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Changed File Tracker For Windows.

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Changed File Tracker For Windows.

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Changed File Tracker For Windows.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BWCC.DLL 151984 38102 deflated
COMMDLG.DLL 89248 41122 deflated
DELTA.EXE 129024 33551 deflated
DELTA.HLP 314664 25587 deflated
DELTA.INI 385 208 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 35 35 stored
LZMAV.DLL 6400 3291 deflated
README.TXT 5575 2054 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Changed File Tracker For Windows.
Delta allows you to save information about your disk and then compare the
differences that may have occured over time. A typical application would
involve Windows installation software, where you would save your disk's
information before and after the installation, and then compare and check for
differences. Delta also allows you to save information contained in text and
Windows initialization files and then check for differences. Typical files
would include: AUTOEXEC.BAT, CONFIG.SYS, WIN.INI, SYSTEM.INI, etc. Other uses
would include simply monitoring changes to your drive or network over time.

1. Copy BWCC.DLL to your Windows system directory if you do not
already have a copy or it is out of date
2. Copy COMMDLG.DLL to your Windows system directory if you do
not already have a copy or it is out of date
3. Create a DELTA directory (ie.: C:\DELTA)
4. Copy DELTA.INI to your DELTA directory (ie.: C:\DELTA\DELTA.INI)
5. Copy DELTA.EXE to your DELTA directory (ie.: C:\DELTA\DELTA.EXE)
6. Copy DELTA.HLP to your DELTA directory (ie.: C:\DELTA\DELTA.HLP)
7. Copy LZMAV.DLL to your DELTA directory (ie.: C:\DELTA\LZMAV.DLL)

NOTE: DELTA.EXE and DELTA.HLP can be located anywhere on
your drive. The only requirement is to have both of
these files in the same directory.

NOTE: You may elect to copy LZMAV.DLL to your Windows' System directory.

NOTE: I recommend invoking DELTA.EXE and clicking on Help
to view the "How to customize Delta through the DELTA.INI file"
before you actually use Delta.

2.4 05/07/93 Corrected directory to default to where 'ReportFile' and
'SaveAsFile' pointed to in the Delta.Ini file.
Allowed Delta to be ran from the Program Manager, loading the
*.Dlt file into the old profile.
Added the [Profile List] section to Delta.Ini. This allows the
user to specify directories to be profiled in Delta.Ini and is
a precursor to the -a command line option outlined below.
Added the 'Compress' keyword to Delta.Ini. This allows the user
to select the default save mode (normal or compressed). This
also is a precursor to the -a command line option outlined below.
Added -a option to the command line. This allows the user to
automatically perform a profile and save the result.
Added the ability have a one line comment for each profile.
2.3 03/10/93 Modified Save and Retrieve dialogs to Windows 3.1 common
Corrected bug that caused a run-time error during the
comparison of an old *.INI file with a new *.INI file
of lesser sections.
2.2 03/04/93Transformed into "modeless" dialog.
Added flashing status LED when busy.
Corrected quiting WinHelp when Delta quits.
Changed requirement to have Delta.Ini to be placed in same
directory as DELTA.EXE.
Corrected intermittent bug of crashing if a text file had a
blank line.
Corrected bug of not noticing an added line at the end of a
text file.
Added check to ensure file does not exist before saving.
Added data compression to saved files.
Enhanced help file by using WinHelp version 3.1.
2.1 09/17/92 Corrected problem of comparing *.DLT files with different
probe lists.
Added screen refreshes after any dialog box disappeared.
2.0 09/07/92 Added probe files.
Changed file formats.
1.0 05/15/92 Initial release.

NOTE: Starting with Delta 2.2, the DELTA.INI file that was
previously located in the Windows directory should now
be placed where DELTA.EXE resides.

NOTE: You must have WINHELP version 3.1 or later to view the
on line help.

Delta is not distributed via the public domain or freeware systems. Delta is
distributed using the shareware system.

Anybody may freely redistribute Delta provided the following files are
included and not modified.

5. README.TXT (This file)

Delta may be used freely for evaluation purposes for up to two weeks. If you
decide to keep the software after the evaluation period please send $7.00 to
the author for registration.

In addition, if you register, you may freely use LZMAV.DLL in any of your
applications, provided you give credit to the author (Michael Vincze.)

Please send inquiries, comments, or fees to:

Michael Vincze
c/o Delta 2.4
5229 Wood Creek Lane
Garland, TX 75044-4915

[email protected]
[email protected]
(214) 414-5175
(214) 575-2723

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