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FAX utility for Windows. As easy to use as printing.

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FaxMail for Windows adds full FAXing
capability menu to all Windows Applications.
Includes a Fax/Modem-tester. -timed sends
-broadcast queue holds 32,000 -works in DOS
and Windows -GOOD help system -all functions
very fast -background FAX printing

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FAX utility for Windows. As easy to use as printing.
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Contents of the README.WRI file

FaxMail for Windows adds full FAXing
capability menu to all Windows Applications.
Includes a Fax/Modem-tester. -timed sends
-broadcast queue holds 32,000 -works in DOS
and Windows -GOOD help system -all functions
very fast -background FAX printing
13R"FaxMail for Windows" Version v4.02 is shareware.
Copyright (C) 1990-1995 belong to Jon Krahmer.
All Rights Reserved. Voice phone (713) 261-0307
BBS (713) 499-5939 Fax (713) 499-5939,11,11,11,11
ElectraSoft, 3207 Carmel Valley Drive, MISSOURI CITY TX 77459-3068
Voice: (713)261-0307
BBS: (713)499-5939
FAX: (713)499-5939,11,11,11,11
Internet: [email protected]
Internet: [email protected]
FidoNet: Jon Krahmer on 1:106/10000

Adds a button to all your Windows Programs

If you can print, you can fax.

All the Fax Machines in the world are your printers with FaxMail for Windows

FaxMail for Windows will add a button to all your Windows Programs,
giving you access to all the Fax /Modems and Fax/Machines in the world,
making them become your printers. FaxMail attaching itself to and becomes a
part of the actual Microsoft Windows environment, whereby it appends itself
to all system menus thereby adding its features to all Windows
Applications. FaxMail has hundreds of useful features such as Dynamic
View/Edit Cover Page, FaxBook Import, Windows Dynamic All Class Fax/Modem
Driver, and Technical Support. You can import up to 1000 name and phone
numbers into each FaxBook (Phone Book) at a time from any xBase data base
program, and you can have as many FaxBooks as you want. FaxMail gives you
laser quality fax output, making it a great tool to send an occasional fax
or large numbers of high quality faxes from the background while you work
on other tasks. FaxMail bundles the most useful fax features, and it is
fast! The simplicity of information transfer via FaxMail for Windows is
unequaled. It is a faxmail management system, integrating Fax/Modem
technologies into computer document generation. You can create very short
and/or long fax. No TSR, DOS, or Real-Time-Drivers required.

*select number rings until the Fax/Modem answers *number of re-dials
*length of time between re-dials *set modem volume *"Scale to printer" or
"Print actual FAX size" *view and move fax from Windows File Manager
*Immediate or scheduled fax sends *broadcast queue holds 32,000 fax
*option to auto-print incoming faxes in the background *send/receive fax in
the background while you work in the foreground *easy fax management *GOOD
help system *very fast fax viewer *log all st and future fax events
*quick notes with variable merge from FaxBook fields *fax any document you
can print (send amazingly clean resumes) *event monitor *received fax
notification *fax rescheduling *up to 1000 entries per FaxBook *easily
create custom cover pages *background printing *supports "Silent-Answer"
*FaxMail Convert to Fax driver *supports many paper sizes, in PORTRAIT and
LANDSCAPE, including Letter 8.5x11, Legal 8.5x14, A4 210x297mm, A5
182x257mm, and is user definable down to a fraction of an inch *Enhanced
Windows Dynamic All Class Fax/Modem-Driver *FaxBook merge into Cover Page
*Automatically switches from Fax to Printer Mode *Works with Microsoft
Word for Windows, Windows Write, and all other programs with the abilities
to print *Full-support for COM1-COM4 on IRQ00-IRQ15

*OCR (Optical Character Recognition), *Fax to PCX BreakUp and *Zoom/Edit
Fax. The OCR will convert fax into text that can be read by all editors
and Word Processors, yet retains the original fax, unchanged. BreakUp will
break a multiple page DCX fax file into individual one page PCX files that
can be easily imported into most Windows programs. Edit Outgoing and
Incoming Fax. Before printing to a fax machine or upon receiving a fax, you
may want to use Zoom/Edit to add graphics, text (any font, any size), or
use your mouse to sign the fax.

FaxModem Wizard COM-Port/Fax/Modem-tester. FaxModem Wizard not only tell
you what kind of UART is present on each of your four COM-Ports but what
IRQ it is using. Great tool for finding COM-IRQ conflicts.

Microsoft Windows v3.1 or higher, and a Modem. Almost all modems are CLASS
1, CLASS 2 or CLASS 2.0. FaxMail supports all three CLASSES.

