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COnverts Doom 2 wads to 1.

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This is a really good file for
converting Doom 1 PWAD files into
Doom 2 PWAD files.

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COnverts Doom 2 wads to 1.
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Contents of the WAD1TO2.TXT file


DOOM1 to DOOM2 PWAD converter
by Tracy F. Thonn


After spending many hours creating a PWAD level for DOOM I to look
exactly like the building where I work, ID released DOOM II. Since I was
not even finished my building and not about to redraw all those walls,
I decided it would be easier to make a converter program and wrote WAD1TO2.

WAD1TO2 simply maps DOOM1 levels, textures, music, and wall patch entries,
that no longer exist, to their DOOM2 counterpart or a close replacement.
The program uses an external text map file(WAD1TO2.MAP), which is customizable,
to input the mapping information. Alternatively, a map file by a different
name can be specified.

By the way, my building is still only about 25% complete (the actual is over
200,000 sq.ft.). Also, for those of you "interested in knowing", I'm 32 years
old; and it's Mr. Tracy (not Miss).


WAD1TO2.EXE...........main program *
WAD1TO2.MAP...........default map file used for conversions *
WAD1TO2.TXT...........this documentation
WAD1TO2.C.............source code for wad1to2.exe
STRUCTS.H.............header file for source code
FILE_ID.DIZ...........description file

MAKEMAP.EXE.......program to created starter WAD1TO2.MAP file
MAKEMAP.C.........source code for makemap.exe
STRUCTS.H.........header file for source code created by running makemap.exe from DOOM1/2 drive
TEXTURE.ALL.......list of all wall texture names for Doom1 and Doom2
FLOORTXT.ALL......list of all floor/ceiling textures for Doom1 and Doom2
WPATCH.ALL........list of all wall patch names for Doom1 and Doom2
SOUNDS.ALL........list of all the sound names for Doom1 and Doom2

* only files marked are required to run program


DOOM is a registered trademark of id Software.

WAD1TO2 (c) 1994 was created by Tracy F. Thonn.
WAD1TO2 is NOT an id Software product.

WAD1TO2 is free and may be used as you wish with this one exception:

You may NOT charge any fee or derive any profit for distribution
of WAD1TO2. Thus, you may NOT sell or bundle WAD1TO2 with any product
in a retail environment (shareware disk distribution, CD-ROM,
etc.) without permission of the author.

You may give WAD1TO2 to your friends, upload it to a BBS, or ftp it to
another internet site, as long as you don't charge anything for it.


WAD1TO2 v1.0 was designed to handle about 90% of the basic PWADs now
circulating, but was tested on only a handful. So I give no guarantees
of the results, especially with really hacked PWAD files.

Use WAD1TO2 at your own risk. Anything you do with WAD1TO2 is your
responsibility, and not the author's. Any damage caused to any person,
computer, software, hardware, company, or business by running WAD1TO2 is your
responsibility, and the author will not be liable.

If you don't understand these terms, or are not sure of something, or
are afraid something bad might come of using WAD1TO2, don't use it!
You are here forewarned.

The author of WAD1TO2 will not provide support other than this documentation.

The author of WAD1TO2 reserves the right to add or remove any functionality of
the WAD1TO2 software.


To install, simply copy both WAD1TO2.EXE and WAD1TO2.MAP into the same
directory from which you wish to run the program.


To use WAD1TO2 in it's simplest form, enter the DOS command line as follows:

WAD1TO2 {-s}

doom1.wad...input DOOM1 pwad file to be converted
doom2.wad...output pwad file for use with DOOM2
-s...optional switch to convert Shotguns to Super Shotguns

For example, to convert myfile1.wad in my DOOM directory to myfile2.wad in the
current directory and convert all shotguns to super shotguns:

WAD1TO2 \doom\myfile1.wad myfile2.wad -s

WAD1TO2 will first copy myfile1.wad to myfile2.wad, then convert myfile2.wad
using the WAD1TO2.MAP file. myfile1.wad will be left unchanged.


The mapfile used by WAD1TO2 contains text string pairs. WAD1TO2 inputs the
information from the mapfile in pairs of text, so each entry must be a
text1 text2
pair separated by spaces, where text1 and text2 can be at most 8 characters.
text1 is a texture name or PWAD directory entry in the input PWAD to be replaced.
text2 is the texture name or PWAD directory entry that text1 is mapped to.

