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Defcon III 'the computer convention' information - read and circulate.
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Defcon III ‘the computer convention’ information – read and circulate.
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From [email protected] Jun 25 21:06:46 1995
Date: Sun, 25 Jun 1995 14:21:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: "Christopher E. Stefan"
To: [email protected], [email protected]
Subject: Version 1.80 DEF CON III General Announcement (fwd)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Tue, 20 Jun 95 13:36:28 +0800
From: [email protected]
Subject: Version 1.80 DEF CON III General Announcement


DEF CON III Convention Update #1.80 (06.20.95)
August 4-6th 1995 @ the Tropicana in Las Vegas

XXXXXXXxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XX DEF CON III Initial Convention Announcement
XXXXXXxxxxxxXXXXXX X X DEF CON III Initial Convention Announcement
XXXXXxxxxxxxxXXXXXXX X DEF CON III Initial Convention Announcement
XXXXxxxxxxxxxxXXXX XXXXXXXXX DEF CON III Initial Convention Announcement
XXXxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXX X DEF CON III Initial Convention Announcement
XXxxxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXX XX X DEF CON III Initial Convention Announcement
XXXxxxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXX DEF CON III Initial Convention Announcement
XXXXxxxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXX X XX DEF CON III Initial Convention Announcement
XXXXXxxxxxxxxXXXXXXXXXX XX X DEF CON III Initial Convention Announcement
XXXXXXxxxxxxXXXXXXXXX X DEF CON III Initial Convention Announcement
XXXXXXXxxxxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX DEF CON III Initial Convention Announcement


This is _not_ the professional sounding announcement. Use that one to con
your boss / employers out of the cost of the trip. The professional
announcement is available at in /pub/defcon. This is the k-RaD
kriminal shout out to all u el1te hacker types that aren't in jail to attend
'da def con. werd.


What's this? This is an initial announcement and invitation to DEF CON III,
a convention for the "underground" elements of the computer culture. We try
to target the (Fill in your favorite word here): Hackers, Phreaks, Hammies,
Virii Coders, Programmers, Crackers, Cyberpunk Wannabees, Civil Liberties
Groups, CypherPunks, Futurists, Artists, Criminally Insane, Hearing Impaired.

WHO: You know who you are, you shady characters.
WHAT: A convention for you to meet, party, and listen to some speeches
that you would normally never get to hear from some k-rad people.
WHEN: August 4, 5, 6 - 1995 (Speaking on the 5th and 6th)
WHERE: Las Vegas, Nevada @ The Tropicana Hotel

So you heard about DEF CON II, and want to hit part III? You heard about the
parties, the info discussed, the bizarre atmosphere of Las Vegas and want to
check it out in person? You want to do weird shit _away_ from the hotel
where you can't get me in trouble? Then you're just the person to attend!

Sure it's great to meet and party with fellow hackers, but besides that we
try to provide information and speakers in a forum that can't be found at
other conferences. While there is an initial concern that this is just
another excuse for the evil hackers to party and wreak havoc, it's just
not the case. People come to DEF CON for information and for making
contacts. We strive to distinguish this convention from others in that
respect. Plus this year we have official DEF CON GOONS(c) who will pummel
you until you pass out should you cause problems for other con.friendly
people! Big Brother loves you!

What's been said (Only the good stuff will be quoted, of course)

Stevyn - "What can eye say, it was intense! . . . the whole con just
kicked ass! I totally recommend you check out the next one."

Gail Thackeray, Prosecutor, "It's partly an entertaining party, it's
partly a fashion statement. But it's mostly something about which the
business world has no clue."

Wendy Murdock, Boardwatch, "Def Con represents the tug-of-war that has
always been present - people strive to get that which is just out of
reach, aggravating governments and breaking rules in the process."



The Tropicana has rooms reserved for the convention. Rooms are expensive.
They are even more expensive if you don't book under the convention. If it
is to expensive for you, please see the section below on Las Vegas WWW sites
that can provide you with information on other nearby hotels that are
cheaper. Check-in is 3 pm, check-out time is 12 noon. Remember there is an
8% sales tax in Vegas. Remeber to try and register early!! The Tropicana
has only blocked out 100 rooms for the convention, and the rest depend on
availablility, so plan ahead to book your room if nothing else.

