnagIt also accepts input from
the Windows clipboard, or a Windows bitmap (BMP) file.

Once captured, SnagIt sends the image to the printer, the clipboard, or
a file, depending on the output option specified.

Captured images can be pasted into other Windows applications such as
word processors and desktop publishing programs via the Windows
clipboard, or by saving the image to a graphic file and later importing
the file into the desired application.

SnagIt functionality can easily be added to other Windows applications
since SnagIt provides full DDE support.


2.5.00 Added TIF/PCX output file format options, Proportional scale
option, Include mouse cursor option and Enhanced DDE interface.


Included in the SnagIt 2.5 archive file (SNAGIT25.ZIP) are
the following files:

readme.txt This file.
register.txt SnagIt 2.5 registration form, in DOS text file format.
setup.exe SnagIt 2.5 installation and setup program.
snagit.exe SnagIt 2.5 executable program.
snagit.hlp SnagIt 2.5 Windows Help file.
snagww.doc Macro for incorporating SnagIt into Microsoft Word
for Windows 2.0 and 6.0.
vendor.txt SnagIt 2.5 vendor notes.
catalog.txt TechSmith product information


In order to run SnagIt, your system must meet these specifications:

> An IBM PC or compatible that meets the minimum hardware requirements
of Microsoft Windows;

> Microsoft Windows 3.x or Windows for Workgroups 3.x;

> A mouse or other pointing device;

> For printed output, a Windows-supported printer that can print bitmaps.
(This includes most of the laser, dot matrix and ink jet printers that
Windows supports. Plotters cannot print bitmaps, and so cannot print
images captured with SnagIt.)


SnagIt's on-line Help system is compatible with the Windows 3.x Help
subsystems. The SnagIt Help file contains all of the information you'll
need to use SnagIt, except for the SnagIt installation procedure. This
(README.TXT) file describes how to install SnagIt.

To access SnagIt Help, select Help from the SnagIt menu bar, then Help
Index from the drop-down menu.

To get a quick overview of SnagIt essentials, select Quick Help from the
Help menu.

To acquire information about your screen mode and printer type, select
System Info from the Help menu.

When you register SnagIt, you will receive a printed manual in addition
to the Windows Help file for reference.


TechSmith is committed to providing a reliable, high-quality product
that is easy to use. If you have any problem installing or
using SnagIt, we want to know about it.

You can contact TechSmith by mail, phone, or fax; Techsmith also
provide electronic support through Compuserve, the World Wide Web and

In any communication with TechSmith regarding a problem with SnagIt,
please clearly state the following:

> The product name and version number (SnagIt 2.5).

> Your name, address and telephone number.

> Your hardware configuration.

> A description of the problem, and what you were trying to do when
the problem occurred.


The SnagIt installation program SETUP.EXE is a Microsoft Windows
application. You must have Windows 3.x installed prior to installing
SnagIt. To install SnagIt, perform the following steps:

1. Start Windows, if you haven't already done so.

2. Insert the SnagIt diskette into a floppy drive.

3. From the Program Manager menu, choose File, and select Run
from the drop-down menu.

4. From the File Run dialog box, enter:
(If you are installing SnagIt from a diskette drive other than the
A drive, you will need to change the drive letter in the command
line above.)

5. Click the OK button. You will see a setup dialog box.

6. Under "User Information", enter your name and company name, if

7. Under "Load Information", enter the name of the directory where you
want to install SnagIt, or accept the default Windows directory.
(If you specify a directory that does not exist, SnagIt will create
the directory.)

Then, enter the Windows group to which SnagIt should be added or
accept the default Accessories group. (If you specify a group that
does not exist, SnagIt will create the new group.)

8. When you have finished entering the setup information, click the
INSTALL button. SnagIt will be installed into the group you specified.


If after installing SnagIt, you find it necessary to remove SnagIt from
your computer, perform the following steps:

1. Start Windows, if you haven't already done so.

2. In Program Manager, find the program group that SnagIt was installed
in. Click once on the SnagIt icon to highlight it. Press the delete
key. Confirm that you wish to delete the program item.

3. Run File Manager and change to the directory that you installed SnagIt
in. Delete the files SNAGIT.EXE and SNAGIT.HLP.

4. If you selected "Load SnagIt when Windows Starts" when installing
SnagIt, you will need to edit the WIN.INI file.

Make sure to make a backup copy of WIN.INI before editing it! Change
to the Windows directory in File Manager and select the WIN.INI file.
Choose File Copy and create a backup copy of WIN.INI.