The mapfile is divided into sections with headers to tell WAD1TO2 the type of the
map pairs that follow (up until the next header is reached). Only the following
described headers are recognized by WAD1TO2:
[level1 level2] for mapping DOOM1 levels to the counterpart DOOM2 maps
[textur1 textur2] for mapping DOOM1 wall textures that no longer exist to DOOM2
wall textures
[patch1 patch2] for mapping custom wall patches for DOOM1 that no longer exist
to DOOM2 wall patches(like the custom SKY1 patch in FOREST.WAD
by Jean-Serge Gagnon) *
[floor1 floor2] for mapping DOOM1 floor/ceiling textures that no longer exist
to DOOM2 floor/ceiling textures
[sound1 sound2] for mapping custom DOOM1 sound entries that no longer exist
to DOOM2 sounds *
[music1 music2] for mapping replacement DOOM1 music entries to their counterpart
DOOM2 music names (like the D_E1M1 music entry in FOREVE.WAD
by Kathy Brown) *
[demo1 void2] for mapping old demo entries to unused entries names so DOOM2
(or DOOM1 v1.666) doesn't reject them *
* Note: most basic PWADs don't contain any entries of these types.

All other entry pairs that begin with [ are ignored, so comment text PAIRS can
be included like:
[Wad1to2 Mapfile]

So for example the mapfile entries
[level1 level2]
E1M1 MAP01
[textur1 textur2]
tell WAD1TO2 to convert the E1M1 level for DOOM1 into the first level for DOOM2,
and replace the LITE2 texture everywhere used to the LITE3 texture.


The provided WAD1TO2.MAP file was generated by running the included program
MAKEMAP.EXE. MAKEMAP opens the \DOOM\DOOM.WAD and \DOOM2\DOOM2.WAD and extracts
all wall texture names, floor/ceiling texture names, wall patch names, and sound
names. It then compares those in DOOM1 with those in DOOM2 to find the ones
that no longer exist. It then creates a mapping entry for each DOOM1 item that
no longer exists by mapping it to a corresponding DOOM2 item with the most
matching first few characters. It also generates the level and music
mapping entries. MAKEMAP creates the following files: - starter mapfile for use with wad1to2.exe
texture.all - list of all wall texture names for Doom1 and Doom2
wpatch.all - list of all wall patch names for Doom1 and Doom2
floortxt.all - list of all floor and ceiling textures for Doom1 and Doom2
sounds.all - list of all the sound names for Doom1 and Doom2

I then copied MAKEMAP.MAP to WAD1TO2.MAP and made a few changes based on my
preferences. If after converting a PWAD, you are not satisfied with a certain
texture mapping, the WAD1TO2.MAP entry for that mapping can be customized by
replacing the 2nd texture in the entry with a new DOOM2 texture from column 2
of the texture.all file.

Note: Entries in WAD1TO2.MAP should not be deleted since it contains the items
that no longer exist in DOOM2 and must be mapped to something new in
order for the PWAD to work with DOOM2.

Note: WAD1TO2.MAP contains no floor/ceiling or sound mapping entries because
all of the names used in DOOM1 still exist in DOOM2.

Note: If DOOM2 should abort with an error saying "XXXXXXXX not found", adding
a map entry, to map "XXXXXXXX" to a good DOOM2 entry, to the WAD1TO2.MAP
file may be able to correct the problem.


The mapfile WAD1TO2.WAD was created specifically to convert DOOM1 PWADs for
use with DOOM2. However WAD1TO2.EXE can be used to make other conversions
in a PWAD by creating a custom mapfile. To use a custom mapfile, use the
DOS command line:

WAD1TO2 {-s}

where: mapfile
input.wad...input pwad file to be converted
output.wad...output pwad file
-s...optional switch to convert Shotguns to Super Shotguns
***use -s only for DOOM2 output.wad files***

Example 1: To convert a DOOM1 PWAD level from E1M1 to E3M1, use a mapfile
with only the following in it:
[level1 level2]
E1M1 E3M1

Example 2: To convert all walls in a PWAD with texture TEKWALL1 to TEKWALL4,
use a mapfile with only the following in it:
[textur1 textur2]

Example 3: To convert all floors in a PWAD with texture NUKAGE1 to NUKAGE2,
use a mapfile with only the following in it:
[floor1 floor2]

Example 4: To convert a DOOM2 PWAD level from MAP01 to MAP16, use a mapfile
with only the following in it:
[level1 level2]


EMAIL: [email protected]

P.S. I don't guarantee a reply, so don't expect it!!!


Matt Fell ([email protected])
Author of the Unofficial Doom Specs. Making this program
would have been impossible if the Specs didn't exist.

Colin Reed ([email protected])
Programmer of the great BSP node builder, by which I rely to repair
the bugs created by other editors' built-in node builders. His
source code and structs.h files provided a headstart in creating

Roy Ford
Beta testing and distribution assistance.


1.01 Made text searches and thus mapfile text entries case insensitive.

1.0 Release.

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