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EdgeFlow v6.0 - Diagram/flowchart/picture editor for DOS - very good.

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EDGEFLOW v6.0 is a lightning FAST and
VERY easy to use flowcharting and diagram
drawing tool for DOS. Requires EGA/VGA or
Hercules graphics, 512K RAM, a PC XT/AT, 286
and up, and mouse. Fully functional

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EdgeFlow v6.0 – Diagram/flowchart/picture editor for DOS – very good.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

EDGEFLOW v6.0 is a lightning FAST and
VERY easy to use flowcharting and diagram
drawing tool for DOS. Requires EGA/VGA or
Hercules graphics, 512K RAM, a PC XT/AT, 286
and up, and mouse. Fully functional

EDGEFLOW is a Shareware flowcharting and diagramming tool for DOS.


Shareware is protected by U.S. and international copyright laws.
Please read the front sections of the on-line users manual (EDGEFLOW.TXT)
for a complete description of Shareware and your rights and obligations
regarding this Shareware program. If you are unable to locate this
information, please contact us and we will rush it to you free of charge.

For information, contact:

Pacestar Software
P.O. Box 51974
Phoenix, AZ. 85076-1974

CompuServe: 72162,1672
Internet: 72162,[email protected]

Association of
o Professionals



1. Customizable shapes

Create a custom shape by combining standard shapes and lines.

2. Hypertext

Set up a figure so that by clicking on the figure you can either
execute a DOS command line statement or go to a new diagram.

3. A few minor bug fixes.


1. Select an appropriate disk drive to install EDGE. You must have
AT LEAST 400K of free space on the disk, plus enough disk space to
store your diagrams.

2. Run the install program (INSTALL.EXE) on the product disk to install
EDGEFLOW on your hard disk. You should run install from the active
floppy disk drive on which the program disk is loaded.

A> install

3. You will need to set an environment variable EDGEHOME to the directory
that you installed to. For example, if you installed to c:\edge,

C> set EDGEHOME=c:\edge

You will want to put this line in your autoexec.bat so that EDGEHOME
gets set up automatically every time you boot your machine.

4. You will probably want to put the EDGEHOME directory in your DOS path
so that you won't need to be in that directory to run EDGEFLOW.


1. Make sure the environment variable EDGEHOME is set as described above.

2. Make the EDGEHOME directory the default directory.

C> c:
C> cd \edge

3. Type "edgeflow" followed by a carriage return.

C> edgeflow

NOTES, TIPS, HINTS (See EDGEFLOW.TXT for full on-line text documentation!)

Remember, most operations follow the same sequence. First select the
objects that you wish to perform the operation on, then press the middle
mouse button to invoke the main pop-up menu, then select the operation
from the menu to apply to the objects you selected.

SAVE OFTEN: Don't forget to save often just in case you do something that
cannot be reversed. Be especially careful to save before "global"
operations like changing properties on a large number of objects, or
straightening a large number of connectors.

HOME: As a new user, you may occasionally get "lost" in your diagram due
to an inadvertant action. If this occurs, don't worry, your work is still
in tact. By pressing the HOME key, you will automatically be moved to the
center of all the figures on the diagram.

QUICK EXIT: You can use control-ESC to exit instantly without saving.
You will not be prompted even if you altered the diagram. USE WITH

FIXED SIZE: Many diagrams require all figures to be of the same size. A
convenient way to have EDGEFLOW support fixed-sized objects is to set the
height and/or width lock for new figures. When these locks are set, new
figures created by pressing the INS key in an open area automatically be
assigned the default figure size. You can change the default figure size
by creating a new figure of any size with the DRAG mouse button or by
resizing any figure.

TEXT OVERFLOW: If you add enough text to a figure that the figure wants to
try to expand to accomodate it, but the figure is height or width locked,
your text will overflow the dimensions of the box. When this occurs, you
will hear a slight click with each character you type. This is only a
warning, no harm will come of it.

ZOOM: Remember that only the "real" (unzoomed) view shows the exact
representation of your diagram. For example, when you are zoomed in or
out, round-off may make connectors that are straight appear slightly
slanted. Text may not be visible and other details may be lost.

ESC: Don't forget to use the ESC key if you want to cancel operations
that are not complete.

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