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Graphics workshop for windows.
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Graphics workshop for windows.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Graphic Workshop for Windows 1.1

Release notes:

To install Graphic Workshop for Windows on your hard drive:

1. If you have received Graphic Workshop in an archive, such as
a ZIP file, place the contents of the archive on a floppy
disk. If you have received Graphic Workshop on a floppy disk
directly from Alchemy Mindworks, this has already been done
for you.
2. Place the disk in a floppy drive of your computer.
3. Open the File menu of the Windows program manager and select Run.
4. In the Run dialog box, type A:SETUP or B:SETUP, as is appropriate.
5. Follow the installer instructions... the Setup application will
prompt you as required.

Graphic Workshop for Windows requires Windows 3.1 or better.

Graphic Workshop for Windows has been rewitten for release 1.1. If you've
used an older version of the software, you'll find this one considerably

To begin with, it will come up in Thumbnail mode. You will see at least three
image icons, one or more grey boxes with red circles in them... "no image"
icons... and icons representing the drives and directories of your system.
Clicking on these will work just like clicking on the names in the traditional
list box mode.

You can get to the list box mode by selecting Use Thumbnails from the
Thumbnails menu. This is a toggle... selecting it again will return you to
thumbnail mode. You can configure Graphic Workshop to always come up in its
list box mode through the Setup dialog.

There is much more extensive help in this release of Graphic Workshop, with
Help buttons in most of the dialogs. If you get stuck, click on Help.

Here are some of the major changes to Graphic Workshop for Windows:

- Support for JPEG compression and the Independent JPEG Group's JFIF
file format.

- Support for Kodak Photo-CDs.

- Additional colour reduction and dithering options.

- Better memory management.

- Context sensitive help.

- PFS:First Publisher ART file support.

- Resizeable main window.

- Thumbnail image mode.

- Key word search and comment fields for each image.

- Easier setup.

Graphic Workshop for Windows has become more powerful, but it hasn't gotten
more expensive. You can register your copy for $40.00. If you'll be
registering by credit card, call our toll free order line at 1-800-263-1128.
Complete information about registering Graphic Workshop for Windows and
contacting Alchemy Mindworks can be found in the GWS documentation, and in
Graphic Workshop's Help function.



New features and changes:

- Added a Change Directory function to the file menu.
- Updated the EXE format to support VESA cards.
- Added a functon to associate graphics with GWS.EXE.
- Added an option to write OS/2 BMP files.
- Added Huffman and Group 3 1D TIFF reading.
- Added Kodak Photo-CD support.
- Added an option to prompt for a destination directory.
- Updated the BWCC.DLL library to fix a cosmetic problem for users with some true
colour displays.
- Added controls to allow the printer brightness and contrast to be adjusted.
- Tidied up the Print controls.
- Added larger print options and autosize printing.
- Added grey scale and gamma adjustments for the TIFF files and grey scale adjustment
for dithering.

See the end of GWS.WRI for the complete revision history and list of bug fixes.

There is a minor problem with the Kodak Photo-CD support, which appears to be due to
a bug in the Kodak libraries. Viewing Photo-CD files may orphan a small block of memory.
This memory will be freed when Graphic Workshop terminates. It's not large enough to
cause any meaningful problems, but it does make the free memory display in the About
box change slightly as you work.

If you have any problems with the Photo-CD section... or just some comments... we'd
like to hear from you.


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