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Magic:the Gathering demo game.
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Magic:the Gathering demo game.
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The Interactive On-line Multiplayer or Stand-Alone
Personal Computer Version Epitomizes the Fantasy
Trading Card Game That Has Sold More Than 500 Million
Cards Worldwide

MicroProse Software, a subsidiary of Spectrum HoloByte,
Inc. (NASDAQ: SBYT), and Wizards of the Coast, Inc. will
be at CES to debut Magic: The Gathering software game.
Filled with wizards, spell casting and strategy, the Magic
software game is based on Wizards of the Coast"s popular
trading card game of the same name. Magic will be the first
on-line multiplayer game for both companies.

Touted by the Chicago Tribune (Nov. 25, 1994) as a
"breakthrough game" and by Time International (Sept 12,1994)
as "a multimedia marketing phenomenon", the Magic trading
card game has carved a niche in the gaming industry. With
sales of more than 500 million cards, Magic claims space
on toy and computer retail store shelves worldwide.
According to Computer Entertainment News (Oct. 17, 1994),
Magic is one of the fastest-moving items at several national
software retailers.

"When I first began playing Magic more than a year ago, I
realized that the game would "gather" people together because
it appeals to both men and women of all ages," said David
Etheredge, game designer at MicroProse who proposed the idea
of a computer version. "The computer game will allow people
to challenge players from all over the U.S. through the
on-line service."

"MicroProse has many employees who are fans of the paper
card game and employees outside of our Magic team have
been instrumental in giving us feedback and ideas,
" according to Arnold Hendrick, producer of mass-market
products at MicroProse. "We are eager to create a computer
game worthy of the Magic license and to include features
that make the original game so popular-the art, social aspect,
challenging gameplay, customization of decks, and trading
of cards to name a few."

More Complex Than Chess but Simple To Learn

"Programming has been a challenge because with chess,
players know the set rules. However, the rules in Magic
change as people play the game. For example, Magic contains
cards that break other rules, " according to Jeff Billings,
lead programmer. "In spite of this fact, players are
challenged by the complexity but not overwhelmed by it
because the computer will interpret the rules. From a
programmer's perspective, the biggest challenge involves
making the cards work like they do in the paper game."

Two Ways To Play

Stand-alone Game

The apprentice mode acts as a tutorial because it gives
beginners the chance to learn about the game and gain
confidence in their playing ability. Once beginners are
more knowledgeable about the game, they may play any deck
they can image with the 1,000 cards available against the
computer or artificial intelligence (AI) or play a
quest-based story game that emulates the on-line environment.

Multiplayer Game

On-line gamers can challenge other players. Players will be
able to duel one player at a time yet the number of
simultaneous network users will be large and expandable. In
the roundtable area, people may interact, trade and chat with
other players, making it a social environment.

Prizes and Perks-Reward System

Both the stand-alone and multiplayer game have a reward
system where players gain cards based on how well and how
often they play. Special rewards will be established for
those who win tournaments and events online. From time to
time, Magic celebrity guests will duel players and offer
Best Graphics of Any Current On-line Product

"We wanted to be faithful to the theme and look of the
original card game and we believe that has been achieved,
" said Frank Frazier, lead artist. "The Super VGA computer
graphics reflect the same personality of the paper cards
and are created in a way to be as bold and stunning on the
personal computer as they are in the original card game.
The art will support 256 colors and be the best graphics
of any on-line product currently on the market."

"The Magic art appeals to so many people because it has
something for everyone-its wide variety of styles include
Art Nouveau, Impressionism and Realism to name a few,
" said Todd Bilger, artist. "Some people even collect cards
from a particular artist, just as museums collect paintings
from a certain artist."

Description: On-line and stand-alone computer
fantasy trading card game
Era: Medieval/fantasy
Format: CD-ROM/IBM and compatible.
Launches from Windows or MS-DOS 5.0
or higher
Requirements: CD requirements include a CD-ROM
drive only. MS-DOS 5.0 or higher.
IBM-PC 386, 486 and most compatibles,
33 MHz, 4 MB RAM, SVGA Graphics,
and mouse.
Supports: Sound Blaster/Sound Blaster Pro,
Pro Audio Spectrum , Ad Lib, Roland MT
32/CM-32L, General MIDI, Covox Sound
Master II sound systems, and 256 colors,
2400 baud modem or higher

Spectrum HoloByte designs and markets a full line of
entertainment software for personal computers and video
cartridge systems. The products are available nationally
and internationally through major distributors, retailers
and mass merchants. For consumer orders only,
call 1-800-879-PLAY.

Wizards of the Coast, a privately-held game company, has
enjoyed world-wide success and industry-wide acclaim since
the release of Magic. The four-year old company continues
to create and market quality roleplaying, board and card

All trademarks are the property of their respective
trademark holders.

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