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Bullet is a small and fast btree/dbase transaction based multiuser database toolkit.

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BULLET is a super-fast, super-small
B-tree/dBASE .DBF, transaction-based,
multi-user database toolkit for DOS
C/C++ compilers. Also availble for BASIC.
BULLET DOS C version 1.08, 04-Feb-94.

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Bullet is a small and fast btree/dbase transaction based multiuser database toolkit.
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Contents of the !README.TXT file

BULLET is a super-fast, super-small
B-tree/dBASE .DBF, transaction-based,
multi-user database toolkit for DOS
C/C++ compilers. Also availble for BASIC.
BULLET DOS C version 1.08, 04-Feb-94.
Read me first (sharware release)


BBS telephone number: (210)684-8065. v.32bis (300-14.4k) N81. Registered
users always have free access to the current registered versions. Hours of
operation are Monday-Friday, 5PM to 9AM, weekends 1PM to 9AM. Voice message
during other hours. Times are USA Central; [-0600] (-0500 from Apr-Oct).

E-mail addresses:

Internet: [email protected]
Fidonet: 1:387/800.8

Mailing address:

Cornel Huth
6402 Ingram Rd
San Antonio, TX 78238-3915

--Documentation (read this before using CZ)

The documentation is online in the CZ.COM/CZ.HLP files. To get started just
make sure CZ.HLP is in the current directory and load CZ:


It can also be loaded high but make sure you have at least 15K of UMB space.
It will load high in as little as 4.5K but will not operate correctly in UMB
without at least 15K. Check out the Using_CZ in the TUTORIAL_INDEX--press
Alt-F1 to hotkey into CZ. Press END (cursor moves to TUTORIAL_INDEX). Press
ENTER. Move the cursor to under Starting_CZ. Press ENTER. Use the END/ENTER
combo to continue until you get the idea. A mouse makes using CZ even easier.

If you want to have a hardcopy of the CZ.HLP use the HLP2TXT.EXE program to
strip off the header info. Load it into your favorite WP or text editor.

This package is documentation/source-specific to DOS C compilers in that much
of the source examples deal with using C. Because of this, this version is
called BLTC17.ZIP. The BASIC-specific version is called BLTQ17.ZIP (available
now). The BULLET.LIB files are identical, only the documentation differs. Note
that BASIC version has several source examples that may be useful to the C
programmer. (Archive extensions may vary.)


BULLET comes with the BULLET.LIB in compressed form (BULLET.LI_). It must be
installed using the INSTALL.EXE program. INSTALL performs one function: it
decompresses BULLET.LI_ (to BULLET.LIB) and writes installation information
to the BULLET.LIB file. It does nothing else.

To install:


The installation process asks two questions and then decompresses the file so
that BULLET.LIB is ready for use. BULLET.LIB is fully-functional and not
crippled. You may use BULLET.LIB and the BULLET package for evaluation only and
for an evaluation period not to exceed 21 days from the date of installation.
BULLET.LIB works with just about every DOS compiler on the market. Check the
!WHATIS.TXT file for more information. Also read the !Q&A.TXT file. Be sure to
load up CZ, too.

For Large and Huge model support for all Borland C/C++ compilers unzip the
files in BORLAND.ZIP file and follow the instructions given there.


BULLET is a shareware product. This means that you may try BULLET during the
evaluation period free of obligation. However, you may not use BULLET after
this evaluation period without registering--you must purchase a license to
use BULLET if you wish to continue to use BULLET or any programs produced with
BULLET. See the !ORDER.FRM for ordering information by check, cash, or money
order. Use !ORDER.CC for ordering by credit card.

--Upgrades and Updates, Site licensing

All updates and upgrades are available from the support BBS free-of-charge.
See the PRODUCT_SUPPORT heading under TUTORIAL_INDEX in CZ for more.

Site licensing is available at reasonable rates. Contact me for details.


BBS Sysops may carry BULLET on their BBS provided that all files listed in
the !PACKLST.TXT file are included in the archive. This file must be provided
free of charge, i.e., this file cannot placed in an area that requires users
to pay a fee for per-file download. A general subscription fee BBS is exempt
from this limitation, provided that no specific charge is assessed to this
particular file.

Shareware distributors/catalog vendors may carry BULLET on their inventory
provided that: the BULLET package be the only software on the diskette, that
it be made clear that the purchase of the disk does not constitute purchase
of the product, and that no charge greater than a reasonable amount for
distribution services be charged (for example, not more than 5 dollars).
CD-ROM vendors may include BULLET and may charge more than $5 for the CD,
provided that the CD is not for the sole or primary purpose of distributing

Only the shareware version of Bullet may be distributed without explicit
permission from the author.

In any case, the author of BULLET may at anytime request (and must be granted)
that the BULLET package be no longer advertised/distributed in the vendors
catalog and that within a reasonable time after request, advertising of BULLET
will end (within 6 months and distribution will end immediately). (Basically,
this means that you as a shareware vendor may include BULLET in your
advertising/distributing but that that I, as the author and owner of BULLET,
have the option of having you stop advertising/distributing BULLET, for
whatever reason (such as it becoming a non-shareware commercial product).)

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