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A very good MOD player for windows. Customizable and easy to use.
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A very good MOD player for windows. Customizable and easy to use.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

* MOD4WIN Version 1.10 *

Installation Instructions:

- start Windows (version 3.1 is required)

- insert disk in drive A or B

- in the Program Manager go to File | Run...

- on the Command Line type :install.exe, e.g. "A:install.exe"

- follow the instructions of the installation program

Revision History:

Version 1.00:
- September 1993
- first fully functional model of Mod4Win

Version 1.01
- October 1993
- The version 1.01 was necessary because of some bugs in the play routine,
with file handling of more than 900 files at a time, the installation
program, and the speed when running on slow machines.
* playroutine: problems with loading and the end marking of files
that jump around between patterns
* file handling: was completely revised
* installation had two problems: the check for free space on destination
drive looked at the wrong drive and the given path name was not
accepted, even if entered correctly
* full keyboard support (TAB/SHIFT-TAB)
* information dialog was debugged

Version 1.02
- November 28, 1993
- first release for the U.S. shareware market
- several bug fixes
* wave driver is displayed and saved nicely
* bpm speed is interpreted correctly
* invalid MOD-formats are recognized now
* updates the display correctly
* playtime is properly reset

Version 1.03
- January 14, 1994
- fixed 2 bugs in installation routine
* would work correctly only if "Create Program Manager Group" option
was checked
* got confused when the year switched over and showed only shareware
screen anymore
- detects and displays invalid and unsupported MOD files correctly
- doesn't crash with invalid list files anymore
- several bug fixes in player routine
* caused protection faults with invalid MOD files
* didn't play some MOD files correctly (didn't play all patterns,
sounded weird with some files)

Version 1.10
- February 18, 1994
- second release for the U.S. shareware market
- complete internal source revision
* many routines more efficient
* the dialog frames are now drawn instead of bitmapped
* bug with drag&drop routine removed
* use of resource strings
- vast enhacements to the player routine
* supports all ProTracker effects
* true BPM-speed
* modular design
- more stable wave driver interface
* no crashes anymore with non-standard wave drivers
- more setup options in INI-file
* debug output gives valuable information about MOD files
* for details see the FAQ section in the Windows help file
- improved interface
* name and instrument strings are displayed fully
* new MOD format identifier strings
* switched the hotkeys for previous and next song (up <-> down)
* consistent shuffle mode
* set focus correctly when using hotkeys
* new hotkeys for easier navigation in the Open Dialog
* faster about scroll
* double click for About Dialog, single click for move
- improved help file
* new sections on About Dialog, FAQ, Where to get more MOD files?,
MOD formats, and more

* The following chapters are all included in the Mod4Win Help file and *
* really look much better there. Of course, if you absolutely love text *
* files, you can study it here. *


Mod4Win is a player for Commodore AMIGA SoundTracker and NoiseTracker Files
on IBM-PC compatible machines under Microsoft Windows

- It supports:
* sample rates between 11 and 48 kHz
* 8 and 16 bit sample depth
* Mono and Stereo

- Jukebox function for up to 999 MOD-Files in one session!
* generates playlists (with files from up to 100 directories!)

- Drag & Drop feature of one or more files and of playlists.

- Launching of a file or playlist from a command line parameter.

- The program remembers several settings, for instance
* window positions
* actual and last play directory
* hardware settings

- Hotkeys for all player functions

System requirements

- A sound card with at least one DAC, that can process 11 kHz-Sampling and
an appropriate asynchronous wave driver (speaker.drv won't run).

- AT 286 with 4 MB RAM minimum.
- AT 386/33 for playing at the highest sample rate.
- AT 486/33 with 8 MB RAM to use Mod4Win as a background jukebox at 44 kHz
and 16 bit stereo sampling.


Mod4Win was written and designed by Kay Bruns and Uwe Znker. The English
version of Mod4Win and the Help file was translated and adopted by
Jens Puchert.

This program was thoroughly -tested. However, if you discover any
malfunctions or bugs (you never know), feel free to write your comments to:

Jens Puchert
1037 Madison St
Syracuse, NY 13210-2015

You can also reach me by phone or FAX on (315) 423-4775
or through e-mail to [email protected]

PS: Please, constructive contributions only. All others are to be marked as
junk mail, or even better, save yourself the trouble and send it to NIL
(or for C-freaks to NULL).

Trouble Shooting

For a detailed discussion on trouble shooting see the sections about

- Known Problems and
- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

in the Windows help file.

Shareware Notes

Differences between Shareware- and Full Version

Principally shareware- and full version are equally powerful. That, of
course, shouldn't raise the question in you "Why should I buy the full
version?" We figured, that a limited shareware version makes no sense,
because naturally, a feature that hasn't been implemented in the shareware
version can't be tested by you.

At the end of the program we refer to the necessity of the full version,
if you want to use the program frequently. To motivate you, we also
imposed an involuntary break at the beginning of the program, and to make
sure you won't forget, Mod4Win will remind you in certain periods of time
that you're not a registered user yet. Of course you will be spared all
of this, if you purchase a copy of the full version of the program.
Additionally you can determine by the text in the About Dialog what
version you are currently using. If you use the full version, you will
find your name (the name of the license holder) here.


