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TelePrompter For DOS. Commercial Quality.

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VideoPrompter 2.0. If you own a video camera,
make speeches, or make presentations, this is
what you have been waiting for. This version
is much smoother and faster than version 1.3.
Smooth bi-directional scrolling has also been
added. The Professional version adds support
for 22/32 column display, remote scroll speed
control, mirror output, and color adjustment.

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TelePrompter For DOS. Commercial Quality.
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VideoPrompter 2.0. If you own a video camera,
make speeches, or make presentations, this is
what you have been waiting for. This version
is much smoother and faster than version 1.3.
Smooth bi-directional scrolling has also been
added. The Professional version adds support
for 22/32 column display, remote scroll speed
control, mirror output, and color adjustment.
Never, Ever Forget Another Script Line Again!

Finally, corporate video producers, 'Special Interest
Video' makers, event videographers, college and high school
news and video production departments, even advanced amateur
videographers can now afford to own a professional before-
the-lens VideoPrompter.
What is a 'before-the-lens' VideoPrompter and how can
it benefit you? It is a professional style prompter system
that allows you to look directly into the camera while
reading your script as it scrolls on an optically reflective
surface located in front of the camera lens. The words are
actually displayed in mirror image on a computer monitor
that projects your script onto the reflective surface. This
enables you to read your script while looking directly at
the camera lens.
From professional newscasts, to Hollywood productions,
the teleprompter has changed the way entertainment
professionals deliver their messages. With VID-Art
Productions VideoPrompter package, you can add this same
professional polish to your own video productions. Every
one of us, professional and amateur alike, has been there,
speechless -- in front of the rolling camera.
No More! No longer do you have to rely only on your (or
your talents) memory. You can speak with confidence and
ease while being assured of covering all the facts.
VideoPrompter allows anybody to present your information,
and you can be assured that the information you want
presented will be stated exactly the way you want it -- The
way you scripted it.
Turn your existing IBM AT or compatible computer into a
professional VideoPrompter today. With this Video /
Software package and less than thirty dollars worth of
materials you will have everything you need to add a
professional VideoPrompter to your list of studio equipment.
There are two different versions of the VideoPrompter
software available from VID-Art Productions. The ACTOR's
version smooth scrolls your scripts displaying 32 characters
per line and the NEWSROOM version smooth scrolls your
scripts displaying 23 characters per line. There are
advantages and disadvantages to each versions.
The advantage of the 32 character ACTOR's version is
that it displays more of your script on the screen which
allows for slower scrolling. The disadvantage is that in
order to display 32 characters per line we had to make the
characters a little smaller. The obvious advantage of the
23 character NEWSROOM version is that the characters are
larger and can be read from further away. The disadvantage
of this version is that the text must scroll faster since
there are fewer characters on the screen. This version is
more like a traditional Newsroom teleprompter system and
takes a little more practice for your talent to master. To
take full advantage of your VideoPrompter we highly
recommend you have both versions. Each version has its own
merits, and having both versions will provide you with
maximum flexibility to meet any and all of your video
production needs as they arise.
All the materials you need to build your own
VideoPrompter can easily be obtained from your local
hardware store. With our included step by step video
instructions and included professionally produced diagrams
we will demonstrate how you (and we are talking to just
about anyone who knows which end of a screwdriver is the
handle) can build your own VideoPrompter in about two hours.
All you need are a few common tools and a desire to make
great video.

Included in this package are:

Professional VideoPrompter Software that is capable of:
Reverse (mirror image) smooth scrolling for
before-the-lens prompter systems like our VideoPrompter.

Direct smooth scrolling for reading directly from
your monitor.

Remote Control using a standard 2 or 3 button PC
mouse or a Joystick for text display speed
control, with the following features:
Increase scrolling speed
Decrease scrolling speed
Reverse scrolling direction
Pause scrolling

Import ASCII text script files from any word processor.

Integrated Text Processor for composing or editing scripts.
Selectable Screen Colors change text and background colors.
Works with any VGA, EGA, CGA, or Hercules Monochrome system.
Will operate on any IBM compatible 286 - 386 or 486 system.

Complete VideoPrompter Software Users Guide.

A 55 minute Instructional Video explaining everything
you will need to know about the construction
process - step by step. You absolutely CAN build
this custom VideoPrompter. In fact, it is so easy
to put together you can build it in only a couple
of hours, right in your own living room.

Professionally produced Detail Drawings that present
additional construction information in an easy to
understand format. I provide you with detailed
wood cutout drawings that will show the hardware
store personell exactly how to cut the wood for you.

A Construction Parts List of all parts needed (these
parts are available at any local hardware store).

Here's Our Guarantee to You...

If you are not confident in your 'construction' abilities
you can still order the package. Then take your time, look
over the construction drawings, watch the video, and see for
yourself just how easy it is to build. If you're still not
convinced that you can build it, pop everything back into
the box and return it. The entire purchase price will be
cheerfully refunded immediately. Because VideoPrompter is
so simple to build, I can offer this satisfaction guarantee
without risking many returns.

Don't waste another moment of your valuable studio time.

CALL for the Latest PRICING

For Fast - Priority Mail Service

Call 1-800-806-1994 to order on your Visa / MasterCard

Please include $5.00 for insurance, shipping and handling on any size

Personal Checks and non-account business checks can take up
to 10 days to clear.
Purchase Orders accepted from public schools, colleges and
approved accounts.
Certified Checks and Credit Card orders shipped within 24

VID-Art Productions
3665 E. Bay Dr. Suite 204-174
Largo, FL 34641

CALL NOW: 1-800-806-1994

No other prompter package even comes close to the cost to
benefit ratio offered by the VideoPrompter. Don't just take
our word for it. Listen to what some others have said about
this incredible new prompter system. These are not nameless
initials but well known video professionals throughout the country.

"The software is an efficient prompter program, fully
documented in the 18 page manual... The tape covers
construction of the prompter and offers tips on the
Videomaker Magazine, November 1994

"I'm hardly 'Harry Homeowner'. I have two left hands
and no patience however, after viewing your video I was
ready to head down to the local lumber yard, get my
plywood cut and get on with constructing our
VideoPrompter! My lens cap is off to you."
Bob Muller, All American Video Productions, Inc.

"I have seen professional units for hundreds and even
thousands of dollars that will not do any better job
than the system that you have developed"
Robert McConnell, Robert McConnell Productions

"The tape was very informative, and I particularly like
the fact that the 'VideoPrompter' plans were so
complete... ...even somebody that's all thumbs can
assemble and start using the 'VideoPrompter' in one
Chuck Hemstreet, QUEST Video Productions

"Fantastic!!! Your VideoPrompter was a true lifesaver
on my last production. It arrived just in time and
really sped up our filming. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!"
Milt Bazo, Bazo Video and Photography

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