Upgrade History:
New updated help system. The Manual.txt is included. View and move fax from
Windows File Manager. Upgraded Convert to Fax driver. It will now support
many paper sizes, PORTRAIT and LANDSCAPE. You can create very short and/or
long fax including Letter 8.5x11, Legal 8.5x14mm, A4 210x297mm, A5
182x257mm, and is user definable down to a fraction of an inch. Enhanced
Windows Dynamic All Class Fax/Modem-Driver. View Cover Page. Edit Cover
Page. Edit Cover Page Logo. Cover Page Help. Includes the "FaxModem Wizard"
tools that not only tell you what kind of UART is present on each of your
four COM-Ports but what IRQ it is using. Addition of the FaxMail for
Windows Dynamic All Class Fax/Modem-Driver. No TSR, DOS, or Real-Time
Drivers required. Automatically switches from Fax to Printer Mode. Optional
Optical Character Recognition (OCR), Fax to PCX BreakUp, and Zoom in and
Edit Fax. Major upgrade of the Fax/Modem-Drivers. Many improvements to the
FaxBook(Phone-Books) program including Import. Improved operation with
Microsoft Word for Windows and Windows Write. Full-support for COM1-COM4 on

NOTE: If you choose to use the "FaxMail for Windows Dynamic All Class
Fax/Modem-Driver", a lot of this README will not pertain to you, and
nothing will be put in your AUTOEXEC.BAT.

Because of size constraints we are forced to leave some of the glitter out
of this shareware versions, but it is still VERY MUCH a FULL working fax
program with feature not seen anywhere else. We left off things like
decorative bitmaps, several of the sample cover page logo files, faxbook
imports and a few other things that will not impede your use of FaxMail.
All of the above mentioned and more will be in your registered version.

We are working full time on improving and upgrading FaxMail for Windows.
So...before you install, look at the date on the files inside of the ZIPed
file. If the date is more than a week old, you may want to call and get
the latest version. We release minor versions about once a week and major
versions when appropriate. To get the latest version of FaxMail for
Windows, first try these places. We try to keep the latest versions at
these Sites:

You can get FaxMail for Windows from many BBSs and most FTP Internet Sites
around the world. FAX_V402.ZIP, where FAX_V402 means version V4.02.
- Location or Site - | Frequency of Updates
CTS BBS (713) 499-5939 - - - - - - - -> Major and Minor versions
FREQ from FidoNet:FaxMail 1:106/10000-> Major and Minor versions
SimTel, OAK.Oakland.Edu - - - - - - -> Major versions
FTP.CICA.INDIANA.EDU - - - - - - - - -> Major versions - - - - - - - - -> Major versions
America Online (AOL) - - - - - - - - -> Major versions
CompuServe - - - - - - - - - - - - - -> Major versions
If you can not locate the latest version or need tech-support, contact:
ElectraSoft, 3207 Carmel Valley Drive, Missouri City, TX 77459-3068
Voice:(713)261-0307, BBS:(713)499-5939, FAX:(713)499-5939,11,11,11,11
Internet: [email protected]
Internet: [email protected]
FidoNet: Jon Krahmer on 1:106/10000
Computer Technical Support BBS, (713)499-5939, home of FaxMail for Windows

There have been reports from people that FaxMail for Windows will not
run at top performance when they have Norton Desktop on their computer.

If you have a registered version of FaxMail for Windows you may *NOT*
share the registered version with others.

FaxMail for Windows is shareware. This means you have a chance to
test the performance FaxMail for Windows before committing yourself
to buying it. You have a one month legal trial. After one month you
must pay for FaxMail for Windows or discontinue its use.

Only the unregistered version of FaxMail for Windows may be distributed
freely, and no fee may be charged for it except a nominal copying fee.
All trademarks contained herein are registered to their respective

While converting printer output to a fax, FaxMail will need to create
and use a temporary file called "TOFAX" and then delete it when finished.
This file will be it the root of the drive FaxMail is installed on.

FaxMail will not be able to if any of the following are
present on the drive that you installed FaxMail on:

*If you have the maximum allowed files in that root directory.
*If you have a directory by the same name as the temporary file that is
off the root.
*If the drive is full.

NOTE: The reason for a small file name in the root directory is that not
all programs with printing capabilities support paths.

If you are currently using another Modem-Program, remember that they can
not run concurrently. To disable it may be as easy as not loading it or
you may have to remove one or more lines from your AUTOEXEC.BAT,
CONFIG.SYS, WIN.INI or SYSTEM.INI. Typing rem ahead of a line in your
AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS will disable it. Example:


To disable a line in an .INI (WIN.INI and SYSTEM.INI) place a ; before
the line to be commented. Example:


If your old Fax-Program loads from the Windows-StartUp-Group as you enter
Windows, you will have to move it's ICON out of your Windows-StartUp-Group
by grabbing it and dropping it in another Group.

If you load the wrong Fax/Modem-Driver the worst that can be expected
to happen is that the Fax/Modem-Driver might not load or the program might
hang or fail to operate, and perhaps your modem might be left in Fax mode
and require manual resetting(turn it off and back on). Since information
about models that don't work with this program will aid in correcting
unsuspected problems, we would appreciate any information you can give
us about them. Write to the registration address, or send e-mail
via Internet to:

[email protected]

or FidoNet to:

Jon Krahmer on 1:106/10000

(IMPORTANT: Read but don't do this unless you are installing or
reinstalling a Fax/Modem)

COM, Communications-Port (1 - 4).
IRQ, Interrupt-ReQuest (0 - 15).
External Fax/Modem, is placed *ON* a COM-Port!
Internal Fax/Modem, *REPLACES* a COM-Port!

