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An optimize virus and integrity scanner that run under OS2 ,windows95,win nt etc. very nice program SHAREWARE.

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INTEGRITY MASTER(tm) V2.51a Virus scanner and
and data Integrity! Works well under OS/2,
Win95, Win/NT. Easy to use but protects
against much more than just viruses! Hardware
glitches, software bugs, even deliberate
sabotage are detected. If a virus strikes,
IM identifies it by name and (unlike other
programs) also indentifies any viral damage.
It will even detect new and unknown viruses
and now provides full CMOS protection!

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An optimize virus and integrity scanner that run under OS2 ,windows95,win nt etc. very nice program SHAREWARE.
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2ND.ICO 766 216 deflated
3YEAR.DOC 1574 783 deflated
DESCRIBE.DOC 11119 3364 deflated
DISKHELP.TXT 8116 3200 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 442 302 deflated
GENVIR.EXE 2054 1896 deflated
HISTORY.DOC 12923 5238 deflated
I-M.DOC 217775 64499 deflated
IM.EXE 149209 144267 deflated
IM.ICO 766 222 deflated
IM.PIF 545 149 deflated
IMCHECK.EXE 4582 2427 deflated
IMPRINT.BAT 3454 776 deflated
IMQ.BAT 314 196 deflated
IMQ.PIF 545 155 deflated
IMSCAN.BAT 509 304 deflated
IMSCAND.BAT 491 296 deflated
IMSCANM.BAT 448 271 deflated
IMV.ICO 766 236 deflated
IMVA.PIF 545 157 deflated
IMVAB.PIF 545 158 deflated
IMVC.PIF 545 153 deflated
IMVIEW.COM 1118 967 deflated
IMWIN.EXE 24832 12877 deflated
NET.DOC 5693 2257 deflated
OMBUDSMN.ASP 628 357 deflated
ORDER.DOC 18567 5942 deflated
ORDER.FRM 6982 1519 deflated
PMSETUP.INF 946 508 deflated
QUANTITY.DOC 10102 2157 deflated
QUESTION.TXT 27435 9660 deflated
README.DOC 13944 5538 deflated
SETUPIM.EXE 64064 62881 deflated
SUPPORT.DOC 2010 953 deflated
SYSOP.DOC 1049 471 deflated
VENDINFO.DIZ 8864 5496 deflated
VENDOR.DOC 6333 2476 deflated
VIRREP.DOC 1966 861 deflated
VTEXT.DOC 34442 15341 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

INTEGRITY MASTER(tm) V2.51a Virus scanner and
and data Integrity! Works well under OS/2,
Win95, Win/NT. Easy to use but protects
against much more than just viruses! Hardware
glitches, software bugs, even deliberate
sabotage are detected. If a virus strikes,
IM identifies it by name and (unlike other
programs) also indentifies any viral damage.
It will even detect new and unknown viruses
and now provides full CMOS protection!
This is the evaluation version of Integrity Master(tm) (Version 2.51).
It will run on any PC with at least 350K free memory and DOS 2.0 or
later. A hard disk is recommended. Registration is $35 plus shipping and
handling. Please upload or share Integrity Master with your friends,
but keep all these files together. Read file HISTORY.DOC to learn what's
new with this release and read or print file ORDER.DOC for a complete
list of agents.

| |
| We recommend that you keep your files in a directory called \IM_HOME.|
| |
| To install under DOS, just type SETUPIM and hit ENTER. |
| |
| To install IM under MS Windows(r), use the File Manager to execute |
| file IMWIN.EXE in the \IM_HOME subdirectory (or select Run under |
| Program Manager and type "C:\IM_HOME\IMWIN") PLEASE READ THE NOTES |
| |
| You don't need to read the documentation first! The setup and install|
| program contains a tutorial to tell you all you need to get started. |
| Please read I-M.DOC later (use the command: IMVIEW I-M.DOC or IMPRINT|
| I-M.DOC) after you have completed SetupIM and used IM for a while. |
| |
| If you plan to use IM on LAN, please read NET.DOC after you complete |
| running SetupIM. |
| |

(We frequently refer to Integrity Master by its nickname, "IM")

Once you install Integrity Master, there will be only two files you
absolutely need to use Integrity Master:

IM.EXE - Integrity Master itself
IM.PRM - The parameter file which controls how IM works
- This file is created by SETUPIM.EXE

If you want to reinstall IM, or change advanced features of IM, you will need:

SETUPIM.EXE - The setup and install program (It creates and updates IM.PRM)

If you use IM under Windows, you will also need to keep the *.PIF files.

