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Sound editor for windows, crippleware.

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Cool Edit v.1.34 is a waveform editor
with features such as: Echo, Flange,
Stretch/Pitch change, compress, music
generator, brainwave synchronizer,
noise reducer, envelope, filter, and
more. Supports most every file format.
Cue and Play list. View waves as
amplitude or frequency plots. Analyze
component frequencies. Scripts let
you play back complex operations.

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Sound editor for windows, crippleware.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADPCM.FLT 18688 10088 deflated
AIF.FLT 14912 9220 deflated
AMPLIFY.XFM 35984 16723 deflated
AU.FLT 8848 5794 deflated
CHAMBER.XFM 35952 16879 deflated
CHANMIX.XFM 24848 13066 deflated
COMPRESS.XFM 32032 14574 deflated
COOL.EXE 341200 159419 deflated
COOL.HLP 153429 124386 deflated
CTL3D.DLL 20272 9507 deflated
DELAY.XFM 24192 12864 deflated
DISTORT.XFM 17328 9773 deflated
DTMF.XFM 25664 14154 deflated
DVI.FLT 21952 11062 deflated
ECHO.XFM 34080 16221 deflated
ENVELOPE.XFM 18048 10170 deflated
EQUALIZE.XFM 30080 14871 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 379 259 deflated
FILTER.XFM 36688 18433 deflated
FLANGE.XFM 36528 17721 deflated
FXNS2.SCP 4080 1078 deflated
MINDSNC2.SCP 14579 2479 deflated
NOISE.XFM 25904 13819 deflated
NONOISE.XFM 36048 17941 deflated
NORMAL.XFM 26800 13503 deflated
PCM.FLT 4288 2757 deflated
README.TXT 7087 3253 deflated
SAM.FLT 5184 3441 deflated
SMP.FLT 15104 9412 deflated
SNDEFX2.SCP 6207 1772 deflated
STRETCH.XFM 53392 23601 deflated
TEXT.FLT 18976 11443 deflated
TONES.XFM 55072 22494 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
VOC.FLT 6880 4414 deflated
VOX.FLT 7072 4537 deflated
WAVEAU.FLT 15904 8889 deflated
WAVEPCM.FLT 13024 6884 deflated
WAVESYNC.XFM 38176 18394 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Cool Edit v.1.34 is a waveform editor
with features such as: Echo, Flange,
Stretch/Pitch change, compress, music
generator, brainwave synchronizer,
noise reducer, envelope, filter, and
more. Supports most every file format.
Cue and Play list. View waves as
amplitude or frequency plots. Analyze
component frequencies. Scripts let
you play back complex operations.

Cool Edit 1.34b
Copy (or unzip) all the files into their own program directory, like C:\COOL or
something similar. From File Manager, select COOL.EXE and drag it into your
favorite Program Manager group. Alternately, you can go File->New from Program
Manager and select Browse, then find COOL.EXE and choose it.

There have been tons of new features added (which should explain the the fact
that the program has almost doubled in size!) If you wish to save space on
your hard drive, it is OK to remove any of the .FLT files you want. Each .FLT
file allows Cool Edit to load a certain file format. If there are formats that
you never use, you can delete the associated .FLT file for that format. For
example, if you never use the Next/Sun AU file format, then delete the file
AU.FLT from your \COOL program directory. You may also remove .XFM files if
there are effects that you never use. Please keep the STRETCH.XFM, FILTER.XFM
and AMPLIFY.XFM modules though, as they are crucial for operation in other
parts of the program.

Version 1.34b fixes some minor bugs in 1.34. See Version History in Help.

Following are the new features, enhancements, and bug fixes since version 1.33:

* Most transform and generate functions placed in their own separate modules
for smaller EXE and expandability.
* Repeat Last Command (F2 for dialog, F3 for immediate) feature added.
* Convert Sample Type function added to convert sample types with varying
levels of quality.
* Pause button added for pausing recording or playback.
* New Distortion transform added for creating overdriven, blown speaker, and
fuzz effects.
* New Echo Chamber transform added for creating echoes based on room dimensions
and microphone placement.
* New Generate DTMF Signals function added for creating those telephone tones.
* Batch processing added to Scripts to run a script on a complete batch of
files while saving files under new names.
* New Next/Sun (.AU), Raw 8-bit signed (.SAM), SampleVision (.SMP), ASCII Text
(.TXT), Dialogic Voice (.VOC) and A-Law/mu-Law Wave (.WAV) file formats
* Settings for practically every dialog are now remembered between runs.