A majority of the people I give tech-support to have a hardware conflict
due to improper Internal Fax/Modem installation!

NOTE: An External Fax/Modem is placed *ON* a COM-Port!

NOTE: An Internal Fax/Modem *REPLACES* a COM-Port!

If you are having problems with a Modem, read the above line until
you comprehend and understand them.

External Fax/Modem:
Plug one end of the COM cable into your Fax/Modem and the other end into a
vacant COM-Port. You will have to know what COM-Port and what IRQ you
plugged into so you can let the software know during software installation.

Internal Fax/Modem:
When installing an Internal Fax/Modem, be sure you disable the COM-Port
(located on your IO-Board) you are going to replace. Then; before
installing the Internal Fax/Modem, test, with the opening screen of
COMTEST.COM (comes with FaxMail for Windows and *MUST* be run from DOS.
It will *NOT* work while in Windows.), to be sure the COM-Port
really is disabled, and then, AND ONLY THEN, are you ready to install the
"Internal Fax/Modem". Not doing this properly is the overwhelming major
reason for Modem and other computer problems that maybe to the average
person seem to have no relationship to their Modem, but it does! If you
are installing on COM2-IRQ3, the COMTEST.COM opening screen should look
like this BEFORE you install the Fax/Modem.

COM1-IRQ4: UART (16450 Chip) or Equivalent detected.
COM2-IRQ*: No UART/COM/Modem/Serial Port detected.
COM3-IRQ*: No UART/COM/Modem/Serial Port detected.
COM4-IRQ*: No UART/COM/Modem/Serial Port detected.

Then you are ready to set the jumpers on your Internal Fax/Modem to
COM2-IRQ3 and insert it into a vacant slot; thus replacing COM2.

You can use DEBUG.EXE to help install Modems, but it is not as actuate as
COMTEST.COM (see Note 5).

If you are reinstalling a Fax/Modem on a different COM-IRQ, keep in mind
that you may have to reinstall or run setup on all the software that is
presently using the Fax/Modem.

If COM1-IRQ4 and COM2-IRQ3 are in use, I would suggest one of the
following configurations:
If we would have found COM2 unused we would have configured like this:
Here is a list of suggested combinations:




FaxMail for Windows will supports COM1 through COM4 on IRQ0 through IRQ15.
But...Before these addresses can be used, your "COM-Port/Fax/Modem" must
first support the configuration and second you must properly configure said

Never skip a COM-Port as the system will go into "conflict-convulsion"
from time to time. To find a vacant IRQ, run something like SYSONFO.EXE,
etc. Here is some information on IRQs in the IBM-Compatible. They are:
IRQ0 - IRQ15. N/A means not normally available for your Fax/Modem.

IRQ0 {INT 08h, Reserved for 8253 Channel 0 System-Timer-Tick, N/A
IRQ1 {INT 09h, Reserved for Key-Board Attention, N/A
IRQ2 {INT 0Ah, Reserved for Future use, (you can use if not in use)
IRQ3 {INT 0Bh, Reserved for COM2-IRQ3, or COM4-IRQ3 *If not used by COM2
IRQ4 {INT 0Ch, Reserved for COM1-IRQ4, or COM3-IRQ4 *If not used by COM1
IRQ5 {INT 0Dh, Reserved for XT-HardDrive, Can used unless you have an XT 🙂
IRQ6 {INT 0Eh, Reserved for Disk Attention, N/A
IRQ7 {INT 0Fh, LPT1, but usually doesn't need IRQ, usually can be used
IRQ8 - IRQ15 {Available in AT and up, but not in XT computers)

The following report was generated by Peter Norton's SYSINFO.EXE on
a 486DX-50:
* Hardware Interrupts *
Number Address Name Owner
IRQ 00 FCAC:0043 Timer Output 0 BIOS
IRQ 01 FCAC:0048 Keyboard BIOS
IRQ 02 08AB:0057 [Cascade] DOS System Area
IRQ 03 08AB:006F COM2 DOS System Area
IRQ 05 08AB:009F LPT2 DOS System Area
IRQ 06 08AB:00B7 Floppy Disk DOS System Area
IRQ 07 0070:06F4 LPT1 DOS System Area
IRQ 08 0000:0000 Realtime Clock Unused
IRQ 09 0000:0000 Reserved Unused
IRQ 10 0000:0000 Reserved Unused
IRQ 11 0000:0000 Reserved Unused
IRQ 12 0000:0000 Reserved Unused
IRQ 13 0000:0000 Coprocessor Unused
IRQ 14 0000:0000 Fixed Disk Unused
IRQ 15 0000:0000 Reserved Unused

Note 1:
As you can see, if IRQ4 is used by COM1, you have to find another IRQ for
COM3. If you have a COM1-IRQ4 and you use COM3 you will need to use an
alternative IRQ. The same goes if you are going to use COM4 and you have
a COM2-IRQ3.

