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Certification Assessment Test 3.0 from Novell and Drake Technologies. Windows based. 1/3.
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Certification Assessment Test 3.0 from Novell and Drake Technologies. Windows based. 1/3.
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Contents of the README.WRI file

1>Copyright 1994 Drake Training & Technologies, L.P. All Rights Reserved.
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Certification Assessment Setup and Use


This document describes how to set up and use the Novell Certification Assessment program. It is divided into sections that describe the following:

The hardware and software required
How to install the software on standalone workstations
Additional setup procedures for network users
A first-time additional setup procedure for NAECs
Setup procedures for NetWire users
Instructions for using the program
How to get technical support

Hardware and software requirements

Minimum requirements: successful installation of the Novell Certification Assessment program requires:

A PC with a 20-MHz 386SX or faster processor
Microsoft Windows 3.1 or higher version
MS-DOS 5.0 or higher version
At least 4 MB of RAM
VGA or higher resolution
A hard disk with at least 2 MB of free space
A floppy disk drive
A printer with at least 300 DPI resolution. Any laser printer or inkjet printer that works with Windows is adequate. The printer should be attached to the test delivery workstation.

If a printer is not available, deselect the Print Score Reports option available through the assessment main menu. See instructions under the heading Using the program.

CD-ROM requirements: If you have access to a CD-ROM and wish to run the NetWare Service and Support - users with CD-ROM capability test, you must have MicroHouse Technical Library and/or NetWare Support Encyclopedia (NSE Pro) software available. The two CD-ROM applications are included in the Course 801 Student Kit. However, a separate version of the Service and Support test is available for users without CD-ROM access. Make sure you run the appropriate test. Users with CD-ROM and one or both of the above applications should run NetWare Service and Support - users with CD-ROM capability. Users without CD-ROM should run NetWare Service and Support - users without CD-ROM capability.

The CD-ROM may be an internal or external unit with minimum access time of 240 MS or faster and a data transfer rate of 300 KB per second or faster. Edit your DOS search path to include the root directory of the CD-ROM and the directory of the hardrive containing the program MH.EXE for MicroHouse Technical Library.

Network requirements: If you are installing the software on a network, the file server should meet the following minimum hardware and software requirements:

A 25-MHz 386DX or faster processor
8 MB of RAM
2 MB of free disk space
NetWare 2.x or higher version

The following additional software must be installed on each workstation:

Microsoft Windows 3.1 (or Microsoft Windows for Workgroups)
SHARE.EXE or VSHARE.386 installed under Windows

Follow the instructions included with the above software for installation.

Installation on standalone workstations

To install the Novell Certification Assessment program, first start Windows. Then insert Disk 1 of the Novell Certification Assessment disks into a floppy disk drive. From the Program Manager File menu, select the Run command. In the Command Line edit box, type a:setup if you inserted the floppy in drive A: or b:setup if you inserted it in drive B:. Then click the OK button to run Setup.

Setup will start, proposing a drive and directory name for the installation. If you wish to install the assessment software in another directory or on another drive, edit the directory name. To install the testing software and all available tests (a full installation), click Continue and follow the prompts.

For less than a full installation, click Select Files and deselect the tests you do not wish to install. (To deselect a test, click it to clear its check box). If you are running the installation for the first time, you must select Testing Software to install the software for running the tests. Later, you may run Setup and select additional test files to install without reinstalling the testing software as long as you specify the same directory each time you run the setup program. When you are satisfied with the list, click OK. To continue with the installation, click Continue and follow the prompts.

After you click Continue, Setup will copy the files to the directory specified. It will also create a Certification Assessment program group and Novell Assessment program icon. You should then be ready to run the program, as described in Using the program.

Network setup

For a network installation, follow the steps outlined above to install the software on your file server, making sure you change the suggested installation directory to reflect the appropriate network directory. After setup is complete, you must create a program group and icon for each workstation as follows.

First, make sure the workstation is properly mapped to the network drive where the Novell Certification Assessment software was installed. Then, from the Windows Program Manager File menu, select New-Program Group and click OK. In the Description box, type Certification Assessment and click OK.

Create a program icon in the new group window as follows: open the Program Manager File menu and select New-Program Item. In the Description box type Novell Assessment. Press TAB to move to the Command Line box, then type lnchtst.exe. Press TAB again and type the name of the directory where the assessment software was installed; for example, n:\nvassess.

First-time, additional setup instructions for NAECs only

If you are delivering the assessment tests at a Novell Authorized Education Center (NAEC), you can personalize the delivery so that your center's name and telephone number appear on two informational displays in the tests. To do this, you must edit the LNCHTST.INI file to add your NAEC name and telephone number. Do this after installing the software, but before delivering the first test. If you do not modify the LNCHTST.INI file, the tests will function but your NAEC name and telephone number will not appear in them.

