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TOLKIEN: FAQ file on the author and his stories of Middle Earth. One of Two.

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Tolkien: Frequently Asked Questions
(1/2) Frequenty Asked Questions about
the author J.R.R. Tolkien: questions
commonly raised by the first reading of
_The Hobbit_ or _The Lord of the Rings_;
details of the background mythology and
invented history which relate directly
to the stories; biographical matters.

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TOLKIEN: FAQ file on the author and his stories of Middle Earth. One of Two.
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[FTLFAQS.TXT] Mon Jun 5 03:28:00 EST 1995

FTL processes and handles Usenet *.answers newsgroups slightly differently
than normal newsgroup processing. Those differences are documented here:

The answers newsgroups (news.answers, sci.answers, alt.answers, etc) are
moderated groups for the posting of FAQ (frequently asked questions and
answers to them) on thousands of subjects. Also, many newsgroups require
users to read the related FAQ for the newsgroup before posting.

Incoming FAQ's are automatically posted both to the source newsgroups
(news.answers, etc) and as downloadable files. The downloadable files
are maintained for 31 days (files over 31 days old are deleted). The
file description contains the summary information from the FAQ and a
banner which can be used to ignore such postings (if using Robocomm or
some other such automated system). The banner appears as:


The filenames of the posted zip files and the text files within are of
little significance. The filenaming scheme is HHMMSSHHH.nn for the text
file and for the zip file where HH = hour, MM = minute, SS
= seconds, HHH = hundredths of when the file was processed. Duplicates
will not appear (the system will keep retrying filenames until an unused
one is found). However, duplicates will appear from month to month since
once a file is 31 days old, it is deleted and therefor no longer a dup.

If you wish to keep downloaded FAQ's, you should rename them to something
more meaningful and be careful of duplicates.

If you have any questions or problems, please leave a note in conference
7 (Support) on FTL (404-292-8761 = main hunt group).

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