Note 2:
It is best to use COM1-IRQ4 or COM2-IRQ3 for Fax/Modems, as they were
originally and specifically set aside for communications. Experience
has shown me that some Fax/Modems do not preform as well on COM3 and COM4
using IRQ5, IRQ7 or IRQ2.

Note 3:
By the way, the problem with this and most system tests, such as
MSD.EXE, is that they tell you what is suppose to be or what is normally
on an IRQ. For instances, when I ran this test, as you can see, it says
that "LPT1" is on IRQ7. The fact is I have a Rockwell class 1,2
Fax/Modem on COM3-IRQ7. When I ran COMTEST.COM I got the following

FaxModem Wizard COM-Port Test is part of "FaxMail for Windows"
(C) Copyright 1990-1995, Jon Krahmer, All Rights Reserved.

UART (16450 Chip) or Equivalent detected.

FIFO UART (16550AN Chip) or Equivalent detected.
This is a high performance UART with buffering.

UART (16450 Chip) or Equivalent detected.

No UART/COM/Modem/Serial Port detected.

Press to exit COMTEST or to Continue...

Note 4:
Rockwell, Internal, V.32AC, V1.270, TR14-Jxxx-001 Accelerator-Kit:
COM1-IRQ4 { Class 1 (FM_ROCK1.COM); Worked well
{ Class 2 (FM_ROCK1.COM); Worked well
COM2-IRQ3 { Class 1 (FM_ROCK1.COM); Worked well
{ Class 2 (FM_ROCK1.COM); Worked well
COM3-IRQ2,IRQ5,IRQ7 { Class 1 (FM_ROCK1.COM); Poor, usually failed to send
{ Class 2 (FM_ROCK1.COM); Worked
COM4-IRQ2,IRQ5,IRQ7 { Class 1 (FM_ROCK1.COM); Poor, usually failed to send
{ Class 2 (FM_ROCK1.COM); Worked

GVC, Internal, FM144/144, FM-144HVBIS with built-in FIFO:
COM3-IRQ5 { Class 2 (FM_ROCK1.COM); Works well

If your computer has a built-in COM1-IRQ4 and COM2-IRQ3, you can disable
either COM1-IRQ4 or COM2-IRQ3 and then set your Fax/Modem to that
COM-Port and IRQ. This is done be getting out your manuals and moving
the jumpers or contact the company you bought your computer and Fax/Modem

Note 5:
At Segment 0040, Offset 0000 DOS keeps a table of ports starting with
your COM-Ports. The BIOS and DOS assume that you know that you can not
skip a COM-port or reuse an IRQ. If you do, it will raise havoc with
your system. If you skip a COM-Port, your system will compress the
COM-Port table thus making it useless to any program that depend on it.
For instance, if you have a UART on:

COM1, COM2, and COM4

your system will report that you have a UART on:

COM1, COM2, and COM3

Example of how to verify this:

Go to the DOS-Prompt and type:

CD\ {go to the root directory
-D 0040:0000 {the - prompt will be there
{something similar to the following should appear
0040:0000 F8 03 F8 02 E8 03 00 00-78 03 00 00 00 00 00 00 ........x.......

type Q {to Quit DEBUG

We are only concerned with the first 8 BYTEs (4 WORDs).
0040:0000 F8 03 F8 02 E8 03 00 00 {as you found them
F8 03,F8 02,E8 03,00 00 {separated
03F8 02F8 03E8 0000 {formated from BYTEs to WORDs
3F8 2F8 3E8 000 {formated to human terms
COM1 COM2 COM3 {No COM4; or was there?
It looks like you have a COM1, COM2 and COM3 🙂

Example of a conflict and how to resolve it

Lets assume you have a mouse on COM1-IRQ4 and a modem on COM4-IRQ3.

You have a hardware conflict. You should never skip a COM-Port as the
system will go into "conflict-convulsion".

Your computer has a COM-Port table at Segment 0040h, Offset 0000h. It
assumes you did not skip a port and if you did, it compresses it down to
where, in this case, your COM4 is entered into the place COM2 should be.
When you go into Windows, Windows looks at the COM-Port table and thinks
you have a COM1 and COM2. When it goes to access COM2, bad things
happen, because it is not there.

FaxModem Wizard, included in COMTEST.COM, will tell you what, if
anything, is on each of your four COM-Ports and which IRQ is connected
to each COM-Port, COM?-IRQ?. It will give you a written report about
your Modem.

Exit Windows and Run COMTEST.COM. In this case it will look like this:

UART (16450 Chip) or Equivalent detected.

No UART/COM/Modem/Serial Port detected.

No UART/COM/Modem/Serial Port detected.

UART (16450 Chip) or Equivalent detected.

You will have to remove your Fax/Modem and run COMTEST again to be sure
that COM2 is disabled. If COM2 is still enabled, get out the
jumper-sheet that came with your computer's I/O (input output) board and
move the jumpers so that COM2 is disabled. When you can run COMTEST
and find a UART only on COM1, you are ready to set the jumpers on your
modem to COM2-IRQ3 and insert it into any vacant slot. Be sure to run
COMTEST again to verify that all is well. When you are finished
COMTEST should say:

UART (16450 Chip) or Equivalent detected.

