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FILE REQUEST Version 1.4 w/RIPGraphics
File Request is a BBS Door that allows
your callers to post file descriptions
or names of files they would like to
have U/Led to the BBS. FileReq now
supports RIPGraphics. File Request
is DesqView, OS/2 and Windows aware.
Supports most any BBS software!
Written by: Chip Tumblin
From The R/C Connection BBS
(703) 330-6871

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Contents of the FILEREQ.DOC file


File Request is distributed without warranty. I shall not be liable for any
damages due to your use or inability to use this program. The only guarantee
that I can offer is this program will take up disk space. This program has
been successfully tested on my machine.

Copyright Notice:

File Request is being distributed under the shareware concept. You may use
this program for thirty (30) days for evaluation. If you continue to use
this program after the thirty day evaluation, you must register it.
Please, support shareware and register this program!


File Request is a BBS Door that will allow your users to post a filename or
description of the type of file they are looking for. This has proved to
be a great way to get users to upload files that people have been looking for.
File Request will run on most any BBS package and is RIPGraphics, DesqView,
OS/2 and Windows aware. I have had the best useage by running this door from
my file menu. Check your BBS docs for information on running a door from your
file menu. The file request list created by this door is a plain text file
that can be edited with any text editor.

Features include: Shell to Dos, Force the user back to BBS, Full Screen
Chat and adjusting the users time left in the door!


Make a directory and unzip all the files into the newly formed directory.
Edit the SAMPLE.CFG file to match your system. The configuration file
can be any name you choose, but the configuration file must be in the same
directory the door is in. You will also need to edit the SAMPLE.BAT file
and name it anything you would like. This BAT file should be called by
BBS software to run the door, and then return control back to your BBS
software. Refer to your BBS Docs if you are unsure of how to do this!

The config file is an ASCII text file with the following format:

LINE 1: Door data file type
LINE 2: Path to the door data file(s)
Line 3: BBS name
Line 4: Sysop's name
LINE 5: Locked baud rate

LINE 1: PCB for PCBoard
SF for Spitfire (SFDOORS.DAT)
LINE 5: If you do not lock your modem,
you must put a 0 on this line.
Otherwise, put the locked baud rate!

Sample config file:

The R/C Connection BBS
Chip Tumblin

You call the door with the following command:

door config nonstandardirq

Door is the doors EXE file and config is the doors CFG file. The
nonstardardirq can be used if you are using a non standard IRQ for
the serial port. You can also run the door without logging onto the
BBS by specifying LOCAL after the doors CFG filename.

door config local

Sample BAT file to call the door:



See the REGISTER.FRM file included with this archive.


Future upgrades to this program will work with your registration key.
Future upgrades will be available on my BBS as well as many others!

How to Upgrade:

For any version prior to 1.3, just overwrite the existing files. No
major changes have been made to the data structures.


FILREQ14 Added support for RIPGraphics.
FILREQ13 Removed the date and time functions and changed the menu.
FILREQ12 Fixed a call to the date and time functions. The current
system date and time are now added to the file list.
FILREQ11 Added the option of 2 line file descriptions.
FILREQ10 The 1st release


Chip Tumblin
P.O. Box 3113
Manassas, VA 22110-3113
(703) 330-6871 (The R/C Connection BBS)

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