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A pgp shell linking pgp to your offline qwk reader.

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EZ-PGP version 1.07. Simple and
self-configuring program to link PGP and any
off-line mail-reader. Includes installation
instructions for Bluewave and OLX. Handles
the Fidonet to Internet addressing kludge
very well! Best of all, this program is
freeware, distributed to help mankind! Free
voice support! (Really)

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A pgp shell linking pgp to your offline qwk reader.
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My heartfelt thanks go out to the beta testers who have made suggestions and
bug reports--I hope you know how much you have helped me!

Nick Boardman <3:632/[email protected]>
Matt Carey <1:102/[email protected]>
Jim Gorges
Randy Tyner


More thanks go to Randy Tyner for writing the instructions for integrating


EZ-PGP was written in Turbo Pascal 6.0, by Borland. This version was written
under the influence of The Pogues, The Clash, Digajiga, and Sinead
O'Connor's first album, "The Lion and the Cobra."

Thanks to Brian Wood, who was the first of many to explain the Turbo Pascal
FileSize problem I was having.

And finally, many thanks to Maynard Philbrook, of Woody's BBS in Dayville, CT.
(Reachable at 1:327/2081 or 203-774-4360.) Maynard showed me how to confine
the output of a program being executed in a shell to a window.

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