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A memory managment utility.

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Graphical display of memory/disk/system
statistics on your computer system. It
displays information much like MEM does, only
in a more pleasing display.

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A memory managment utility.
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FreeMem v2.0
Copyright (c) 1993 by Cris McRae
All Rights Reserved

A Graphical Memory/Disk Statistics Display Program


FreeMem will graphically display a variety of system statistics. It will show
you detailed memory and disk information, as well as display a memory/disk
usage graph and other system information.


Displays DOS memory stats and usage
Detects and displays EMS/XMS memory stats
Displays floppy/hard disk stats and usage
Displays CPU type
Displays display type
Displays DOS version
Detects DPMI


To run FreeMem, use the command-line shown below.

FREEMEM [drive]

If no drive is given, FreeMem will default to the drive it is located on.


FreeMem is shareware. This gives the user an opportunity to evaluate the
program before actually registering the software. If after a 30 day period
you determine that FreeMem is useful, you are required to register your copy
of FreeMem with the author. To register, send $10 to:

Cris McRae
P.O. Box 1351
Burbank, CA 91507

When you send your payment, please enclose the name you want the program
registered under. This is usually your full name. Please make sure to print
clearly, because the registration number is dependent on your name.

When I receive your registration, I will then mail you your registration


This document and the program file FREEMEM.EXE ("the software") are
copyrighted by the author. The copyright owner hereby licenses you to use
the software given these restrictions:

The software shall be supplied in its original, unmodified form, which
includes this documentation;

The software may not be included or bundled with other goods or

No fee is charged; an exception is granted to non-profit user's
groups, which are permitted to charge a small fee (not to exceed $5)
for materials, handling, postage, and general overhead. No other
organization is permitted to charge any amount for distribution of
copies of the software or documentation, or to include copies of the
software or documentation with sales of their own products.

The software and documentation are Copyright (c) 1991-1993 by:

Cris McRae
P.O. Box 1351
Burbank, CA 91507

Data: (818) 848-4101 WWIV 24 hour bulletin board


The author makes no warranties, expressed or implied, as to the quality or
performance of this program. Your use of this program constitutes your
release of the author from liability or litigation for any indirect or
consequential damages arising from the use of this program or its associated

In no event will I be liable to you for any damages, including any lost
profits, lost savings or other incidental or consequential damages arising
out of your use of inability to use the program, or for any claim by any
other party.


Version 1.4 (10/16/91)
Initial public release

Version 2.0 (02/24/93)
Total re-write of code in C
Direct screen writes implemented
New graphical design
Displays EMS/XMS memory statistics
Displays CPU type
Displays monitor type
Detects DPMI usage

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