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Credit card online verifier for BBS programs.

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OCCPS is a PPE program to allow online
registration processing via credit cards or
optionally to download a REGISTER.ZIP file
for mail-in registrations. Writes CHARGE.LOG
file with all the information needed to
verify and process credit card transactions.
Also writes program usage information to the
CALLER log for tracking purposes. Specify
your own security levels, term of sub-
scription, and which credit cards you accept.
Now compabible with Canadian registrations.
Shareware from Hogard Software Solutions.

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Credit card online verifier for BBS programs.
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CATLOG 1569 300 deflated
CCARDS.CFG 37 37 stored
CHARGEIT.ZIP 3703 3597 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 610 382 deflated
INFORM 714 263 deflated
OCCPS.CFG 81 60 deflated
OCCPS.DOC 6382 2376 deflated
OCCPS.HIS 2281 881 deflated
OCCPS1.PPE 9922 3020 deflated
OCCPS2.PPE 10094 3024 deflated
ORDER.FRM 2326 721 deflated
SECURE5 1037 291 deflated

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Contents of the OCCPS.DOC file

Compiled on 06-30-94.

Use the OCCPS program to replace the use of credit card doors.
Runs much smoother due to the seamless interface provided by
the PPL language. Will automatically upgrade users security
access giving them instant upgrade. Writes a CHARGE.LOG file
with all transaction information. Also writes information on
program usage to the CALLER log. This version will allow you
to configure any number of security levels and terms of
subscriptions. You may also specify which credit cards will be
accepted by the program.

Description: PPE (PCBoard Programming Executable) that you can be used
to allow your users to either download a REGISTER.ZIP file or
use their credit card for BBS registration.

Installation: Installation should be fairly straight forward.

Just unzip the file to a place of your choosing. Then, modify
CMD.LST in PCBSetup to point to this PPE file. The PPE file
will look for the supporting files in the same directory as the
PPE file. There is now two versions of the PPE. If you use
PCBoard v15.0 then you should use OCCPS1.PPE. If you use
PCBoard v15.1 then you should use OCCPS2.PPE.

Modifying: 1. The choices for registration are displayed to the user via
the file CATLOG. You will need to modify this file using PCBEdit
or some other editor to meet the needs of your board. The
program will also make use of graphics, language, and/or security
level versions of this file (ie., CATLOGG, CATLOG.FRE, CATLOG30,

2. There is now an optional feature that will display a file
to the user based on whether or not there is a file named SECURE
for their security level (i.e., SECURE5). This was added by a
users request to display a file to anyone who had not gone thru
the verify door. If the SECURE file is found in the same
directory as the PPE it will be displayed to the caller, then
after a brief delay, will exit the PPE.


3. Another optional feature is one that will display a file
to the user following all credit card processing. This file may
be used to pass information on to the caller informing him of
how the charge will show up on his credit card bill. The
filename used for this display is INFORM and can be edited to
say whatever you like. If you do not wish to use this feature
just delete or rename the INFORM file.

4. Next you will need to modify the CCARDS.CFG file removing
any of the credit card types which you DO NOT accept on your

NOTE: These credit cards types should be entered one per
line and must be in all uppercase

5. Next you will need to modify the file OCCPS.CFG as shown
below. Starting with line 4 you enter the three digit security
level and subscription period for each option in your CATLOG
file, separated by a comma.

For example: Selection "1" from the menu would give the user
the security level and subscription period
specified in line #4.


LINE 1: The name of your BBS ** Exactly as registered
LINE 2: OCCPS ** Please DO NOT change this line
LINE 3: 000000000 ** Your registration number
LINE 5: XXX,YYY ** XXX and YYY must be three digits
LINE 6: XXX,YYY beginning with leading zeros if
LINE 7: XXX,YYY neccessary.

and so on.............

WHERE: XXX = Security level
YYY = # of days level is good for.

Note: I am aware that some of you may not feel that a PPL program is
of the same caliber as Door Programs that perform the same
functions because of the ease to program using the PPL language.
However, there has been a significant amount of work involved in
the writing of this program and I feel that a programmer's
knowledge, expertise, and time should be compensated for.

If you feel that this program and others like it are
insignificant efforts then you should have no problem writing
your own PPL programs and will not need the source code.

It is also understood that not all SysOps are programmers and
do not have the programming ability to produce their own PPE
programs. It is for these SysOps that this program is being
placed for download and use by others.

Registration: Use of this program beyond a 30 day evaluation period requires a
registration fee of $20.00 and will ensure continued support and
upgrades. Send registrations to the address below.
Registration form is included as ORDER.FRM

Support: The Hogard Software Solutions BBS
an ASP Member BBS
(214) 641-6292 -- [28,800bps]
SysOp/Author: Chuck Hogard

If you have any questions or suggestions please address them to me on my BBS,
on CompuServe [71740,3522], or by mail.

Chuck Hogard
The Hogard Software Solutions
4533 Marblearch Drive
Grand Prairie, Tx 75052-4629

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