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Visual basic help writer version 1.8 - shareware.

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VB HelpWriter "Lite" edition is a complete,
WYSIWYG Windows helpfile development tool.
It is FREEWARE and helpfiles may
be freely distributed without royalties.
This "Lite" edition creates helpfiles up to
30 topics, (about 3x NOTEPAD's helpfile).

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Visual basic help writer version 1.8 – shareware.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
APPSETUP.INF 19921 4776 deflated
BULLET.BM_ 73 73 stored
BUTTON3.DL_ 9367 8999 deflated
CMDIALOG.VB_ 10865 10385 deflated
COMMDLG.DL_ 50924 49388 deflated
CTL3D.DLL 21008 9912 deflated
CTL3DV2.DL_ 12279 11905 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 276 204 deflated
GLOSSARY.SH_ 2271 2155 deflated
HCP.PI_ 217 217 stored
HEDLG.DL_ 27069 26169 deflated
HEICON.DL_ 14466 13969 deflated
HEIMGMAN.DL_ 17075 16526 deflated
HELPMAKR.IC_ 482 469 deflated
HELPWRIT.EX_ 164253 157389 deflated
HELPWRIT.HL_ 106202 95807 deflated
HERTF.DL_ 29304 28505 deflated
HETOOLS.DL_ 25944 25027 deflated
HEVB.VB_ 38336 37160 deflated
HEXCALC.BM_ 2042 1910 deflated
HEXCALC.FR_ 3922 3793 deflated
HEXCALC.MA_ 190 190 stored
HE_BMP.DI_ 4769 4541 deflated
HIGHEDIT.DL_ 317886 304862 deflated
ICON1.IC_ 488 473 deflated
INSTALL.TXT 777 332 deflated
KEYWORDS.DA_ 373 371 deflated
MACRO.LS_ 1658 1590 deflated
MLIST.VB_ 19575 18945 deflated
MMSYSTEM.DL_ 35478 34179 deflated
MSGHOOK.VB_ 4688 4440 deflated
README.TXT 6268 2606 deflated
RTF.DL_ 34572 33532 deflated
RULER.DL_ 4910 4711 deflated
SETUP.EXE 29120 15620 deflated
STATUS.DL_ 4887 4672 deflated
TAB.DL_ 10400 10010 deflated
TEST.DH_ 1383 1337 deflated
THREED.VB_ 33489 32313 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
TUTOR.HL_ 27341 25775 deflated
VSVBX.LI_ 389 355 deflated
VSVBX.VB_ 47482 45676 deflated
VTSPELL.VB_ 30912 29634 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

VB HelpWriter "Lite" edition is a complete,
WYSIWYG Windows helpfile development tool.
It is FREEWARE and helpfiles may
be freely distributed without royalties.
This "Lite" edition creates helpfiles up to
30 topics, (about 3x NOTEPAD's helpfile).
Changes in 1.9.2
* Fixed "No Word Wrap" feature to NOT insert a CR before paragraphs
* Fixed syntax errors in automatically generated CONTXTID.BAS (SORRY bout that)
* Added dialog when first opening a file if resources are too low
* Fixed "Endless loop" when closing a topics before compile if topic is too large
* Autogenerate now **PRESERVES** all existing HelpContextIDs
(That means there's no tinkering with your VB code after autogeneration)
* Autogenerate now creates a separate topic for each control on a form with a valid
HelpContextID (<32000)
* Existing Help Macro copied to the macro entry panel when using macro picklist

Changes in 1.9.1
* Added POPUP help subroutine to BAS code generation module
* Fixed "Set window size/Pos" when maximized error
* Fixed Error when right button clicked on "BACK" button and no topics loaded
* Fixed error changing ContextID to duplicate then switching TABS
* Disabled erroneous "Purchase for more features" message in PRO edition
* PREVIEW topics now enabled in the STANDARD edition of VB HelpWriter
* Added a utility function to test all topics for corruption after a crash