65$ Single or Double room, Midweek (Monday - Thursday)
90$ Single or Double room, Weekend (Friday - Sunday)
350$ One-Bedroom Suite (Call for Availability)

The Tropicana, 3801 Las Vegas Blvd. So., Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
(702) 739-2581 or (800) 468-9494 or (702) 739-2448 (Fax)

Held in three conference rooms at the Tropicana hotel in Las Vegas, DEF CON
promises to be interesting. The Tropicana has a huge pool (largest in the
world? Anyway, lots of cool movies have been filmed with this pool in them)
and in August Vegas should be about 100(f) degrees at one in the morning.
What do you care? You'll be wired on caffeine and not sleeping anyway.
There are numerous attractions in town from the strip bars to the local COs
in case you seek distraction.

The Tropicana is located right on the "Strip" with the other three corners of
the street occupied by the MGM Grand (Largest hotel in the world), the
Excalibur, and the Luxor (The big sense-net pyramid). If you can afford it
I totally recommend spending some extra time in town.. there are too many
cool things to do, especially if you have never visited. Heck, last time I
got to rent and fire uzi's and MP-5 machine guns (OK, so you can do that for
cRacK in Los Angeles) see some strippers, and drink 1$ bottles of imported
beer. What a place! Now you know why I chose Vegas for a location.



This year there will be a number of special events going down, including:

[> Hacker Jeopardy [> Spot the Fed Contest [> Voice bridge
[> Giveaways [> A Red Box Creation Contest [> Video Room
[> Cool Video Shit [> Scavenger Contest [> Cyber Cafe Hookup
[> Torquie's Video [> Sidewinder Contest [> T1 Net Connection
[> Group Battle Tech and Red Planet simulations at Virtual World.
[> The California Car Caravan brought to you by The Jackal


The price of admission will be 30$ in advance (See the end of this
announcement the address to pre-register to) or 40$ at the door. This will
include your goovie 24bit color name tag and a conference program.

Don't forget to factor in Hotel costs, (The more people you crash with, the
cheaper it is) BattleTech, gas, food, gambling, booze, strippers, bail, etc.



This is a partial list of speakers for this year. More are being invited
or waiting to make plans. As this list changes further announcements will
be made. This should give you a flavor or what to expect, though.

Two of the Speakers, Susan Thunder and Roscoe both are written about in the
book "Cyberpunks." I suggest you go buy it and read it if you can, it will
give you a better perspective about what they are all about.

[> Bruce Schneier, Author of "Applied Cryptography." TOPIC: Will speak
on issues surrounding cryptography, digital authentication, digital cash,
and will answer questions from the audience.

[> Winn Schwartau, Author of "Information Warfare" and "Terminal Compromise"
is a consultant to government and the private sector regarding enterprise
and national security concerns. TOPICS: "Information Warfare, the year
in review" (Comedic) and "Tempest Attack Videos."

[> Len Rose AKA Terminus. After the legal fiasco Len faced years ago (as
partially chronicled in "The Hacker Crackdown.") this will be his first
chance to speak of his experiences without the threat of having his parole
revoked. TOPIC: TBA

[> Lewis De Payne, aka "Roscoe" TOPIC: Ultra Hacking - Beyond Computers:
How to make your hacking more successful and productive while minimizing
risk. Learn how to adopt a business-like strategy, planning your goals,
focusing your strategy and keeping you out of trouble!

[> Curtis Karnow, former federal prosecutor and attorney focusing on
intellectual property litigation and computer law. TOPIC: Agents in the
telecommunications context, and "smart" software that we 'trust' to do the
Right Thing. The specific issue is legal liability and responsibility for
the actions of intelligent agents, and then spinning off to chat about the
liability for artificial intelligence generally.

[> Robert D. Steele, President of OPEN SOURCE SOLUTIONS, Inc. A former Spy,
Experienced Bureaucrat, Radical Visionary. Tofflers call him the "rival
store" to CIA. Keynote Speaker at HOPE, Workshop at Hac-Tic '93.

[> The Electronic Frontier Foundation. TOPIC: The EFF will cover current
legal threats privacy and computer information networks.

[> Stephen Cobb. TOPIC: "The Party's Over: Why Hacking Sucks." Stepehen
intends to play "devil's advocate" and suggest that "hacking should not
be tolerated in any shape or form as it serves no useful purpose and is a
menace to society."

[> Jim Settle, ex-FBI computer crime division department head. TOPIC: TBA

[> Oscan Meyer. TOPIC: How to Hack - Toilet Training to Maturity.

