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Fontbook for Win31 - Print speciman sheets of Truetype Fonts.
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Fontbook for Win31 – Print speciman sheets of Truetype Fonts.
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Contents of the FONTBOOK.TXT file


Firstly, I would like to say thanks to all the users who have registered
their copies of Fontbook, I especially like to recieve your comments on
what you find useful, or would like to see in future versions.

In response to feedback from a growing body of users, I have now written
an upgrade of Fontbook; here it is:


1. Fontbook is now optimised for US Letter size paper. This is in
response to the fact that almost all users who have contacted me have
been from the US.

2. The user now has the opportunity to print out most specimen sheets
in A5 size, which is approximately half the size of Letter or A4. These
I prefer, they are simple and elegant and they save trees.

3. I have redesigned the specimen sheet layouts slightly.

4. Users can optionally include 3 lines of text of their own choosing
at the bottom of each specimen sheet. Most users will use this for their
company name, slogan, address and phone number.

5. Fontbook now works with UNINSTALLED TrueType, MS Windows stroke
raster fonts, as well as installed fonts. It doesn't install these fonts
for you (that is Windows Control Panel's job), but allows you to view
and print uninstalled fonts which exist as a font file on disk.

6. I have fixed a number of careless errors and bugs.



Those of us who work in a DTP environment know how important it is to
have high quality specimen sheets of the various typefaces on the system.
This 'Typeface Book' or 'Specimen Book' can be shown to clients and designers,
or used by the operators themselves to examine the quality and artistic merit
of various typefaces.

Some time ago, after several years of printing specimen sheets out of
Pagemaker, I began to look for a program that would do the job
automatically. I wanted a program that would also show the full character
sets of multiple fonts on screen in large, clear letters. There were several
good programs for the MAC, but nothing really great for the PC. So I
wrote my own - here it is.

Once I began to use this program in the workplace, I found it indispensible.


I know there are a number of utilities of this sort available, but
I feel that Fontbook has enough unique features to make it worth a look.

1. Fontbook allows the user to print out specimen sheets to a variety of
different designs. Each has a different purpose in mind. I have tried to
give each design a clean, professional look.

2. Printouts can be in Letter (or A4) size, or in A5 size.

3. You can embedd your company name, address etc. in a printout - a
little free advertising.

4. Fontbook also allows the user to view the full character sets of an
unlimited number of typefaces on screen at once, in large clear type.

5. Fontbook can work with installed or uninstalled fonts.

6. Fontbook keeps a record of fonts printed.

7. Fontbook maintains the distinction between FONTS and TYPEFACES.
You can view or print the roman, bold, italic or bold italic variants of any
face but only if a disk file exists for that variant.

8. You can filter out typefaces, according to their type (ie TrueType,
ATM etc) and whether or not they have already been printed as a specimen

9. Fontbook is written on the KISS principal. It doesnt try to do
everything or duplicate the functionality of perfectly good utilities
distributed with Windows.


Now the plug...


Fontbook is shareware. This means you can evaluate it at no charge, but if
you like it and use it on an ongoing basis, you should pay for it.

Producing worthwhile shareware is time consuming and naturally I would
like some return on my efforts.

The cost is:

$10 for home use.
$20 for business use,

As of version 3, users who pay the higher amount will be posted upgrades at
no cost, so dont forget to include your address and mention the fact that it
is version 3 you are registering.

You can send cheques, money orders etc. to :

Arron Davies
Post Office Box 82
West Ryde NSW 2114

If you have any comments, criticism or suggestions for future versions
please remeber I would love to hear your comments.


Also, its copywrite, so please only distribute with this file intact and


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