When you install IM, SetupIM will create file:

IMPROC.TXT - Complete instructions to finish install and run IM
IM.PRM - The parameter file (all option settings are stored here)
IMCONFIG.SYS - Sample CONFIG.SYS file for floppies (optional)

When you run (initialize) IM, it will create integrity data files. These
files will be called "ZZ##.IM" unless you use SetupIM to select a new
name. These files contain the integrity data describing your files. Files:
BOOT.SID, BOOT.SRL, PART.SID and PART.SRL contain system sector integrity
(.SID) and reload (.SRL) information.

The following files are provided as additional aids but are not required
to use or modify Integrity Master:

*.ICO ------- Various icon files for use of IM under windows.
3YEAR.DOC ---- Special three year virus and data integrity update offer
DESCRIBE.DOC - Contains short descriptions of IM for BBS and vendor use
DISKHELP.TXT - Contains information to help with accessing disk drives
GENVIR.EXE -- Execute this program to create SAMPVIR.BIN a fake test virus
HISTORY.DOC -- List of versions and changes made to Integrity Master
I-M.DOC ------ Documentation file for IM and information on data integrity
IMCHECK.EXE -- Supplemental stand-alone integrity check program
IMPRINT.BAT -- Batch file to print files. Syntax: "IMPRINT filename"
IMVIEW.COM --- File viewer program. Syntax: "IMVIEW filename"
IMWIN.EXE --- Installs IM as a Windows program group.
OMBUDSMN.ASP Information of how to contact the ASP ombudsman for help with
resolving a problem with an ASP member
ORDER.DOC ---- Complete information on how to license Integrity Master
order form for IM
PMsetup.INF - Setup data file required for install of IM under Windows.
NET.DOC ------ Suggestions on how to best install and use IM on a LAN.
QUANTITY.DOC - Table of discounts for licensing multiple copies of IM
QUESTION.TXT - Enter "IMVIEW QUESTION" to see common questions and answers
README.DOC --- Contains latest information concerning IM
Read this for documentation on the latest changes.
SUPPORT.DOC -- How to contact Stiller Research for product support and help
SYSOP.DOC -- How to post Integrity Master on a BBS and info for BBS SYSOP
VENDEDIT.DOC - Information in Vendedit format for BBSes and Vendors
VENDOR.DOC --- Distribution requirements for disk vendors and clubs
VIRREP.DOC --- How to report a virus attack
VTEXT.DOC --- List of viruses IM identifies by name

The following optional file may or may not be present:
FILE_ID.DIZ -- Description file for PCboard, Wildcat other BBSes.

We're also including the following batch file to make IM easier to use
and to serve as examples for constructing your own batch files:

IMSCAN This batch file allows you to virus scan all files on an
entire disk or a specific directory on a disk and all
lower subdirectories. For example, to scan files on disk
C, type "IMSCAN C:" or to scan subdirectory DOS and all
lower directories (e.g., \DOS\UTILS) type "IMSCAN \DOS".
If you don't want to check memory each time include a
"/B" (e.g., "IMSCAN \DOS /B"

IMSCAND This allows you to scan a specific subdirectory. You can
specify just the subdirectory or both the subdirectory
and the disk (e.g., "IMSCAND C:\PCB\UPLOADS").

IMSCANM Allows you to scan multiple diskettes for known viruses.
After each diskette, IM will prompt you to insert

IMQ Does a check in "Quick Update" mode of your current
disk. This scans memory and the system sectors for known
viruses and then checks only the files that have
changed, providing a very fast way to check an entire
disk for known viruses. This also keeps your integrity
data current for all files so you are up-to-date in case
of a problem. If you want to specify a different disk to
check, you must use the "/Dx" command line switch (e.g.,
"IMQ /DCF" will check both drive C and drive F).



If you have been using a prior release of Integrity Master, please read
the HISTORY.DOC file to see what has changed since your version.

IM now supports a Home directory where the autonamed report files as
well as the system sector and CMOS related files will be stored.

IM offers several new command line options:

/1 - 1 line only. Eliminates the long explanations of viruses and
suspected problems.

/F - Forces full integrity checking. This is useful if integrity
checking has been set to "Quick update" as default.

/IC - Initialize CMOS.

/NA - allows execution of IM with no ESCape or ALT X key abort
possible during checking. This allows you to prevent someone
from aborting a scheduled check invoked from a .BAT file.

/ND - runs with no pauses or screen display for extra fast scanning
(Recommended for sysops)

/NOB - No Beep. Turns sound off.

/P - (Path) allows you to specify a disk as well as directory path
and will tolerate a wild-card file spec. (e.g., *.* or *.COM).
This allows programs that insist on feeding a complete file
spec (such as "C:\TEMP\*.*") to invoke IM as their external
virus scanner.