[> Peter Skelly. TOPIC: SMS and wide area networking.

[> Tagger. TOPIC: Magnetic stripe card reader-writers and the "Mod-700."

[> Dead Addict. "Too tired for slack." TOPIC: TBA.

[> Theora. TOPIC: "Don't you hate it when that happens?"

[> Karen Coyle, CPSR, and a pannel of friends. TOPIC: TBA.

[> Peter Franck, National Lawyers Guild. TOPIC: TBA.

[> Parmaster, ex-MOD member, General history of the underground.

[> Glenn Campbell, Area 51 and "Dreamland" authority. TOPIC: Q & A, overview
of Governmental activities and stuff.

[> Attidute Adjuster. TOPIC: "Extremely technical machine language
discussion on Polymorphic computer viruses, with a side note on
cryptography uses."

[> Susan "Thunder" of "Cyberpunks" fame. TOPIC: Social Engeneering and
Psychological Subversion of Trusted System.

[> Pete "To much coffee man" Shipley, unix stud. TOPIC: Security audits,
how they are performed and what to look for.

[> Koresh, unix hacker and conspiracy theorist supreme. TOPIC: TBA.

Speakers will be talking Saturday and Sunday, and maybe Friday depending.


Friday August 3rd
Registration and getting to know people
Main Convention Room South Pacific Ballrooms

Time Event

10:00 Convention room opens, registration begins.
: Informal demonstrations and getting acquainted through out the day.
: Network/video/voice bridge up
15:00 BATTLE TECH At Virtual World (Buy tickets in advance or at the con)
: Two hours of total combat! 1/2 Battle Tech, 1/2 Red Planet.
18:00 SJG's "Hacker" game with the "Hacker II" expansion. The Mastah'
: Haqah play off for the most elite hacker player. Get your group
: together for the hard-core old-school back-stabbing hack attack
: from hell! There can be only one!
24:00 Hacker Jeopardy with Winn Schwartau starts, Round #1
02:00 Convention room closes up for the day.

Saturday August 4th
Convention begins 10:00 in South Pacific Ballrooms

Time Event

10:00 Key note speech by ()
: Winn Schwartau - Tempest Videos / Year in Review
: Robert Steele - TBA
: Jim Settle - TBA
: Bruce Schenier - Cryptography
: Curtis Karnow - Legal
: Lewis De Payne - How to hack more professionally
15:00 Lunch/Dinner Break Begins
17:00 Evening Sessions Start at 17:00
: Theora and Crew - TBA
: CPSR - Round Table
: EFF - Legal Implications
: Peter Frank - TBA
: Chris Hall - Spy Stuff
21:00 Evening Sessions End at 21:00
24:00 Hacker Jeopardy with Winn, Round #2, and Final Jeopardy Round.
: "
02:00 Convention room closes up.

Sunday August 5th

Time Event

10:00 Oscar Meyer - How to Hack, or, Toilet Training to Maturity
: Roscoe - How to hack more professionally
: Len Rose - TBA
: Peter Skelly - TBA
: Stepehn Cobb - "Why Hacking Sucks"
: Parmaster - General history of the underground
14:00 Lunch Break Starts at 14:00
15:30 Evening Sessions Start at 15:30
: Koresh - TBA
: Susan Thunder - Psychological Subversion of Trusted Systems
: Tagger - Mag Stripe Readers/Writers
: Dead Addict - TBA
18:00 The Convention Ends, Final give aways, awards, and goodbye!



So you think you're so damn smart, eh? Think your shit doesn't stink?
Right. Think you got one up on the Feds, huh? Well, now's your chance to
prove it smarty-pants. Winn Schwartau will take command and moderate.

! A N N O U N C I N G !


That's right. You can now prove how smart you really are. Get up on stage
and question a few answers, pile up the points . . . and win big!

You know the game. You know the rules. Now all you have to do is have the
guts, get up on stage in front of your peers and the narks and show us all!

When? After Dark Tangent's opening speech (which we're all really looking
forward to . . . [yawn] HACKER JEOPARDY starts!

MIDNIGHT - DAY 1 of DEF CON (Friday)

If you wanna play . . . show up. If you don't wanna play, show up.

There will be three rounds of three people. Just like real. The winners of
each round will go into the Finals and the winner of that will win 25,000
units of some foreign currency! From Dark Tangent himself! Plus:

- A T-shirt three sizes to small for the women.
- No T-shirts for the men.
- Silk jackets for everyone.
- One Heineken per player per round at DT's expense.
- Round trip directions to Hoover Dam.
- Phiber Optik's home address.
- Erik Bloodaxe's Blood Samples.
- And more . . .