UART (16450 Chip) or Equivalent detected.

No UART/COM/Modem/Serial Port detected.

No UART/COM/Modem/Serial Port detected.

Windows only:
If you are going to be using FaxMail for Windows in Windows only, you
might try the "FaxMail for Windows Dynamic All Class Fax/Modem-Driver"

DOS and Windows:
If, while installing FaxMail for Windows you find that your Fax/Modem is not
listed, it is possible that one of the selections will work. For instance,
DoveFax Class 1 and Practical Peripherals Class 1 works with many other
class 1 Fax/Modems. The {"Universal, Rockwell, Class 2"} will work with
nearly all of the Fax/Modems derived from the "Rockwell Class 2 Accelerator
Kit". Generic Class 2, Zoom Class 2, ZyXEL Class 2, and Dallas Class 2
Fax/Modem-Drivers are all Class 2 Fax/Modem-Drivers. There are a lot of
"Class 2" variations, so, if your "Class 2" board does not work with one,
it may work with another. The
"Universal, Hayes, Rockwell, Class 1",
"Universal, Rockwell, Class 1", and the
"Universal, Rockwell, Class 2"
Fax/Modem-Drivers are designed to do the job if all else fails. It should
not always be the first choice because even though it is more versatile, it
may not perform as well as the one recommended by us. Depending on your
computer, another Fax/Modem-Driver may work better than our recommended one
though. Sometimes, depending on your computer, COM-Port (FIFO(16550) or
not), the

"Universal, Hayes, Rockwell, Class 1",
"Universal, Rockwell, Class 1",
- or -
"Universal, Rockwell, Class 2"
may outperform the recommended Fax/Modem-Driver. By The Way, these 2
Fax/Modem-Drivers support FIFO operation.

If your Fax/Modem is not listed, look for an alternate Fax/Modem-Driver.
An Internal Fax/Modem-Driver can be used to drive an External Fax/Modem,
and an External Fax/Modem-Driver can be used to drive an Internal
Fax/Modem. The name is not important. For instance, the AT&T class 1
will work on many other class 1 Fax/Modems. Choosing the wrong
Fax/Modem-Driver will not harm Anything.

The files in this package are modified to your specifications during
installation and *WILL NOT* work properly if simply copied into your
working directory. You *MUST* use the INSTALL.EXE or configuration
utilities to add or change anything.