Changes in 1.9.0
* Export RTF function fixed to work with Word 6.0
* GLOSSARY now exported for manual creation
* Fixed GPF in global Replace dialog after all replacements are completed
* Fixed an "endless loop" condition with dictionary term surrounded
by "quote characters
* Fixed a bug where the main window was "ALWAYS ON TOP" when fixed size
* Extra protection if memory allocation error occurs
* Fixed problem with Aboutbox when opening file before aboutbox disappears
* PREVIEW now requires an extra OK to prevent accidental compiles
* Right mouse button on "back" history button displays startup topic

Changes in 1.8.9
* !!NEW!! Current editor DLLs for improved editing behavior
* Fixed the "margin" bug in high res (1024x768 or higher)
* Fixed endless loop when PREVIEW a completely empty topic
* Easier to change topic titles in topic info dialog
* Easier to add definitions in definitions dialog
* Add definitions without an open topic
* Improved error handlind in SEARCH dialog
* Search String has focus in Search Dialog on startup
* Improved program unloading code
* Changed default browse sequence from "Index:" to "Browse:"
* Import Topics feature uses first non-empty text for topic title
* Improved helpfile

Changes in 1.8.8
* TAG properties now imported into helpfile as intended
* Fixed "Invalid index" bug in topic selection menu
* Error handling for missing macro file added

Changes in 1.8.7
* Added macro selection box (No more looking in the manual for syntax)
* Improved memory management
* Fixed error when deleting last GLOSSARY entry
* Handles larger help topics (incl graphics)
* Other minor bugfixes...
(This version's biggest addition is online selection of help MACROS)

Changes in 1.8.6
* 30 topics in LITE edition!!!
* Improved automatic helpfile creation from VB code
(creates multiple linked topics)
* Now Accepts command parameters to autoload files on startup
* Added GLOSSARY button for easy glossary access
* Uses latest version of VSVBX.VBX
* Removed extra space after international chars
* Does not miss graphics when graphic text wraps across lines
* Added ROOT directive to make sure helpfile always generated in the proper directory
* Checks copyright string length as it is being entered.
* Removed copyright from generated code for registered users
* Option to disable constant declarations in the automatically generated VB code
* Better memory management of JUMPs

Changes in 1.8.5
* Spellchecking (PRO version only)
* Much better handling of HUGE helpfiles
(it monitors GDI resources and makes sure you never run too low)
* Startup topic is the 1st topic displayed after loading
* Smaller topic information dialog
* Alphabetized topic selection bar
* Improved Program Options dialog
* Capability to set the "Glossary" topic title
* Option to disable the "16 color" video driver warning
* Search/Replace no longer gets stuck when "cancel" selected

Changes in 1.8.2
* Support for international character sets in title and keywords
* Fixed reversed labels in topic information dialog
* Fixed out of range entries (>32000) for HelpContextID in
Topic information dialog

Changes in 1.8.0
* !!!Drag 'n Drop browse sequence creation!!!
* Improved Import/Export RTF (PRO version only)
* Improved "save before exit" handling
* Improved memory management
* Ability to add user macros to help project file
* Main window colors always settable (even without fixed size
window position)
* Ruler not showing below icon bar (1024x768 mode)
* Improved helpfile setup and topic information dialogs

Changes in 1.7.0
* UNDO all edits
* Uses less system resources (more free memory)
* Supports windows metafile graphics
* Supports (c), (r), International Currency, and math symbols
* Saves editor settings between sessions.

Changes in 1.6.5
o Improved memory management to avoid crash when autogenerating large
help topics
o Same fix prevents crash when deleting a topic
o Fixed 3D problem that exists with some versions of Norton Desktop

Known bugs and workarounds:
*** 3D dialogs may cause problems with Norton Desktop or OS/2 ***
If your system hangs(GPFs) when loading, add the line:


to your HELPWRIT.INI file, under the OPTIONS heading,
as shown below...

3D = 0

*** HighEdit with VB HelpWriter not the same as shipping version ***
VB HelpWriter installs HighEdit into the HelpWrit directory to
avoid any conflicts with version 1.x of HighEdit.

If you have other versions of HighEdit, please do not move this version
from your VB HelpWriter directory, because the shipping version of
HighEdit (2.0 ) has a mouse handling problem that affects drag n'
drop in this application.

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