Contestants will be picked at random from a pool of those who want to play.
If you don't wanna play, don't enter the contest. Only the elite survive!

FEDS: If you get picked to play, and we ask you what your job is, YOU HAVE
TO TELL THE TRUTH! If you don't, our custom Fed-O-Meter will detect your
lies and off to the casinos you go!

Potential categories for questions include:

- - Famous Busts - Famous Narks - UNIX Bugs - Telco Tech - "Hacking"
and beware of the killer daily double. Bribing the judge is acceptable.

EMail your suggested questions and answers to winn at [email protected]

So, in the inimitable words of Al Bundy . . . LET'S ROCK!

Spot the fed, win the shirt

"Like a paranoid version of pin the tail on the donkey, the favorite sport
at this gathering of computer hackers and phone phreaks seems to be hunting
down real and imagined telephone security and Federal and local law
enforcement authorities who the attendees are certain are tracking their
every move.. .. Of course, they may be right." John Markhoff, NYT

Basically the contest goes like this: If you see some shady MB (Men in
Black) earphone penny loafer sunglass wearing Clint Eastwood to live and
die in L.A. type lurking about, point him out. Just get my attention and
claim out loud you think you have spotted a fed. The people around at the
time will then (I bet) start to discuss the possibility of whether or not a
real fed has been spotted. Once enough people have decided that a fed has
been spotted, and the Identified Fed (I.F.) has had a say, and informal vote
takes place, and if enough people think it's a true fed, or fed wanna-be,
or other nefarious style character, you win a "I spotted the fed!" shirt,
and the I.F. gets an "I am the fed!" shirt.

Note to the feds: This is all in good fun, and if you survive unmolested
and undetected, but would still secretly like an "I am the fed!" shirt to
wear around the office or when booting in doors, please contact me when no
one is looking and I will take your order(s). Just think of all the looks
of awe you'll generate at work wearing this shirt while you file away all
the paperwork you'll have to generate over this convention. I won't turn in
any feds who contact me, they have to be spotted by others.


For DEF CON III there will be a dial in conference set up. If you are
overseas, or just too poor to make it to the convention this year, you can
still get an idea of what is going on and participate. One part of the voice
conference equipment will allow you to listen to the convention room
microphone, another will allow you to ask questions during the Q&A sections
of peoples speeches. A general conversation area will be up so you can chat
with others at the convention, or just others dialed into the bridge.

The voice bridge is up now at 801-855-3326. It is a hijacked system in the
sense that it was never ment to be used for the DEF CON audience. It has a
Voice BBS, much faster than the 2600 voice BBS, a Voice Mail Box section
where anyone can set up a VMB and maintain it. It also has multiple 8 port
digital confrence areas set up, and allows people who meet on the bridge to
drop into a private conversation.


We will have access to the con's T1 net connection. If you want to plug
into it there will be some 10-baseT ethernet hubs, and someone said they
would string up an appletalk network. Bring your shit and find a way to
connect to the network.

SPOOAH DOOPAH RAFFLE GIVE [email protected]#

Throughout the convention, between speakers and events there will be a raffle
giveaway in which if your number is drawn, you win the prize. Last year's
giveaway included an ancient kaypro monochrome portable, a roll of Sprint
"security" tape, "Computer Warriors" evil anti-virus cartoon, a 240 meg IDE
HD, and other elite things.

>> All the prizes given away are donated by other convention goers, so if <<
>> you have any stuff to give away, please save and donate it to the con! <<
>> If your company wants to donate an HP or DEC server, go right ahead! <<


While we don't encourage or condone the use of toll fraud devices, we do
encourage creativity and expression of thought. We combine these and come
up with a red box creating contest. The final device doesn't have to
produce the real red box tones (can't have people getting arrested) BUT it
does have to produce some audible tones, any kind of tones. This contest

is inspired by last year's give away of a red box "Big Red" that looked just
like a big pack of Big Red gum, but really was a red box. Elite! There was
also a little girl's doll that was a red box, but the switch for that one was
hidden under the dress and, well, it just wasn't given away.