A handbook for this handy program seems to us much too clumsy and therefore
probably won't be issued. If you like to have something on paper, feel free
to spool this text to your printer or to a file and chop it further down with
a word processor.

The Full Version directly from JSInc.

Please refer to the section Registration for Mod4Win 1.10!

Retail Sales of the Full Version in the U.S.

The full version can only be ordered from JSInc. at this moment. So please
don't harass your favorite computer store around the corner with repetitive
questions for the full version, they would have to order it explicitly from
me. It is even possible that they will slander the quality of the program
because of that. But of course you know better, right?

Update Service

For registered users it will be possible to always order the latest version
from JSInc. All that's required is that you send us the original disk and
a check for $10.

For details see Registration for Mod4Win 1.10 please!

Please don't forget your return address, otherwise you'll keep waiting while
we won't know where to send the latest update.

License Regulations

This program is not freeware! Mod4Win is shareware, that means software you
can test for a certain time and then have to purchase or delete from your
disk. The copyright for this program (mod4win.exe, player.dll) and its help
(mod4win.hlp) is held by JSInc. You are granted a period of 30 days, in
which you can test the program. If you use Mod4Win after this test period
you are required by federal law to purchase a copy.

You are explicitly encouraged to spread the unregistered version of Mod4Win
to other PC users, such that they also have a chance to test the program.
This is valid with the following restrictions:

1. You are not allowed to make money with it (for copying and distributing),
2. You have to distribute all files that belong to the program and to its

Modifications of a file that belongs to the Mod4Win package are strictly

This help is part of the program Mod4Win and may only be distributed together
with the program as mentioned above.

Disassembling and/or patching of the program or its help file is generally
prohibited. Preventively we'd like to mention that JSInc. owns the copyright
for all routines used in this program. Intellectual theft on any of the
programming and/or design techniques used in Mod4Win may be subject to

The shareware version may be distributed by shareware dealers for not more
than $10. If you belong to those who pay more than $10 to acquire shareware,
then you should look around for a new source.

With the purchase of the full version of the program Mod4Win, the user
acquires the right to install this program on his/her machine and use one
purchased copy on exactly one machine at a time. For each additional machine
the user is required to purchase another copy, even if that wouldn't be
necessary from a technical point of view.

The user may make copies of the original disk only for the purpose of data
security. However, it is strictly prohibited to distribute copies of the
software or make them available to a third party.

Possession of the registered version is only permitted to the registered user.

Please keep in mind that the program did cost you money and us work.
Therefore please don't distribute your copy to a third party. Commercial
usage of the full version of Mod4Win requires the explicit written permission
from JSInc. Mod4Win may not be sold with other products (hard-, or software)
without an explicit written permission from JSInc.

We don't assume any responsibility for damages possibly caused by the usage of

Owners and/or users of a version of Mod4Win absolutely agree to all conditions
mentioned above.

Liability, Warranty and Trademark

We wrote Mod4Win because the MOD-format is quite nice and there wasn't a
really good MOD-Player for Windows yet. To let everybody enjoy it, we
decided to issue a shareware version. As a practical side effect our
programmers can make a few Dollars with it. But since they probably won't
become millionaires, we don't assume any liability for damages caused by our
program to hard- and/or software. Registration doesn't reserve you the right
to purchase an error free program.

The program is distributed (or sold respectively) as is. The only thing we
guarantee is that it will take up space on your mass storage device (and
hopefully as long as possible). We also guarantee that it will use CPU time
on your machine (only as much as absolutely necessary). You may assume
though, that our program doesn't cause any harm to you and/or your system.
That means by the best of our conscience and knowledge of Computer Science it
is a fine program. After all we like it so much, we have it running as a
background jukebox on our own machines.

You are fully responsible for everything you are doing with this program!

We reserve all rights for our program. That includes especially the right to
completely redesign the program. Therefore it is very possible, that a
feature from an older version will not be included in a new version, and a
new version will have higher demands to your hardware.

Registration for Mod4Win 1.10

To receive the full version you have to:

1.Fill out the Registration Form, and
2.Send it along with a check for $30 and
3.A self-addressed envelope to the following address:

Jens Puchert
1037 Madison St
Syracuse, NY 13210-2015

Make checks payable to JSInc. Do not send cash!

If you Order from Outside the US, please note these special regulations:

* Canadian customers send the equivalent amount in
Canadian Dollars (at this moment about $41 CDN).

* European customers may contact one of our German
Addresses as listed in the Windows help file.

* Customers from all other countries send either a money
order that can be drawn from an US Bank or add $15 to
their check (this is the amount my bank charges me for
foreign checks).

Unfortunately at the moment, we can't accept Mastercard, Visa, American
Express or other Credit Cards.

Received orders will be processed at least twice a week. Just make sure
you don't forget your return address. If you haven't received anything
within 3 weeks feel free to write, e-mail, or call as noted in the Authors

All disks will be mailed in the 3.5" DS-HD format (the little, nice and
durable ones), because they tend to survive the mail procedure with less
problems and don't require padded envelopes. If you need another disk format
please specify explicitly.

Registration Form for Mod4Win 1.10

This form is contained in a separate file "register.txt" for an easy print
out. You can also print it from the Windows help file, like everyting else
in this text file.

Have fun with Mod4Win!

(. .)
( | )
( v )
__| |__
/ \

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