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Paradox Win utility, Database Table Reporter that will list all tables/attribute in a directory. FREEWARE.
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Paradox Win utility, Database Table Reporter that will list all tables/attribute in a directory. FREEWARE.
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ABOUT.FSL 6752 2937 deflated
DTRLIB.LSL 7504 2900 deflated
FIELDLST.RSL 16640 4308 deflated
FLDPORT.RSL 16272 4321 deflated
FLSTOPT.FSL 8992 3642 deflated
HELP.FSL 8864 3836 deflated
MESSAGES.FSL 6336 2820 deflated
PRTSTR.DLL 5728 3012 deflated
README.TXT 9153 3327 deflated
REPORTS.DB 6144 322 deflated
REPORTS.PX 6144 103 deflated
REPORTS.VAL 206 90 deflated
SECURITY.RSL 7552 2424 deflated
TBLRPTS.FSL 67088 21693 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

README.TXT for Database Table Reporter (DTR) version 4.50

Database Table Reporter is Copyright (c) 1993 by VS Toolbox Software
- All Rights Reserved -

Welcome to the land of FREEWARE! This Paradox for Windows (PfW) program is
brought to you FREE, but ONLY for your PERSONAL, not-for-profit use. You may
NOT build upon this program or remove major sections of code and then re-sell
it in any way, shape or form.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
* *
* If you like DTR, I would be very pleased to receive a "donation" from *
* you, which will be used to add new features to DTR. Please send to: *
* *
* Don Goyette *
* c/o VS Toolbox Software *
* 3908 Midsummer Lane N. *
* Colorado Springs, CO 80917-3506 *
* *
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

If you find any nasty little "bugs", OR, if you code a great new report that
you would like to see included in a future version of DTR, please leave me
e-mail on CompuServe at ID# 71601,3624.

In conclusion, I certainly hope you find DTR to be not only a useful program,
but educational as well! Enjoy...


Don Goyette

P.S. When new versions of DTR are uploaded to the forum library, they will
automatically replace previous versions, so keep an eye on the version #
in the File Description field of the library entry.


Simply unzip this file (DTR.ZIP), using PKUNZIP, into a directory of it's own
(Paradox likes that) OR into your Paradox for Windows "utility program"
directory ONLY if you are sure there won't be a conflict with the any of the
filenames listed below.

1. Run Paradox for Windows,

2. Change your Working Directory to the one you unzipped DTR into, and

3. Open any DTR Form (the program will always start at the main Form,
regardless of which Form you initially select).

The main start-up form displays simple instructions for using DTR and the
on-line Help/Information window provides even more info.

4. To exit the program, simply select File/Exit from the menu bar.

ZIP file contents of DTR.ZIP

Database Tables and related files:
REPORTS.DB.........Contains names & descriptions of built-in reports.
REPORTS.VAL........Value checks for the REPORTS table.
REPORTS.PX.........Primary Index file for the REPORTS table.

UN-Delivered Forms:
ABOUT.FSL..........The "About" dialog box.
FLSTOPT.FSL........The "Optional Reports" dialog box.
HELP.FSL...........The "Help" form.
MESSAGES.FSL.......The "Operation In Progress..." form.
TBLRPTS.FSL........The "main" Database Table Reporter form.

UN-Delivered Reports:
FIELDLST.RSL.......The Field Listing pre-defined Report (Landscape).
FLDPORT.RSL........The Field Listing pre-defined Report (Portrait).
SECURITY.RSL.......The Password Table Access pre-defined Report (Portrait).

PrintString (PrtStr) files:
PRTSTR.DLL.........Freeware version of our PrintString Windows DLL.

Other files:
DTRLIB.LSL.........UN-Delivered ObjectPAL library routines for DTR.
README.TXT.........This file.


4.50 - Release Date: 10/25/93
* Added Paradox for Windows version-specific code due to several Borland
"fixes" and "enhancements" in version 4.5 to make DTR compatible with this
new version.

* Open and re-save all forms, reports and the library under PW version 4.5.

* Included the Freeware version of the PrtStr DLL instead of the Shareware

1.06 - Release Date: 6/21/93
* Internal changes to the form's Proc method to break out the Main Loop
section of code, creating it's own procedure ProcessTables(). Makes it
easier to modify by others.

* Changed internal references to the FIELDLST report to FLDLAND to be
consistent with FLDPORT. Also changed the REPORTS.DB name to FLDLAND.
However the physical report file is still named FIELDLST.RSL.

* Added a Check-box to the FLSTOPT dialog box for the Security report.

* Added the SECURITY pre-defined report which offers a Portrait-mode
Password Table Access printout of Passwords, Table/Family/Field Rights.
Added internal processing and also added report to the REPORTS.DB table.

* Added the FLDPORT pre-defined report which offers a Portrait-mode Field
Listing and Referential Integrity printout. Added internal processing and
also added report name to the REPORTS.DB table.

* Added the MESSAGES Form, which is a dialog box that pops-up when there
is an "Operation In Progress..." message.

* Corrected the Size field of the FileLst Report for field Type = MEMO.
(It's 10 characters longer than what the Structure reports.)

* Added report FILESIZE to the REPORTS table. Will generate ONLY the DOS
File Size report against selected tables.

* Allow user to select the optional Secondary Index and/or DOS File Size
reports (generated by the Shareware PrtStr DLL) from within the FileLst
Report via check-boxes in a dialog box: FLSTOPT.

* Removed the INDEXLST table from the FIELDLST report's Data Model.

1.05 - Release Date: 6/1/93
* Fixed problem that wouldn't allow access of table via a directory path
which is outside of the WORKing directory.

1.04 - Release Date: 5/10/93
* Modified the FieldLst report to include Referential Integrity Information.

* Created a Windows DLL in order to allow this application (and other PW
apps) to print text directly to the default Windows printer. The file is
named PRTSTR.DLL and is a Shareware version.

* Replaced the FieldLst report's Secondary Index Info table frame with an
ObjectPAL controlled printout to properly list the subordinate fields to
each Secondary Index.

* Modified the FieldLst report to include DOS File Statistics, which
includes DOS filename, size, date & time of last modification and total
size for all DOS files related to the 'base' table (.DB, .MB, .PX, .Xnn,
.Ynn, .XGn and .YGn file extensions).

* Moved the encrypted table password entry code into a Library, which can be
used by other applications. The new library file is DTRLIB.LSL.

1.03 - Release Date: 4/17/93
* Fixed a multi-table selection bug - would re-print the first table Fields.
This was only a problem in version 1.02 (with Secondary Index Info).

* Added check for .DBF files, since DTR doesn't handle them yet and the user
can override the PfW Browser default selections.

* Added "Password Protected?" field to Field List report.

* Changed the way the current Table Name is passed to the report and
removed all old code (multi-stage process to print report). It's now
passed via a table built on-the-fly (RPTVARS.DB), which also allows for
future expansion. Now the report doesn't need to be loaded in "design"
mode and messing up the screen!

* Centered the Secondary Index Info section on the Field List report.

* Added a default value to the Report listbox of the main screen.

1.02 - Release Date: 4/14/93
* Fixed the PfW array errors by making it a "resizable" array.
* Main form is now Maximized (most of the time).
* Moved the Print Report|pushButton code to the Form's Proc area.
* Modified the Print Report|pushButton method to call an appropriate Proc.
* Modified the FIELDLST report to include Secondary Index Info.
* General clean-up of several method's code sections.
* Added more "status messages" to the table creation and report code.
* New library filename per sysop (DTR.ZIP) without a version #.

1.01 - Release Date: 4/10/93
* First CIS PdoxWin library upload. (Released with known array error.)

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