/Q - Forces "Quick Update" mode.

/REPA - Report All. This reports all files scanned during a virus scan
or all files added during an initialize. This option is useful
if you want to create a report showing all files and their
check values or if you are testing a virus collection.

/RF=filespec Allows you to specify a name and location for the report
file from the command line. You can use ":" rather than = if you

/Ux These are a series of command line options that control if or
when IM will update its integrity data when files change.

/VB Scans floppy disks for boot sector viruses. This allows IM
to read floppy disks that cause DOS to crash.

Some other anti-virus products contain fragments of viruses. If you get
an indication of a known virus in another product, do not be too
alarmed. Currently MicroSoft/Central Point anti-virus is occasionally a
problem in this way. If you run Vwatch or Vsafe, IM may find viruses
in memory. Eliminate these programs and check again using IM to see if
you might have a real virus.


If you run more than one copy of Integrity Master under Windows, be sure
to use the command line /RF= parameter or the Options menu to assign
a different name to the report file. Otherwise the second copy of IM
will fail when it tries to write to the same report file as the first

Integrity Master can run minimized in the background under Windows by
using the icons that we have provided (installed by IMWIN.EXE). The
*.PIF files that we have provided contain the settings that allow
IM to run. If you would like to change the way IM executes, just select
the ICON you wish to change and hit ALT + ENTER. This will allow you
to change the Windows properties and show you the .PIF that we use to
set the IM command line. If you wish to change the IM options, you can
use the Windows 3.1 "PIF Editor" program (in the Main program group) to
change the command line for each .PIF file. For example, you may want
IM to run totally unattended in the background by adding the /NE
parameter to the command line.

Please visit our support forum on Compuserve. GO STILLER at any prompt
and check library six for Integrity Master related files.

Visit the Stiller Research WWW home page:
We offer:

o A tutorial on how viruses and anti-virus products work

o A description of virus myths

o Descriptions of common viruses

o The latest virus related news

o Information on Integrity Master (of course )


The latest evaluation version of Integrity Master can be obtained from
these sources:

Integrity Master should be available from any SDN, FDN or ASP AHN BBS.

Most larger cities have at least one such BBS the current file name
is I_M251a.ZIP (or .ARJ, .LZH, .PAK etc.) PLEASE NOTE WE'RE NOW

Plus, we upload the latest versions of Integrity Master directly to
these locations:

o First time callers can download and get support for Integrity Master
from Wingit! Call 904-386-8693 for 9600 to 28.8kbps
and HST modems or 904-385-0449 (for all but HST). For really fast
access, you can log on as user: "Integrity Master" (without the
quotes) and you will immediately be offered the download. IM can be
freqed with the magic name IMAST (Fido 1/3605:13).

o IM and support is available on the Metaverse anti-virus BBS.
606-843-9363 (14.4 V.32bis). Logon as "GUEST USER", password=GUEST.

o COMSEC (Computer Security) BBS (6 lines) 1-415-495-4642.

o Download from CompuServe in IBMSYS (lib 3) and ZNT:TIPS lib 14 (one
of the Ziff-Net, PC Magazine forums) file I-MAST.ZIP.

o Download from the GEnie Virus Security RT (Page 1350) or the IBM PC RT
(page 370).

o In Germany: Eric's Mailbox Finkenweg 6 71 159 Moetzingen
07452 - 77 859 FIDO-address: 2:246/2004

o Canada (Windsor, Ont) Digital Wasteland (Fido 1:246/53) 519-972-6828 or

o IN the UK we provide free downloads at 01442 891109. FREQ to 2:257/112,
filename I-MAST.ZIP.

Any major shareware diskette vendor should have a current copy of
Integrity Master. All ASP affiliated disk vendors automatically get
new copies and AHN hub BBSes will always have the latest copy. These
BBSes are:

North-East Coast Mid-East Coast

The Consultant BBS The Break RBBS
New York NY 10116-4655 Dale City, VA 22193-3011
BBS Phone: 718-837-3236 BBS Phone: 703-680-9269

North Mid-USA Southern Mid-USA

The Twilight Zone The DataExchange BBS
Auburndale, WI 54412 Leesville, LA 71446
BBS Phone: 715-652-2758 BBS Phone: 318-239-2122

West Coast USA

Space BBS
Menlo Park, CA 94026
BBS Phone: 415-323-4398


Knightec BBS
Orangeville, ONT L9W 3L1
BBS Phone: 519-940-0007

IM is available via ftp on Internet from:
(This probably includes all the Simtel mirror sites)

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