* Auto Play feature in File Open dialogs to preview sounds through installed
Windows compression driver.
* Show Info feature in File Open dialogs to view file information before
* Save As file filter Options button added for compression methods that have
* Most all transform and generate functions work during Single channel editing.
* Amplify, Normalize and Channel Mixer now faster on slow machines.
* Filter and Noise Reduction performance enhanced on stereo operations.
* Overall application performance improved including start up time and display
* Progress meter has Pause button for suspending calculations if the processor
is needed elsewhere.
* Normalize made a separate transform for quick and "scriptable" normalization.
* Invert made separate from Channel Mixer.
* Amplify has decibel scale option and both logarithmic and linear fades.
* Brainwave Synchronizer now supports variable Intensity and Centering.
* Noise Reduction displays noise profile, allows loading and saving of noise
profiles, and has more adjustable parameters which can lead to improved noise
* Generate Tones now has separate initial and final modulation parameters and
5 independantly adjustable frequency multipliers for more interesting
* Monitor Source level metering made more reliable.
* Settings now contains temporary directory choice, compressed drive option.
* Play may begin from cursor or from left edge of visible screen depending on
* Frequency Analysis displays stereo information with Left in Cyan and Right in
Magenta, with more precise frequency interpolation.
* CD Player and controls improved, with Disk Insert ability added.
* Added Auto Zoom button to Cue List so double-clicking brings cue or range
into complete view.
* Zoom In without any selection zooms in at cursor, and Zoom In does not clear
highlighted selection anymore.
* Wave files may be up to 1 Gig in size.
* Open and Save As can be part of a Script now, for writing even larger script
macros that use temporary files.
* Select Wave Device displays current sound card's basic capabilities.
* Current file size and number of samples now displayed during recording.
* Time accuracy increased to 3 digits beyond decimal.
* Time displays alternate between seconds, frames, and samples (double-click
Time displays in lower right to switch display format).
* More default sample rates added to New Waveform dialog.
* Uses fewer resources per instance, so more Cool Edit windows may be open at
one time.
* Right Click extends selection as well as Shift + Left Click.
* CD "id" compatible with de-facto MusicBox standard. Plus, over 10,000 CD
titles and song lists can be stored.
* Generate Tones now more flexable with user-definable frequency multipliers
that can vary over time.
* Stretch (preserve tempo/preserve none) function uses improved interpolation
method to reduce unwanted artifacts.
* Stretch (preserve pitch/preserve tempo) function has new Fractional Interval
Overlap elongation method for more choices in quality of stretch.
* Spectral Analysis takes advantage of 256-color and greater displays to show
finer detail with more colors.
* Progress bar updates ETA time more often, at shorter intervals.
* Cool Edit added to your Extensions (File Manager) automatically for all file
types that Cool Edit understands.

* Making Music preview "Listen" mode turns notes OFF when done.
* Stretch while preserving attributes improved slightly.
* Filtering reconstruction algorithm modified slightly to reduce negative
artifacts in filtered signal.
* Fixed bug in finding proper file format filter when loading (caused WAV files
to load as Raw PCM).
* Program loads fine now under NT when there is a musuc CD in the drive.
* Numerous little bugs and glitches have been resolved.

Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions and such. I have implemented some
of them, but did not have time to get around to them all as it has been about
six months already since the last update.

To Register, see the Registration section of COOL.HLP (choose Help->Contents
from within Cool Edit). I have 3 registration levels that you can choose

$25 - Gets you the Registration Number only, no update disks sent
$35 - Gets you the Reg Number plus one ShareWare update
$50 - Gets you on the "preferred" list, and entitles you to one ShareWare
update, and perhaps more!

Send a check drawn on a US bank, or US money order to:
David Johnston
28022 NE 147th Place
Duvall, WA 98019

For Australian orders, try the WOFTAM BBS (03)761-9904:
P.O. Box 100
Mt. Evelyn. Victoria
Australia. 3796

Cool Edit is (c) 1992-1994 David Johnston

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