List of modems that were tested and are known to work properly with FaxMail:
Fax/Modem: Fax/Modem-Driver: Classification of the Fax/Modem:
| | |
+--------+ +---------------------+ +---+
| | |
FaxMail for Windows Dynamic All Class Fax/Modem-Driver,
(for Windows only), Class 1,2,2.0-------FM_WN_FD.EXE All
Universal, Rockwell, Class 2---------------------------FM_ROCK2.COM,Class 2
Universal, AT&T, Class 2-------------------------------FM_ATT2I.COM,Class 2
Universal, Hayes, Rockwell, Class 1 --------(HayesMode)FM_ROCK1.COM,Class 1
Universal, Rockwell, Class 1---------------------------FM_ROCK1.COM,Class 1
Universal, AT&T, Class 1-------------------------------FM_ATT1I.COM,Class 1
Universal, Class 2 and/or 2.0,-------------------------FM_ZYXEL.COM Class 2.0
Generic, External, Class 2-----------------------------FM_CLS2E.COM,Class 2
Generic, Internal, Class 2-----------------------------FM_CLS2I.COM,Class 2
Generic, Send9600/Receive4800, Rockwell RC224ATF Chip--FM_CLAS1.COM,Class 1
Aceex, DM-1414H, Class 2-------------------------------FM_ROCK2.COM,Class 2
AT&T DataPort Fax/Modem, Class 1-----------------------FM_ATT1I.COM,Class 1
BEC14/14I, V1.410, Rockwell RC32ACL, Class 1,2(2)------FM_ROCK2.COM,Class 2
Boca, M1440E, Rockwell RC32ACL, Class 1,2(1)
(First Choice)-----FM_ATT1I.COM,Class 1
Boca, M1440E, Rockwell RC32ACL, Class 1,2(2)
(Second Choice)----FM_ATT2I.COM,Class 2
Dallas Fax, 2496 Fax/Modem, Class 2--------------------FM_DALAS.COM,Class 2
Dallas Fax, 9696, 1.44 Fax/Modem, Class 2--------------FM_ROCK2.COM,Class 2
Dallas Fax, 14.4E Fax/Modem Pro Plus, Class 2----------FM_ROCK2.COM,Class 2
Digicom Connection 14.4+Fax, Class 1 -------(HayesMode)FM_ROCK1.COM,Class 1
DoveFax, External, Class 1-----------------------------FM_DOVE1.COM,Class 1
GVC, FM144/144, FM-144HVBIS, Class 1,2(2)--------------FM_ROCK2.COM,Class 2
Hayes, Accura, Class 1 ---------------------(HayesMode)FM_ROCK1.COM,Class 1
IBM PS/Note, Class 1 ----------------------------------FM_DOVE1.COM,Class 1
Identity 14.4 Fax/Modem, ID14144SR, Class 1,2(2)-------FM_CLS2I.COM,Class 2
Intel FM-144HVR, Class 2-------------------------------FM_ROCK2.COM,Class 2
Megahertz PCMCIA Fax Modem, XJ1144, Class 1,2(2)------ FM_ROCK1.COM,Class 2
NUVOTEL 96424IFX, Internal, Class 1------------------- FM_ROCK1.COM,Class 1
P. C. LOGIC FAX144C, FAX144DM, Class 1,----------------FM_ATT2I.COM,Class 2
P. C. LOGIC FAX144I, Class 1,2(2),---------------------FM_ATT2I.COM,Class 2
Practical Peripherals, PM14400FXMT, Class 1,2(1)-------FM_PP1.COM, Class 1
Practical Peripherals, PM14400FXSA, Class 1------------FM_PP1.COM, Class 1
Practical Peripherals, PM2400FX96, Class 2-------------FM_ROCK2.COM,Class 2
PreMax PCMCIA CARD 2.0, Class 1,2(2)-------------------FM_ROCK2.COM,Class 2
Rockwell, Universal, RC96AC/RC144AC, Class 1-----------FM_ROCK1.COM,Class 1
Rockwell, Universal, RC96AC/RC144AC, Class 2-----------FM_ROCK2.COM,Class 2
SMART ONE 9624 FQ, 2400/6900/4800, Class 1-------------FM_CLAS1.COM,Class 1
SMART ONE 14427, Class 1,2(2)--------------------------FM_ROCK2.COM,Class 2
Supra FAX Modem, Class 1,2(1)--------------------------FM_ROCK1.COM,Class 1
Supra FAX Modem Plus, Class 1,2(2)---------------------FM_ROCK1.COM,Class 2
TurboModem PLUS, TheComplete PC, Boca, Class 1,2(1)----FM_ATT1I.COM,Class 1
TurboModem PLUS, TheComplete PC, Boca, Class 1,2(2)----FM_ATT2I.COM,Class 2
USRobotics Sportster 14400, Class 1--------------------FM_ATT1I.COM,Class 1
USRobotics, Class 1,2.0(2.0)---------------------------FM_ZYXEL.COM Class 2.0
ViVa 14.4/Fax/Modem, Class 1,2(2)----------------------FM_ROCK2.COM,Class 2
Wang 14/14I Fax Modem, Internal Class 1,2(2)-----------FM_ROCK2.COM,Class 2
Zoom Fax/Modem, VFPV32BISB, 14400, Internal, Class 2---FM_ROCK2.COM,Class 2
Zoom Fax/Modem, VFX V.32/V.32bis, External, Class 2----FM_ZOOM2.COM,Class 2
ZyXEL, U1496E, 503, 613, Class 2, 2.0------------------FM_ZYXEL.COM,Class 2
Please add to this list and return it to us. Thank You

Make a directory called FM_TMP, like this:
CD \

UnZIP(PKUNZIP.EXE Version 2.04g or higher) * into FM_TMP
directory, like this:
Copy FaxMail into FM_TMP
and then type:
START and press
Go into MS-Windows 3.1 or above and run the FaxMail for Windows
INSTALL.EXE using the Windows NEW command or Windows RUN command.

After installation, you will have several icons in the FaxMail for Windows
Group and one in your StartUp Group. Please note these icons; "Read Me"
(README), "Q and A" (Q_A), "FaxMail Tutor" (TUTOR31.WRI), and
"FaxMail Help". These should be read before using FaxMail for Windows.
There is also "Contact-Sensitive Help" buttons, throughout FaxMail for
Windows, for your convenience,.

Everything is explained thoroughly in the FaxMail for Windows help system,
which may be called upon from anywhere in FaxMail for Windows.

If you want to use FaxMail for Windows from within any Windows Application
and/or take advantage of *ALL* the power FaxMail for Windows has, load the
"Control" program that you will find in the FaxMail for Windows Group before
loading any other Windows Applications.

After the Control program is loaded, click on the System button (the small
square button at the top left corner of all windows) and choose SetUp and
configure things *YOUR WAY*. I suggest that if you are not sure of
something, leave the defaults set as it came to you. Make a printout of the
defaults in case you change something you do not understand yet.

If the Fax/Modem-Driver does not load at when you turn on your computer
it could be because FaxMail for Windows installs its Fax/Modem-Driver
at the top of the AUTOEXEC.BAT file, and other drivers can cancel
it out. If this happens to you, move the Fax/Modem-Driver command:
to a spot just before the Windows load command.

"Silent Answer"
Silent Answer requires the support and cooperation of the remote sending
Fax/Modem/Machine with your receiving Fax/Modem. If the sending
Fax/Modem/Machine does not support "Silent Answer" by sending the "CNG"
tone, you will lose that Fax! Please read *all* of this area before using
"Silent Answer". If you still want "Silent Answer", here is what it does
and how to implement it.

