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A modem communications monitor program.
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A modem communications monitor program.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Moon Valley Software Inc.
December, 4th 1994
Version 1.01

Iconnect is a Tidbit that comes with Moon Valley's Hitchhiking on the Information Highway CD, the sure
fire CD to put you on the road and rollin, fast..

Moon Valley's ROMaterial allows easy Windows enhancement, including hundreds of Icons, Animated Icons,
Cursors, Animated Cursors, Sounds, Languages, Dialects, Bitmaps, as well as full-motion videos (AVI's)
enhancing this very popular MultiMedia product.

If a CD-ROM is not in your plans, check out Icon Hear-it Too - Featuring:
* More zany sound effects* Hundreds of Icons and Cursors
* Record your own sounds* Let your fingers do the talking with Text to Speech

See your local Dealer for more goofball software from The Moon!
Or, Call Moon Valley at 1-800-473-5509 for a dealer near you.

Moon Valley Software
141 Suburban Road, Suite A1
San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

Iconnect Usage:

On-Lineometer Systometer

Double-click on the connect time numbers to reset them to zero.
This only works for the current session connect time (the right
most window). If you really want reset the total connect time
you must edit MVSYSMTR.INI that is in your windows directory.
In the [CnctTime] section, make TotCnctTime=0


With Windows 3.1 this meter will show CD (Carrier Detect, ie Online
indicator), SD (Sending Data), RD (Receiving Data). With Windows for
Workgroups 3.11, it will only show ONLINE (ie CD). If for some reason
you have Windows 3.1 and the meter with only ONLINE shows up, you can
force it to show the other meter by changing a line in the MVSYSMTR.INI.
In the [Main]Section add a line


Keyometer and Mousometer

Double-click on the black button on the far right of the
mousometer and the keyometer to reset the "trip counter".

Hard Drive Systometer
Double clicking in the black window of the hard drive Systometer will start
File Manager by default. If you are using any other shell, you can launch
their equivalent of File Manager. Do this by editing the MVSYSMTR.INI file,
which you will fine in your windows directory. In the [Main] section type:


where filename.exe is the name of the program you wish to run. If this
file name is not in the Windows directory then a full path name is required.

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