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This utility will show the actual disk space used versus the wasted space the "slack space" you will be unpleasantly sursprised.

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Will show how much wasted space you have
on your harddrive with the current
partition information. And which cluster
size will save you the most space.

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This utility will show the actual disk space used versus the wasted space the “slack space” you will be unpleasantly sursprised.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
APPSETUP.INF 1452 676 deflated
BIVBX11.DLL 81920 35030 deflated
CTL3D.DLL 21008 9912 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 157 117 deflated
GAUGE.VBX 8192 2809 deflated
SETUP.EXE 40608 20860 deflated
WASTE.DIZ 324 208 deflated
WASTE.HLP 21577 13350 deflated
WASTEDOS.ZIP 23208 23095 deflated
WASTEW.EXE 327680 123353 deflated
WASTEWIN.TXT 2270 1094 deflated

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Contents of the WASTEWIN.TXT file

WASTE for Windows
by Joseph T. Glosz Jr (CIS 72633,1646)

Please read all of this note. (It's pretty short.)

Important: Waste for Windows looks best on resolutions
of 800x600 or better. At 640x480 you'll need to scroll
to see the full display.

This package includes both the DOS and the Windows
version of Waste.

To install the Windows version, unzip the zipped file
to some temp directory (or a floppy). Then, double-click
on SETUP.EXE (or select it from the Program
Manager's File|Run menu).

The DOS version remains in its ZIPPED form in the directory
into which you installed Waste for Windows. Just unzip it
and run it under DOS or in a DOS window.

The Windows version runs under Windows 3.1 and (probably)
Win 95 because these share the same FAT-based file system.
Waste for Windows may not run under Win NT, but see online
help for more details.

There is nothing unusual in the setup for Waste for Windows.

It DOES NOT modify any of your system files. It doesn't
touch any of your INI files, or your AUTOEXEC.BAT, or
your CONFIG.SYS file. All the setup program does is copy
a few of files to the directory you specify to hold
WASTE, and a couple more to your \windows\system directory.

Then a program manager group is created.

Specifically (and if you wish to do it manually):

This file is copied to:
WASTEW.EXEdirectory you chose (main pgm file)
WASTE.HLPdirectory you chose (help file)
WASTE.DIZdirectory you chose (blurb)
WASTEWIN.TXTdirectory you chose (this file)
WASTEDOS.ZIPdirectory you chose (DOS version)

The last three files are necessary to give the program
it's 3D sculpted look.

If you already have a GAUGE.VBX in your \windows\system
directory, rename it for the moment (or copy it to
another directory) and do this Install.

Run Waste for Windows.

When done with Waste, copy back your old GAUGE.VBX.

Waste for Windows (and DOS) is freeware.

Let's reduce our waste out there!

J Glosz

Bob Dolan's excellent Install program,
InstallWare 4.1 is being used to install
this copy of Waste for Windows.

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