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Entertainment Pack for OS/2. Several fun games for OS/2.
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Entertainment Pack for OS/2. Several fun games for OS/2.
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Contents of the ENTRTAIN.DOC file

Entertainment Pack for OS/2
(C) Peter Wansch, 1994

December 26, 1994

Files in archive: install.cmd, entrtain.doc, license.txt, bg.exe, bg.hlp, four.exe, four.hlp
master.exe, master.hlp, othello.exe, othello.hlp, pegged.exe, pegged.hlp,
tic.exe, tic.hlp, galaxy.exe, galaxy.hlp, tetravex.exe, tetravex.hlp

To install the Entertainment Pack open a full screen or windowed
OS/2 session and type INSTALL at the prompt.


If you find the Entertainment Pack useful and would like to register your copy there are
several forms of registration possible. Registering the Entertainment Pack entitles
you to use this and all future versions of the Entertainment Pack.

You can register the Entertainment Pack by contacting BMT Micro.
By Mail
BMT Micro
452 Horn Rd
Wilmington, NC 28412-2411
By Phone
(910) 791-7052 Voice
(800) 414-4268 Orders Only
By Fax
(910) 350-2937
(910) 350-8061 (10 lines, all 14.4)
(910) 799-0923 (28.8 Line)

BMT Micro accepts American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Cashiers Checks,
Money Orders, Personal Checks. Payment must be in US Currency. No cash please! No
charge for 1st Class shipping anywhere in the world. Priority shipping extra and will
be explained when the order is placed. The registration fee charged by BMT Micro is

Registration can also be done by phone with your checking or savings account
(including bank money market and NOW accounts). This method or registration requires
no more information than what is probably already on your check and will not only
save you from waiting on the mail to deliver your check but also speed up delivery of
your registration information. When registering using this method our normal policy
regarding check clearance applies. (we actually get a check drawn on your account
from our banking service - there are no electronic transfers that affect your checking
account.) This is EXACTLY like registering by check but you don't have to wait on the
postal service to deliver your check.

This service cannot be used if 2 signatures are required on the account.

Have this information ready when you choose this registration information. If you are
faxing your registration and using this method, don't forget to fax this information also.


Name on account __________________________________
Complete Address _________________________________
Complete Address _________________________________
City __________________________
State _________________________
Zip Code _______________________
Home Phone Number ___________________
Work Phone Number ___________________
Type of Account ____________________ (checking or savings)
Check Number ________________________
Bank Routing Number ____________________________
Bank Account Number ____________________________
Amount of Check ___________________
Driver License Number ___________________

You can send the registration fee in cash (registered or unregistered mail). If you send
cash, the registration fee is only 25$ since you have to pay for the postage. My mail
address is:

Peter Wansch
37 Hagenbachgasse
St. Andrae-Woerdern A 3423
e-mail [email protected]
phone: +43 2242 32124

This is only convenient when you are from Austria, Germany or any other European
country. Please make sure to give your full return address and if available e-mail
address to get the registration key. Instead of sending cash you can also send a
Eurocheck (in Austrian Schilling only).

If you live in Austria you can remit the registration fee of 25$ to my bank account at
the Creditanstalt Bankverein, Bankleitzahl 11000, Konto-Nummer: 10361050700. Please
phone me or write to me to get the registration key.

Users in Austria or Germany can also pay their registration fee in Austrian Schillings or
German Mark (40 DM or 280 ATS).

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