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Prints text files compactly to HP Laserjet, ASM source included.
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Prints text files compactly to HP Laserjet, ASM source included.
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Contents of the READ.ME file

HPTINY V2.0 prints text files to HP Laserjet II or later model in a compact
newspaper-style format with a custom 5.8 point font. View syntax summary by
running HPTINY without command-line arguments. The compressed 8K COM file
contains program, documentation, and font. For a one page print demo,
extract the DOC file with HPTINY /? then print it with HPTINY HPTINY.DOC.

The assembly source code and a FoxPro font editor are included in ZIP file.
The ASM file (1600- lines) and PRG file (1800- lines) print as six 3-column
pages and four 5-column pages, respectively. These are FYI inclusions only.

Also included are 1K CONCAT.COM and its source code CONCAT.ASM. This is a
simple utility to concatenate text files, each with directory entry header.
Use with HPTINY as a further paper saver, particularly when printing lots
of small files (like *.BAT).

For suggestions, bug reports, etc., my Internet address is in DOC file.

CRH/22 Jul 95

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