Double click on WIN.INI to run Notepad to edit the file (you may use
any text editor). Find the LOAD= line in the [Windows] section of the
WIN.INI file. Delete from that line the program SNAGIT.EXE.

Save your changes and exit Notepad (or your editor).


To start SnagIt, double-click on the SnagIt icon in the Accessories
group. (If you specified a group other than Accessories during SnagIt
installation, look in that group for the SnagIt icon.)

Double-clicking on the SnagIt icon will execute SnagIt and bring it to
the foreground in its maximized form. When SnagIt is maximized, you may
change any of the setup options (input, output, format, etc.) from the
SnagIt menus.

You can also invoke SnagIt (that is, instruct SnagIt to capture an image)
while it is maximized, though it will usually be more convenient to
minimize SnagIt before doing your screen captures.

If you selected the "Load when Windows starts" checkbox during installation,
SnagIt will start automatically the next time you start Windows.


When you install SnagIt, it uses the following default options:

> Input is set to Screen. This means that when SnagIt is invoked, it
will capture the entire Windows desktop.

> Output is set to Printer. This means that when SnagIt is invoked, it
will send the captured image to the Windows default printer for

> Format is set to Color. This means that SnagIt will capture the image
with the screen colors intact. (In most cases you can print images
using this format setting, even if your printer is not a color printer.
For additional information about SnagIt format options, see the Format
options topic in the SnagIt Help file.)

> Scale is set to 1.00. This means that SnagIt will output the image at
the same pixel size as it appears on the Windows screen. This setting
may result in a smaller printed image than you want; to adjust the image
size, see the Scale topic in the SnagIt Help file.

Refer to the SnagIt Help file for additional information on setting
SnagIt's input, output, format and other options.

You can tell which settings SnagIt is using by looking at the bottom of
the SnagIt window when the program is maximized.


Once you have SnagIt's parameters set as you want them, you are ready to
perform screen captures with SnagIt.

The default hot-key sequence for invoking SnagIt is

When you press these keys, SnagIt will capture an image (determined by
the input parameter you selected), and send that image to the output
device you selected. To invoke SnagIt using a different hotkey combination,
see the Change Hotkeys topic in the SnagIt Help file.


You will need a mouse or other pointing device with SnagIt.
The left and right mouse buttons work as follows:

Left Button Selects SnagIt menu options, and selects screen regions
and windows to capture.

Right Button Cancels a region or window selection, if you press it
before you finish making the selection (that is, before
you release the left mouse button).


This program and its associated files are part of an evaluation package
that is copyrighted by TechSmith Corporation and is not in the public
domain. If you use this program beyond the 30-day evaluation period, you
must register it. The files that comprise the SnagIt evaluation package,
or the SnagIt archived file (SNAGIT25.ZIP), may be freely distributed as
long as files in the package are kept together and are not modified.

SnagIt 2.5 registration is $39.95. To register, complete the form
REGISTER.TXT (you can also print this form from the SnagIt Help file),
and send it via mail, fax or e-mail, along with payment information, to
TechSmith Corporation. Registrations may also be made via the SWREG on
CompuServe (GO SWREG).

By registering, you will receive the following:

> The latest 'retail' version of SnagIt, with the registration
reminder removed.

> A printed SnagIt manual.

> Notification of SnagIt version upgrades.

> Telephone support, as well as support via e-mail for SnagIt questions.

TechSmith Corporation actively supports SnagIt by providing technical
assistance, bug fixes, and upgrade versions.

TechSmith is a member of the Association of Shareware Professionals (ASP).
ASP wants to make sure that the shareware principle works for you. If you
are unable to resolve a shareware-related problem with an ASP member by
contacting the member directly, ASP may be able to help. The ASP Ombudsman
can help you resolve a dispute or problem with an ASP member, but does not
provide technical support for members' products. If you have a concern
with any shareware product which you not been able to resolve with an ASP
member, please write to this address:

ASP Ombudsman
545 Grover Road
Muskegon, MI 49442-9427

If you would like information on SnagIt multi-user licenses,
please contact us:

TechSmith Corporation Info : [email protected]
3001 Coolidge Road, Suite 400 WWW :
East Lansing, MI 48823-6320 USA Sales : [email protected]
800-517-3001 (tel) Support: [email protected]
517-333-1888 (fax)

Thanks for your interest in SnagIt.
TechSmith Corporation

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