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This is a list of all the special codes for rise of the Triad.
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This is a list of all the special codes for rise of the Triad.
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Contents of the RISETRD.TXT file

typed by Misha, Dec 22 1994

First of all, to enable the cheat mode, type 'DIPSTICK' when playing.
After that you can type the following (no need to press ENTER):

Game (cheat) contols:
DIPSTICK or \ECC = enable/disable all cheats
REEN or \REL = re-enter the current level (re-start)
GOOBERS or \GOO = the same as REEN (re-start level)
GOARCH or \ECL = complete level
WHERE or \HUD = display some coordinates
PANIC or \PAN = back to normal play
SIXTOYS or \GAI = items aplenty
GOGATES or \L8R = exit to DOS (GoGates - pretty funny!) 🙂
\FUN = stop/locks the game, hit ESC to continue
RECORD = go to a level to record a demo
PLAY = play 1 of 4 recorded demos

\GW1 = weapon 1
\GW2 = weapon 2
... = weapon ...
\GW8 = weapon 8
SEEYA or \GWC = hand of god weapon
TOOSAD or \GOD = god mode
VANILLA = bazooka
BONES = flame wall
BOOZE = drunk missle
HOTTIMES = heat seeker
JOHNWOO = dual pistols
FIREBOMB = firebomb

BURNME or \FAR = asbestos armor
SHOOTME or = bulletproof armor
LUNGDUNG or \GAR = gas mask

FLYBOX or \MER = mercury mode (flying mode)
BOING or \ELA = elasto mode (bounce off the walls)
GOTO or \GTL = go to a level, brings up a level-select menu
CHOJIN or \WWW = invincibility + unlimited weapons mode
SPEED or \RFA = enable autorun
DIMON or \DON = light diminishing on
DIMOFF or \DOF = light diminishing off
BADTRIP or \SHR = shroom powerdown (drunken mode?)
86ME or \DIE = say goodnight! (die)

LONDON or \FON = fog on
NODNOL or \FOF = fog off
SHINEON or \SON = light sourcering on
SHINEOFF or \SOF = light sourcering off
GOTA386 or \COF = low detail (disable floors and ceiling)
GOTA486 or \CON = high detail (enable floors and ceiling)
HUNTPACK or \OFP = outfit player (?)
RIDE or \CAM = missle ride view
WHACK or \OOF = take away 1 health point (cause damage)

SPOT = ?

That's all folks. Have fun.


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