Come up with unique ideas! With just a Hallmark card and some spare time you
can create an elite 007 style tone generating device! What will you win if
yours is chosen as the most k-rad besides the envy of fellow hackers? You'll
get a tee shirt and the cost of admission to the convention refunded PLUS
some as-of-yet undecided prize. I bet you just can't wait to burn your
fingers with your soldering iron now!


In one of the rooms a LCD wall projector will be hooked up connected to a
VCR, and people can bring flicks to play. Stuff like Max Headroom, War Games
etc. You know, the cool cheesey stuff. Also some "hacker" videos will be
shown. If you have something you wanna show, bring it along. When the
projector is needed in the main conference room it will be swiped for the

Torquie will be screening her video, Unauthorized Access, and will be talking
questions. This is the same video written about in 2600 and CUD.


A T1 network connection will be set up, thanks in part to Intermind
Communications of Las Vegas, and on it we will have cu-see me sessions set
up along with an ethernet hub, maybe a few private sub-nets, etc. Currently
we are coordinating with several Cyber-Cafes to do live video feeds from the
convention to them and vice-versa.


A scavenger contest is being planned. The person or group with the most
number of items on the list wins the prize. (Prize undetermined as of yet)
and there will be a few follow up prizes. Don't forget to carry massive
amounts of water as you run about the concrete jungle searching for items,
dehydration can happen just crossing the street. This is a contest for only
the most k-rad and terminally Jolt-ed.


Virtual World is being cool, and giving _all_ DEF CON attendees a discount
rate on any mission ($3 off) for the weekend by just showing your ID badge.

DEF CON will be renting out the entire Virtual World, all 32 pods, for two
hours on Friday afterneoon. This will allow the first 96 people who buy a
pass (Available when you sign in Friday morning) to play as many missions
as you can in 2 hours, which should be 3 12 minute missions plus the initial
training course. Normal Mission lengths are 10 minutes, but we managed to
get the maximum length games. Also if you are totally insane you can buy
two tickets and play 6 times and basically explode with non-stop killing.

We will try and configure the place so that 1/2 of the machines will be
BattleTech and the other half running Red Planet so you can try the different
games available.

BE NICE TO VIRTUAL WORLD! These guys are doing a great job and being real
accomodating with us. Don't fuck with them please, for they have been cool.


In the past yeaprs people have requested a "Hacker" card game play off.
This year we have the space to do it. If you want to play in the contests
email me to sign up, or sign up at the convention. Positions are filled on
first come, first served.

HACKER (I & II) by Steve Jackson Games - As many people as we can get, with
the winners joining in the final battle to become N3T N1njA! Another
one of those easy to learn, hard to master games. Prizes go to N3T
N1njA and next closest lamers. The winner gets an autographed original
(By Steve Jackson) of Hacker.


[NOTE: This is a condensed version of the announcement. Once I have ip
addresses and stuff I will release it to give people as much time as possible
to gear up for the attack. The machine will be attached to our public net
which will be addressable as starting Friday the 4th to the 6th]

OK, here's the deal: having demonstrated to our own satisfaction that you
can't easily get *into* a Sidewinder(tm) from the *outside*, we now will now
test how hard it is to get *out* of one from the *inside*. Herewith, the

Rule 1. There are no rules. There are, however, some things you have to do
to claim the reward:

A. Log into the host as "demo." The door's wide open, no need to knock.

You'll find yourself in a limited service environment that looks a lot like a
C shell. It isn't. Among the services denied to you is telnet and ftp.
(Mail works fine, to show that we can control function instead of just ports.) Note that this demonstrates our ability to
encapsulate and protect an arbitrary service. You don't have to waste a lot
of time figuring out how to fool Mosaic or some such to perform a particular
command sequence; just log in and do it directly.

B. Break out of the limited service environment and get to the machine on the
other side.
C. Extract the congratulatory note stored in /pub.
D. Publish the signed congratulatory note on Usenet so anybody on the net can
verify the signature.
E. Publish a description of how you did it in enough detail so that anybody
on the net can duplicate your feat.

- - ---------------- The Rewards -------------------------------

1. World-wide bragging rights on Usenet.
2. A nifty jacket with a Sidewinder(tm) [7] patch on it.
3. A framed paper certificate, signed in ink by the members of the
4. Your name in our public documentation, along with a description of your
attack and what we did to close the vulnerability it exploited. None of
this security by obscurity stuff for us. If you outwit us, you get the
credit and we document and fix the problem.
5. All the media attention that you can handle. Hey, if you want to further
the myth of crackers as romantic outlaws, we can even get you on a talk
show with a bag over your head 🙂

- - ---------------- Helpful Hints -----------------------------

Download the technical FAQ from; it's in the pub directory, in
both gzip (.gz) and compressed (.Z) PostScript.

