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Windows installer/uninstaller.
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Windows installer/uninstaller.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

inst-all.exe Version 3.21

[email protected]
Please E-Mail me with any problems, enquiries or
feedback. I would love to hear from you.
(Postal address is at the end of this file)
This utility is Freeware.

In fact it would be sensible to register your name
with me, as a user, in order to receive free updates
(by E-Mail only) and bug fixes (Hopefully not).
This software is constantly being improved.

Windows 3.0 or later.
Version 3 of this utility no longer uses low level
DOS utilities and is not reliant upon DOS versions.

If upgrading from version 3 or later, just replace your
old inst-all.exe with the new inst-all.exe. That is all.

Run Inst-all.exe before installing any new software.
It notes your system set-up, runs the new software's
installation program and then compares any differences
in the following:-

windows directory
windows/system directory
win.ini file
system.ini file

The results are saved for future reference in a report
file. Using this report file, you can easily uninstall
the software at a later date and be sure that no rubbish
is left on your hard disk or in your system files. Even
programs with uninstall capabilities do not always clean
up properly.

The program is free to use and distribute provided that
this readme.txt file is distributed with it.

Files & Installation
The zip file contain the following files:

INST-ALL EXE 28,198 12/03/95 15:38
CMDIALOG VBX 18,688 28/04/93 0:00 Version
CTL3D DLL 25,104 23/08/94 5:37 Version 2.20

The program also requires:


which most users should have on their system. If not they
can be downloaded separately.

Other than the report files selected by the user, no other
permanent files are created or modified. Only temporary files
are created and no system files are touched.

Place the following wherever you wish:


The location of this program will be the default directory
for your reports.

Please do not re-name this program to install.exe as this
causes conflicts when using installation software with the
same name.

Place the following files in your windows/system directory,
__ONLY__ if they do not already exist on your system or if
you have earlier versions (Check version numbers using
Properties in File Manager's File menu, rather than rely
on dates):

CMDIALOG VBX 18,688 28/04/93 0:00 Version
CTL3D DLL 25,104 23/08/94 5:37 Version 2.20

You also need the following files to be on your system


INST-ALL.EXE can be added to a program manager group if desired.

Using the program
Prior to installing new software, start the program from
file manager, program manager etc.
Select the new software's installation program.
Select the name for your report file.
Inst-all.exe examines your system, installs the new software
and then notes changes in your report file.
If inst-all fails to finish due to the new software re-setting
the system or for some other reason, do not worry, the next
time that inst-all is run it will attempt to recover where it
left off.

Limitations to version 3.21
You tell me!

Please E-mail the author to register for free upgrades and
with impovement suggestions.

Version History
Version 2
Tidied up DOS code.
Now compatible with systems with Windows not in C:\WINDOWS
New version of CTL3D.DLL

Version 3
Utility Renamed to INST-ALL.EXE to stop incompatibilities
with installation routines with the name install.exe.

Completely re-written algorithm in order to be freed of
DOS compatibility problems.

Version 3.01
Slightly changed interface.
Better error checking and debugging routines.
Temporary files are now deleted if the Utility is exited
Changes working directory to new software installation
directory where necessary.

Version 3.21
Added a viewer to the utility including the ability to
delete unwanted report files.
Added images to the interface.
Improved error checking.
Optimised exe file size.
Re-written code to give a very large (x10) increase in
file comparison speed.
Fixed a small file comparison bug.
Some software installation routines need exclusive use
of your PC or need to close and restart windows.
Inst-all.exe was unable to cope with such
installation routines. A major re-write means that if
the utility is re-run after such an interruption, it
will attempt to recover where it left off.


Jason J Ozin
18 Holmwood Grove
London NW7 3DT
United Kingdom

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