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The initialization headers to several transmission protocols.
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The initialization headers to several transmission protocols.
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File type: Protocol Trigger Strings (Text info file only, in MS Write format)
DATE: 08-27-95
AUTHOR: Clifford L. Kisela
COST/REGISTRATION: NONE this is freeware information, NO cost or Registration!!!
Email address: [email protected]
Try these Trigger string strings, they seem to work for me when I'm connecyed to the larger more established BBS's (Deltacomm, Microsoft, McAfee, ect. to name just a few)
Zmodem generic: B00 ^X Capital B zero zero
Zmodem-90(tm): B0000000 ^X Capital B 7 zeros
Zmodem MobyTurbo(tm): B008000 ^X Capital B 2 zeros eight 3 zeros
HS/LINK(tm): HS*R Capital HS star ^B Capital R
PUMA/MPT(tm): #24#8#24'MPt '#24#8#24 pound twenty-four pound eight pound twenty-four apostrophe Capital MP little t space apostrophe pound twenty-four pound eight pound twenty-four. Seems to also work with just: #24#8#24 also.
No guarantee is made that these are 100% correct, but to the best of my knowledge they will work (they do for me, anyway), if the host is set up properly. I have found sometimes as I'm typing in terminal mode, or even when I'm writing Email on-line or in chat mode and I type the string as part of the message, the protocol in my comm program would kick in, a little more than frustating when I'm trying to let a sysop know what these strings are, & suddenly I'm gone to protocol La-La land. The reason I decided to make this list, is because I hunted all around, made many long distance phone calls and could not find this information in one place (like this file, for example).
It took me many hours of experimenting and Mickey mousing(tm) around to come up with these five strings. If you find any errors in this document, or Trigger Strings for other protocols I have not documented in this file, please Email me at America Online (screen name: CLIFFLK)
I'd be more than happy to keep this up to date and release it on a regular basis.
I'm not asking for any money or even to register this, I do this purely as a free service to my fellow computer buddies and buddettees, if you do find this useful, maybe just drop me a note, and let me know (good or bad, right or wrong).
I would like to list all protocols, if that's possible. I've only listed five this time, because I've been using these five on a regular basis and it took me so long to get and test these strings.
Good Luck and happy modeming on the information super hi-way.
Cliff Kisela
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