Don't waste your time with packet-level games. This is a layer 7 gateway. It
makes no security decisions whatever on the values of packet headers. The
technical FAQ also lists other stuff that isn't worth trying. Remember, we're
letting you *in* for free; no need to spray the neighborhood with cutely
crafted packets.

Sidewinder Information, [email protected]

Version: 2.7




This is the 'official' announcement of the Southern California Def Con
Caravan. It was previously done for the first DC, and didn't quite come
together for the second one, but this time, it will be much more organized.

What is it, you say? It's an organized effort at synchronizing the
travel time and route for those in Los Angeles and Orange Counties who are
planning on going to Def Con (driving or otherwise) to go in one big caravan.
What makes it more interesting is that, like the first time, there will be
constant radio communication between the vehicles. It helps greatly in
keeping track of who's with whom, who has what stuff that's being brought
to the con, food breaks, bathroom breaks, quick fixes for breakdowns, where
everyone is in the event that traffic separates us, etc.

The radio communications will take place on several bands (such as CB,
ham 2-meter, 220, 440, GMRS, and possibly others). There are plans in the
works for radio-based entertainment, as well. The caravan is open to anyone
traveling from the vicinity of Los Angeles and Orange Counties. Those who
plan on driving are encouraged to provide information on their vehicle,
available space, available radio gear (if any) and radio licenses (like
amateur, GMRS, etc.). Those who would like to go but don't yet have a way
there can team up with various others who are driving, and can contribute
toward communications (if you have gear or license). This will hopefully
make the trip smoother, more reliable, and more enjoyable.

Those interested in participating can email me ([email protected]) for
more info. The departure time is tentatively (can easily change) set for
sometime Friday morning. More details to be posted as they accrue.

If you you are driving from the Eastern U.S. and want to start a caravan of
your own, contact us and we can help with the announcements.



DEF CON III will be planned right up until the last minute, with problems
being fixed and new things being added all along.. a sort of work in progress
that you get to witness in person when you show up. Hopefully it won't be
too messed up when presented to the public. What can you do to help?

=> Please help generate questions for Hacker Jeopardy. Come up with some
questions and answers, and Winn will decide which ones to use. Mail 'em
to [email protected]

- -> We are looking for some people to submit artwork to be used in the
convention someplace. It could be a poster, or in the program. Black
and white art would be eligible for the program only.

- -> Articles and interesting FTP sites, WWW pages, mini FAQs, etc. are all
wanted for the program. Quality articles that are informative and apply
to the theme of the convention. Scanner frequency lists,



The World Wide Web Page is located at:

FTP SITE: /pub/defcon (Distrubution site for many zines also.)

MAILING LIST: mail [email protected] with the following statement in the body
of your message: subscribe dc-announce This will set you up on the mailing
list and you will receive updated information, information on the other
mailing lists offered, etc. I suggest joining the dc-stuff list just so you
can talk and plan with other people going to the con to coordinate rides,
sharing of rooms, etc.

VOICE OR VOICE MAIL: 0-700-826-4368 from a phone with AT&T LD

FAX: 206-453-9567


EMAIL: [email protected] (The Dark Tangent)

SNAIL MAIL: 2709 E. Madison #102, Seattle, WA, 98112

BBS SYSTEM: Call for info if you don't have net access:
Alliance Communications - +1 612 251 2511 - USRobotics HST DS 16800
NUP: New World Order

VOICE BRIDGE / VMB / VOICE BBS System: 801-855-3326




Please note the following newsgroups may or may not be designated for local
distribution (Distribution: Vegas and/or nv), and is intended for all
systems in the Las Vegas area or those interested in same on the same level
as the la, ca, ba, ny, nyc, and other similar local higherarchies: Talk for bisexually natured persons
vegas.config Configuration discussions for the higherarchy Anything about food in Las Vegas
vegas.for-sale For Sale/Want ads (no commercials, please!)
vegas.general General discussion Jobs offered and wanted in Las Vegas
vegas.motss MOTSS community talk
vegas.personals Personal ads - any nature Talk for singles
vegas.test Group to test post to

WWW PAGES about Las Vegas, Hotels, Things to do, etc.




