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Great doom editor.

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DMapEdit v4.0.6 (beta) - A map editor for Doom!
Change the maps in Doom/Doom2, or make a new one!
Requires a 386 or higher, a mouse, and Super VGA.

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Great doom editor.
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GO32.EXE 77456 42085 deflated
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LINETYPE.TXT 6200 2438 deflated
PALETTE.DME 768 453 deflated
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Contents of the README.1ST file

DMapEdit v4.0.6 (beta) - A map editor for Doom!
Change the maps in Doom/Doom2, or make a new one!
Requires a 386 or higher, a mouse, and Super VGA.
Welcome to DMapEdit v4.0! (beta version #6) Here is a list of all the
files you should have with this package. Files preceeded with a '*' are
required files, while those preceeded with a '+' are not required.

* dmapedit.exe Main executable file
* go32.exe DJGPP executables DOS extender
* itemlist.dme List of all things and general information about them
* linetype.dme Line of all linetypes and their descriptions
* palette.dme The palette of colors used by DMapEdit
* shapes.dme Table of all block shapes used in DMapEdit
* coltable.dme Doom to DMapEdit color conversion table
* vesa.bgi Graphics interface driver for the Borland languages
+ univesa.exe Universal vesa driver (required only if you don't have vesa)
+ dmapedit.ini Initial settings file for DMapEdit
+ file_id.diz Short description of package for BBS softwares
+ readme.1st This file, of course
+ dmapedit.txt Main documentation for DMapEdit, explaining operation
+ concepts.txt Basic concepts of map design (understanding required)
+ linetype.txt Detailed explaination of all linetypes
+ doors.txt Detailed explaination of doors and how to make them
+ secrets.txt Detailed explaination of secret areas and how to make them
+ bridges.txt Detailed explaination of bridges and how to make them
+ windows.txt Detailed explaination of windows and how to make them
+ dme_ini.txt Detailed explaination of all dmapedit.ini variables
+ copyrigh Copyright information for the UniVesa program
+ univesa.doc Documentation for the UniVesa program

Note that you must also have the registered version of Doom or Doom II
in order to use this product. If you do not, this program will not
work, since information from either of these files are required for
DMapEdit's operation. Id software has also asked that all add-on
software for Doom not work with the shareware version of Doom.

All of the required files should be placed in the same directory, but
what directory you choose isn't important. You can put it in the same
directory with Doom, or you can put it in it's own directory somewhere
else. If you decide not to put it in the same directory with Doom, you
will need to tell DMapEdit where it can find the doom.wad file. This
can be done either with a command line switch:

dmapedit -ic:\doom For Doom
dmapedit -i2c:\doom2 For Doom II
dmapedit -ic:\doom -i2c:\doom2 If you have both Doom and Doom II

Or, you can specify the paths to Doom and Doom II within the
dmapedit.ini file. To do so, use a ASCII text editor (such as MS-DOS's
'edit' command) to change the following 2 lines in the dmapedit.ini file:

*doom path = c:\doom
*doom 2 path = c:\doom2

Change them so that they point to the proper directories (or the IWAD
file itself, if you wish), and remove the '*' in front of the Doom's you
have. This '*' in front makes it a comment, which is skipped. So,
removing them will allow these settings to be used by DMapEdit. You are
also free to change any other setting within this file to your taste.

That is the only setup requirement. It should work fine after this. You
may want to run the demo to learn more about DMapEdit's features, how to
use them, etc. To run the demo, just type 'demo'. Enjoy!

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