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VGA PLANETS wormhole modifier.

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WHEREM.EXE is a freeware utility for VGA PLANETS
that causes the wormholes to decay and move.
You will need a wormhole program to use WHEREM.

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VGA PLANETS wormhole modifier.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
DONATE.DOC 1408 778 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 147 123 deflated
REGISTER.ZIP 4126 4108 deflated
WHEREM.DOC 2362 1158 deflated
WHEREM.EXE 11712 3951 deflated

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Contents of the DONATE.DOC file

Wherem.exe took a great deal of effort, but I cannot ask for money for it.
The license on the product is perpetual, provided that all files in this
archive are distributed at one time, in one archive. I am toying with the
idea of including a "registered version" of wherem in the archive as a zip
file within the zip file. This inner zip will be the same as the outer one,
although I will remove the please register message. Since this program will
most likely be used on BBS' as part of a batch file, I doubt that you will
notice the difference. If this inner zip exists, REGISTER.ZIP, it will be
password protected. I will send you the password, to your e-mail address, in
return for the donation.
On the order of donations, I am looking for
registered VGA PLANETS, Masm or Tasm. Just
the old software that you may have lying around.
I cannot ask for anything, just mail anything
you no longer want, on a disk, to me and I'll be
happy with it. Unless you don't like me, in which
case, you don't owe me anything.
-Admiral Coeyman
Star Wars BBS
Up 24 hours at 28.8KBPS
Mail Donations to me at:
929 Long Cove Road
Glen Burnie, Maryland
If you're sending a check, paying in money for some reason,
which I don't discourage, my first name is Robert.
{Coeyman is my real last name. I've nothing to hide.}

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