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A Doom/Doom2 WAD tool. Extract graphics and sounds. other stuff!.

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NewWadTool by TiC
NWT v1.1
Finally THE all-in-one utility for
Doom & Doom 2
Extract & insert resources as
EASY texture & pname editing!
Play sounds & view any graphics
WAD-cleaner - Replaces DMADDS/F
Batch or menu mode
Dos-prog, no fucking windows needed
Totally free !

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A Doom/Doom2 WAD tool. Extract graphics and sounds. other stuff!.
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Contents of the 1STSTEPS.DOC file

NewWadTool NWT v1.1
Copyright (c) 11/94 by Denis Mller, TiC, [email protected]

1STSTEPS.DOC, First steps using NWT

This little text file is (hopefully) only for novices. It will explain
how to use NWT. All lessons are using the DOOM.WAD - mostly it should be
the same with the DOOM2.WAD.


(I like these big letters 🙂 )

Lesson 1
Extract the title-picture to GIF
Start NWT. We are using the search string to find the resource. Simply
type 'tit' - NWT will find a resource named 'TITLEPIC' - this sounds very
suspicious! To get sure, view it by pressing RETURN. Bingo!
To extract it look at the keyboard commands - found it? Yes, F3 is the
right key. Just push it. Now we will get a little window showing the name
of the resource with an extension. Is the extension .GIF? Yes? Just press
RETURN to extract the resource. No? Type in: 'TITLEPIC.GIF' and NWT will
write a GIF file. Thats all.

Lesson 2
Extract a MUS file
You really like the music of the first level? You want it as a single
file? No Problem. Start NWT. Using the search string again, typing 'd_'.
NWT will jump to a resource called 'D_E1M1' - take a look at the status
window on the right half of the screen. What TYPE is it? Right, music
resource. Just hit F2 to extract the damned thing to a RAW file. Quit NWT.
Rename D_E1M1.RAW to D_E1M1.MUS - now you got the MUS file.

Lesson 3
Extract a RAW file, insert this RAW file into a (new) PWAD
Start NWT. Find the resource STBAR, using the search string. Press F2 to
extract this resource to a RAW file. Very nice. Now type F6 to insert this
RAW file into a new (or existing) PWAD. NWT will allow you to change the
input file name. Press RETURN instead. Now NWT needs the name of the PWAD
to save to. Use the given name or enter a new one - WITH EXTENSION WAD.
NOTE: NWT will write the RAW file into the PWAD WITH THE RESOURCE NAME
CURRENTLY SELECTED. This means, if you want a resource STBAR in the output
file EXAMPLE.WAD, you MUST select the resource STBAR in the dir first.

Lesson 4
Edit a texture; normal door with a poison-warning
Start NWT with normal DOOM.WAD loaded. Find a texture resource by
pressing ALT-T. NWT should find a resource called TEXTURE1 - press RETURN
to confirm. Try to find the texture resource called BIGDOOR2 (using the
search string) - type F1 to list the used patches of the resource. Now
type F2 to edit this texture. Don't change the given name of the resource
and type in a output file with the extension 'WAD'! Don't change the size,
confirm 128x128.
Next step - mark all resources you want for your new door. Find DOOR2_4
and PS20A0 - mark them. Press F2 again. Move the cursor to DOOR2_4 and
press SPACE to add this patch to the texture. NWT will switch to graphics
mode. Place the patch at position 0,0 and press RETURN. Back in text mode
choose the resource PS20A0, press SPACE and place it at position 32,64.
Press F10 to save the texture and press ESC twice to exit NWT. You can
look at your new texture by starting Doom with -file thefile.WAD.

Lesson 5
Append PName-Resource; Edit a texture; normal door with an IMP on it
Edit a few 'normal' textures before trying this! Stay cool and don't hit
a key, if you are not sure. It's not a joke.
Start NWT. Find the PNAMES resource by pressing ALT-P. Enter it and hit
F2 to add some new PNames. NWT will show you the main directory. Find an
IMP-resource by typing 'troo' - press SPACE to mark this resource.
Then press ESC to add this marked resource to your PNAMES-list. Now save
your PNAMES-list as a RAW-file (F10). Fine.
Now NWT should show you the main resource directory. Normally PNAMES is
selected. Press F5 to insert your PNAMES-resource into your DOOM.WAD.
Next step - find the texture resource called TEXTURE1 by pressing ALT-T.
Enter it and find the texture BIGDOOR2 using the search string. Hit F2 to
edit this texture resource. Like editing normal textures, NWT will list
all PNAMES possible for using in textures. Mark the resource DOOR2_4 and
a resource called TROOxxxx. Press F2 again to place the patches. Place the
first patch (DOOR2_4) at 0,0 and the other patch (TROOxxxx) at 48,48.
Now save your texture as a PWAD! Remember the name of it. Hit ESC and
find the PNAMES resource again. Hit F4 to export this resource to the same
PWAD. That's it.

Take a look at your new texture starting Doom with this PWAD and look at
the door. Cool, eh?

Hold on. I stop here for the first. Try to edit some new textures, using
it with DEU and Doom. Then try to expand the PNAMES list and edit a few
really NEW textures. Have fun!

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