The LNCHTST.INI file can be found in the directory where the testing software was installed (the suggested directory was C:\NVASSESS). To modify it, first open it using a DOS text editor or any wordprocessing application that can save files as ASCII text. Its contents should be similar to those shown below.

windowTitle=Novell Certification Assessment Menu

Modify only the two lines shown in bold type. Type your NAEC's name immediately following location=; for example:

location=Drake Training & Technologies

Type your business telephone number immediately following naecphone=; for example:


Save the file as a text file in the same directory.

You only need to add this information to the LNCHTST.INI file once. If the information changes, you can change these two lines of the file at any time.

Setup for NetWire users

After downloading the assessment files from NetWire, copy them to the directory of your hard drive where you plan to use them; for example, C:\NVASSESS.

Hard Disk Installation

Uncompress each NetWire file by running the .EXE files; for example, C:\NVASSESS\CERT3d1.

To install the Novell Certification Assessment program, first start Windows. From the Program Manager File menu, select the Run command. In the Command Line edit box type, for example, C:\NVASSESS. Then click the OK button to run Setup.

Floppy Disk Installation

Uncompress each NetWire file by running the .EXE files and directing the output to your floppy drive; for example, C:\NVASSESS\CERT3d1 A:. Follow the directions in Installation on standalone workstations to complete the installation.

If you have downloaded the files for use in a network installation, follow the directions in Network setup for creating a program group and icon for every workstation to be used for assessment tests.

Make sure the testing software has been downloaded along with the individual test topic files. You need to download the testing software only once. If you download additional test files later, make sure you place them in the same directory.

Using the program

To start the assessment program, double-click the Novell Assessment program icon created during setup. Click OK after viewing each introductory screen.

Setting configuration options
The first time you run the program, the Configuration Options dialog box appears. The options you select in this dialog box determine whether only a single person can use the assessment program or whether multiple users can use the program, with or without a password. (If you set it up incorrectly, refer to the note below.)

Single-user installation. If you have installed the assessment program on your hard disk and will be the only one using it, you will find it most convenient to set the program up for a single user only. To do so, deselect both the Allow Multiple Users and Use Passwords options (by clicking them to clear their check boxes). Then click OK to proceed. The Novell Certification Assessment Menu window will appear.

Multiple-user installation. If more than one person will use the assessment program and their individual records must be retained, leave the Allow Multiple Users option selected (an X should appear in its check box). You will probably also want to leave the Use Passwords option selected, to ensure that score history is confidential and that one user will not accidentally take tests under another user's name. Click OK to proceed.

If you selected the Use Passwords option, you will be asked to enter an administrator password. Type a password and click OK, then repeat this step as prompted. Record the password in a secure place. Anyone able to log in as Administrator can delete user names and view individual score history, so keep the administrator password from all unauthorized persons.

After you enter the administrator password, the User Name window appears. From this window you can click the New button to add user names to the list. (Complete the requested information, then click OK to add the new user.) Double-click the user's name to proceed to the Novell Certification Assessment Menu window.

Note: If you configure the application incorrectly when setting it up the first time, you should not have to reinstall the testing software. Instead, you can edit the MultiUser= line of the LNCHTST.INI file. Refer to the example file and instructions for editing it under First-time, additional setup instructions for NAECs only. The fourth line in the example is MultiUser=True, which indicates that the application was set up for multiple users. If you wanted the application set up for a single user instead, you could edit that line to MultiUser=False and save the file in the same directory. If you set the application up for a single user but wanted to make it available for multiple users, edit the line to say MultiUser=True.

Novell Certification Assessment Menu window
This window lists available tests and descriptive information about them and provides options for tailoring the assessment experience. Details about various options follow. On-line Help contains additional information and is available by clicking the Help button.

Select a Test. This scrolling list of test names is organized as a topic list. Each test name shown initially is a main topic. Highlighting a particular test topic and clicking the Open List button (or double-clicking the test topic) displays a submenu showing the complete list of individual tests available for that topic. Each topic includes a complete test, which randomly selects 30 questions from all sections of the test. It also includes individual section tests; each contains questions from only one section of the test.

Description. This scrollable box provides additional information about the particular topic or test currently highlighted in the Select a Test list.

Display Feedback in Tests. If this option is selected, tests will display feedback, including the correct answer, after each completed question. To disable this feature, click Display Feedback in Tests to clear its check box.

Options...Print Score Reports. Every assessment test will display a performance evaluation upon completion. This evaluation information is duplicated in a report that will print automatically. If a printed report is not required or if a printer is not available, click Options and deselect Print Score Reports (click it to clear its check box). If Print Score Reports is not selected but a printed report is required, the person testing can request a print by clicking the Reprint Score Report button on the final display of the test.

To start a test
On the Novell Certification Assessment Menu, double-click the desired test topic to reveal the list of tests available for it. Then highlight the desired test and click Start Test (or simply double-click the desired test).

Technical support

For technical support on the installation or use of this product, call the number listed below for your area.

US Regional Service Center(800) 487-4857

Latin America Regional Service Center(612)-896-7783

England Regional Service Center44-71-437-6900

Germany Regional Service Center49-211-500-9950

France Regional Service Center33-1-4289-8749

Sydney Regional Service Center61-2-414-3666

Tokyo Regional Service Center813-3280-7484
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