Silent answer let one telephone line be used for two purposes;
receiving FAXes with the Fax/Modem, and receiving voice calls with
an answering machine or telephone. When set to this mode, the
Fax/Modem lets your answering machine answer all incoming calls.
If it detects Fax "CNG" tones, it routes the call to FaxMail for
Windows. Otherwise, it just sits silently on the phone line while
you or your answering machine takes the call.

When the phone rings and after the second ring the Fax/Modem will
start monitoring the telephone line. If it detects a Fax tone, it
will receive the Fax. If it does not detects a fax tone, it will do

Silent Answer hardware installation
When installing the Fax/Modem, DO NOT plug the answering machine into
the telephone jack on the back of the Fax/Modem. Instead, do one of
the following:

a. Plug the answering machine and Fax/Modem into different wall jack
(i.e. jacks in different rooms).

b. Plug the answering machine into a wall jack and the Fax/Modem into
the answering machine.

c. If your answering machine has some kind of phone-jack switching;
use this method. You must locate the two devices on separate
extensions to make silent answer work correctly. This means you
can not plug the answering machine into the Fax/Modem or vise
versa. You can split a single extension with a duplex jack
adapter. Radio Shack commonly carries these, part number 279-357
for $4.49.

Also, if you have an older answering machine that does NOT
automatically turn itself off when it detects that a person or the
Fax/Modem has answered the call, you need a $7.95 adapter from
Radio Shack, part#43-107. This adapter disconnects the answering
machine from the phone line when the call is answered. It goes
between the answering machine and the wall jack.

The device that is picking up the line initially, must answer
after, and not before, the second ring. This means you should
set it to 3 for best results. If no other device picks up the
line by the time the number of rings that FaxMail for Windows
is set to is reached, FaxMail for Windows will answer it and
process a Fax.

To activate Silent Answer
Load the FaxMail for Windows 'Control' program and click on the
Button, Button and on the Silent Answer
Button. Set the number of rings until we answer to four and set
your answering-machine to three rings. If the Silent Answer
Button is inactive and gray, your Fax/Modem does not
support Silent Answer.

How to enable auto-load (registered version only)

When you boot-up, you have a choice as to whether you want to load the
FaxMail for Windows Fax/Modem-Driver or not. If you plan to always load the
FaxMail for Windows Fax/Modem-Driver, you can place y or Y behind the
Fax/Modem-Driver. Here are two examples:

examples #1 (First line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT)
will ask:
Do you want to load the "FaxMail for Windows" Fax/Modem-Driver? (Y/N) Y

examples #2 (First line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT)
The Y parameter will cause the Fax/Modem-Driver to load without asking. It
will always load without stopping or asking.

BBS and FAX on the same computer

Method 1:
There is an ICON, FAX vs BBS, in the FaxMail for Windows Group for the
purpose of allowing you to control the Fax/Modem mode.

-Before you call a BBS, double-click the ICON and choose:
-Load your BBS-Software and log-onto the BBS.
-After logging-off the BBS and exiting the BBS Software; to resume
FAXing, double-click the ICON again and choose:

Method 2:
Before you call a BBS, go to the DOS Prompt, and type:


Log-onto the BBS.

To resume FAXing, go to the DOS Prompt, and type:


Method 3:
Note: In these example; do not type the comments that appear to the right
of the {.

If you want to use the same computer for Fax and data-modem(BBS), it may be
necessary to Disable the FaxMail for Windows Fax/Modem-Driver while calling
a BBS. To Disable FaxMail for Windows Fax/Modem-Driver run: BBS-MODE.COM.
Use FAX-MODE.COM to Enable the Fax/Modem-Driver again after you log-off the
BBS. Here is an example of a Batch(.BAT) File that will do it all for you.
Lets say that you are using a BBS program called Telemate, and it's name is
TM.EXE. The following Batch File will Disable the "Fax/Modem-Driver" load
"Telemate" and when you exit the BBS program (Telemate) it will "Enable"
the Fax/Modem-Driver so you can resume FAXing. At the DOS Prompt:

COPY CON T.BAT {Create file(T.BAT)
C:\FaxMail\BBS-MODE.COM {1st line in file(T.BAT)
PAUSE {2nd line in file(T.BAT)
CD\TELEMATE {3rd line in file(T.BAT)
TM.EXE {4th line in file(T.BAT)
C:\FaxMail\FAX-MODE.COM {5th, and Save(T.BAT)

- or -
Using a text editor, create a file called T.BAT with the following 3 lines:

C:\FaxMail\BBS-MODE.COM {Set Fax/Modem to Data-Mode(BBS)
PAUSE {Pause to let Fax/Modem catch up(4 seconds or more)
CD\TELEMATE {Change Directory to BBS Software
TM.EXE {Load BBS Software
C:\FaxMail\FAX-MODE.COM {Set Fax/Modem to Fax-Mode(FaxMail)

The above example assumes that your FaxMail Directory is FAXMAIL and your
Telemate Directory is TELEMATE.

Now when you want to call a BBS you type:


Method 4:
To remove FaxMail for Windows Fax/Modem-Driver, type "rem " in front of
this line, in your AUTOEXEC.BAT:


....and RE-BOOT.