Stuff is for sale from DEF CON I and II in case you are interested. From the
first year we have audio tapes (4 90 minute tapes) for $20 and the second
year (10 90 minute tapes) for $30. Descriptions of these tapes are below.

DEF CON I Tapes (4) include the following speakers:

Curtis Karnow: Legal Implications of failure in complex VR systems.
Ray Kaplan: To Hack or not to Hack, that is not the question.
Gail Thackeray: Search and seizure, the roll of "computer cops," and Q&A
Dead Addict: The future of hacking.
Dark Druid (Busted by Gail Thackeray): Getting raided sucks.
Judi Clark of the CPSR: What you can do the become active in the community.
Dan Farmer: Inherient security problems in networks,and a bit on SATAN.
Dr. Mark Ludwig: Let virii live.

DEF CON II Tapes (10) include the following speakers:

Phillip Zimmermann : Keynote Speaker, PGP.
Gail Thackeray : Response to Mr. Zimmermann and Privacy issues.
Chris Hall : Electronic Surveillance.
Curtis Karnow : Recombinant Culture, Crime in the Digital Network.
Dr. Mark Ludwig : Virus Creation Awards and What to do when the Feds come.
Judi Clark, Mara, Fen and Marianne in a Round Table Discussion.
The Dark Knight : Hacking in the UK
Sara Gordon, Mark Aldrich, Phil Zimmermann: Internet & PGP privacy concerns.
Annaliza (Torquie) : The European Underground scene.
Mark Lottor : Various cellular topics.
Winn Schwartau : HERF guns, Van Eck, Information Warfare
Peter Beruk : The role of the SPA, general Q&A.
Padgett Peterson : Anti-Virus writing, Cleaning up other peoples messes.
The Jackal : A basic radio overview with Q&A.
Artimage : Underground spoof and give aways.
Stephen Dunifer : Radio Free Berkeley and pirate media.
Damien Thorn : Random Cell information from the late night tech talks.

SHIRTS are still available to buy. The ones remaining are long sleeve white
with the choice of two styles. Both styles have a three color logo on the
front (Red, Gray, Black) with "DEF CON". The back is either a list of
strange grep key words and "inside" keywords with "Why? Because I can." at
the top. Back #2 is the same back as DEF CON I with the old and "new" 4th
Amendment as stated by J.P. Barlow with "Protect your rights, Encrypt your
data..." at the top. The back on this style is two colors.. black lettering
framed in light gray for better definition. Shirts are $20.

SHIPPING : If you buy anything, please include 3.00 for priority shipping.



OK! Your almost ready to go. Now here is an E-Z to follow checklist of
things you should take care of before throwing caution to the wind and
bailing out to the dangerous and sexy-wrong world of Las Vegas. In the
words of one famous (and abused) phone system: "Sit up straight, PAY
ATTENTION, Listen to what your being told. (Now try again)"

StUPh 2 D0 b3fore the C0nvent1ion:

_ Check out inpho about Vegas so you know what you wanna do.
_ Get a hotel room or some crash pad. Do this as early as possible!
_ Bring $40 for admission or pay $30 in advance.
_ Bring your PGP key on disk to key sign with others.
_ Bring Laptop, laplink, serial, and bizarre gender changer cables.
_ Bring things to donate for the give-away raffle.
_ Leave massively incriminating evidence at home.
_ Police scanners can provide hours of fun in Vegas.
_ Bring interesting videos to play in the video room.
_ Caffeine and snacks are fun to eat.
_ Don't forget any drugs or medication you may need.
_ You won't need saline for your contact lenses, you won't be sleeping.
_ Anything you promised your friends you would bring for them.
_ Join the mailing list and arrange rides or rooms with others in advance.
_ Bring your magic cards if you want to play in the games Friday evening.



This is the unsigned version
My signed version is available on the public key-servers

Version: 2.6.1




Well, last year it came to my attention that some unknown person in
California had modified an announcement and was having people mail their
pre-registration money to them instead. It was actually pretty funny. Only
one person was fooled and lost 10$. Not bad. I knew something was up when
he said he had pre-registered for 10$ and had the receipt I had supposedly
mailed back. I am never that organized! To avoid potential problems like
this one please verify this [email protected]# My key is available for
verification on public key servers, and my key-id is 46A8294D. The
other key you will find on servers may be my older 1284bit key, which is
still good, but just not used to sign this text.

END ANNOUNCEMENT ------------------------------------------------------------

Version: 2.6.2


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