To restore back to "FaxMail for Windows", reactivate the line, in your


....and RE-BOOT.

In some cases, to reset your modem to data mode, you may have to manually
reset the modem (if it's external) or turn the PC off and then back on (for
internal modems that don't reset any other way).

The: "FaxMail for Windows Dynamic All Class Fax/Modem-Driver" has been
tested on the following Modems but should work on almost all Modems.
-IBM; Easy OTIONS; Class 0,1,2
-ZOOM; Class 0,1,2; 9600, 14400, 28800
-Dallas; Internal and External; Class 0,2 and 0,1,2; 9600, 14400
-Intel; PCFM7600W; Class 0,1,2; 9600, 14400
-ZyXEL; Class 0,1,2,2.0; 9600, 14400
-USRobotics, Class 0,1,2.0
-TurboModem, Class 0,1,2
-Rockwell, Class 0,1,2
-Rockwell, Data 2400, Class 1 Send 9600, Receive 4800
-Dallas, Class 2
-Hayes, Class 1

Supra FAX Modem/Plus:
Some peoples have reported good service using the
Universal, Rockwell, Class 1 -- FM_ROCK1.COM
and others work better on
Universal, Rockwell, Class 2 -- FM_ROCK2.COM

- unknown -
Please let me know if FaxMail for Windows does not work properly with
your Fax/Modem. The next version (revision) will probably include
support for *YOUR* Fax/Modem.

Only the unregistered version of FaxMail for Windows is a Shareware
program. Upload it to bulletin boards (BBS). Give it to your friends
and relatives. Tell your business associates about it. Don't let
anyone miss out.

If you have a registered version of FaxMail for Windows you may *NOT*
share it with others.

When you register, you will receive a diskette(s) with the latest version
of FaxMail for Windows.

Please fill-in the included Registration Form below.
You will receive a registered version of "FaxMail for Windows".
Your registered version will not display reminder messages, and will have
all the latest updates, improvements and bonus features.

| Register: FaxMail for Windows, FAX_V402.ZIP, 1-713-261-0307 |
| ElectraSoft, 3207 Carmel Valley Drive, MISSOURI CITY, TX 77459-3068 |
|== Please Print ======================================================|
| |
| Date___/___/___ Country_________________ Wk Phone___________________ |
| |
| Name____________________________________ Hm Phone___________________ |
| |
| Address_________________________________ Fx Phone___________________ |
| _ |
| City________________________________ State_____ ZIP_________________ |
| Disk Size: __3.5-1.4MB __5.25-1.2MB __Other______________________ |
| Qty | Item Amount |
| | |
| | FaxMail for Windows - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $25.00 $_____.__ |
|---| |
| | OCR, Optical Character Recognition, Fax-to-text $15.00 $_____.__ |
|---| |
| | Zoom/Edit Fax, Zoom in and edit a Fax - - - - - $15.00 $_____.__ |
|---| |
| | DCX to PCX Breakup, Convert Fax to .PCX file(s) $15.00 $_____.__ |
|---+----------------------- or ----------------------------- |
| | All of the above ($15.00 savings) - - - - - - - $55.00 $_____.__ |
| |
| Total Price of Merchandise - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - $_____.__ |
| |
| Texas residents, please, add Sales Tax (8.25%) - - - - - $_____.__ |
| |
| Registration, Shipping, and handling - - - - - - - $4.00 $____4.00 |
| |
| Total (Pay this amount) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - US$_____.__ |
| __Cash __Check __DISCOVER __VISA __MC __AmEx |
| |
| Card Number_________________________________________ Exp Date___/___ |
| |
| Print name as it appears on card____________________________________ |
| |
| Signature_____________________________________ Date Today___/___/___ |
| (or Name if sending FidoNet, Internet or FAXing with computer) |
|=Order Methods:=======================================================|
| Phone:Call ElectraSoft at 1-713-261-0307 |
| or fill out this form and Send it to... |
| ElectraSoft, 3207 Carmel Valley Dr, MISSOURI CITY, TX 77459-3068 |
| BBS:1-713-499-5939 FAX:(713) 499-5939,11,11,11,11 (,11 is a router) |

| Internet:[email protected] or [email protected] |
| FidoNet:Jon Krahmer on 1:106/10000 |
| |
| Where did you find FaxMail for Windows?_____________________________ |
| |
| Your Internet, AOL, CompuServe, etc address?________________________ |

No warranty is provided to anyone who has not contributed for this
program. ElectraSoft specifically disclaims all other warranties,
expressed or implied, including but not limited to, implied warranties
of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose with respect to
defects in the disk or documentation, and the program license granted
herein. In no event shall ElectraSoft be liable for any loss of profit
or any other commercial damage, including but not limited to special,
incidental, consequential, or other damages.
______________________________ Fx Phone___________________ |
| 3w,G[7e( [Me( E[ x0gtph"G

nijNiiG\G7\,Iy1c/1?? m?jG"iiC$


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0Courier New ArialYBBBC4CfCCC7DnDpDDDD)ElE

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