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Scorched Earth ver 1.5, June 95 release.

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Scorched Earth v1.5: 256 color VGA artillery
game that allows up to 10 players to blow
each other to bits. Tons of configurable
options including weapons, defense mechanisms,
weather, economics, etc. Can also be played
by one person against various computer foes.
VGA Required. Shareware by Wendell Hicken.

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Scorched Earth ver 1.5, June 95 release.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILE_ID.DIZ 321 231 deflated
FIX.BAT 83 75 deflated
ICE001.MTN 45972 19565 deflated
ICE002.MTN 54281 21273 deflated
ICE003.MTN 139961 64013 deflated
ORDER.FRM 1880 783 deflated
README 6226 2869 deflated
ROCK001.MTN 63114 52147 deflated
ROCK002.MTN 73730 46186 deflated
ROCK003.MTN 136992 92632 deflated
ROCK004.MTN 69068 37159 deflated
ROCK005.MTN 41767 24169 deflated
ROCK006.MTN 33738 20607 deflated
SCORCH.DOC 129790 35126 deflated
SCORCH.EXE 415456 162561 deflated
SCORCH.ICO 766 194 deflated
SCORCH.PIF 545 149 deflated
SNOW001.MTN 67134 39796 deflated
TALK1.CFG 1287 718 deflated
TALK2.CFG 1272 702 deflated

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Contents of the README file

Scorched Earth v1.5: 256 color VGA artillery
game that allows up to 10 players to blow
each other to bits. Tons of configurable
options including weapons, defense mechanisms,
weather, economics, etc. Can also be played
by one person against various computer foes.
VGA Required. Shareware by Wendell Hicken.

README file for SCORCH v1.5

Updated 3 JUNE 95

This file contains trivia, last minute instructions, and changes to SCORCH,
in no particular order.

What's New in Version 1.5?

This version is designed to solidify the features integrated so far,
and is consists mostly of bug fixes and small improvements.

- Support for most 256 color video modes
- Scanned Mountain Ranges!!
- New sky: Cavern... actually this will be a landscape in the
next version of Scorch
- New sky: Pitch black... test your skills at night!
- Team support: three kinds, to please all people!
- Real timer delays - great for people with 486's and up.
- New weapon: lasers.
- New shield: SuperMag - tough as a heavy shield, pushes missiles
like a deflector, and bounces away any that get through all that
like a force shield. Yikes!
- Better keyboard support in simultaneous mode - multiple players
on the keyboard no longer conflict with each other.
- Joystick support has been modified to support Gravis Gamepads.
- Somewhat improved computer algorithms
- Foreign character support

Distribution List:
The full distribution of Scorched Earth consists of the following files:

Filename Size Description
------------- ------- --------------------------------------
FIX .BAT 83 Utility to remove bad .cfg files
FILE_ID .DIZ 321 Brief description of Scorch
ORDER .FRM 1859 Order form for Scorched Earth Password
README . 6226 This file
SCORCH .DOC 129790 Scorched Earth Documentation
SCORCH .EXE 415456 Scorched Earth, The Game
SCORCH .ICO 766 Scorched Earth Icon for MS Windows
SCORCH .PIF 545 PIF file for Microsoft Windows
TALK1 .CFG 1287 Comment File used for Talking Tanks
TALK2 .CFG 1272 Another Comment File for Talking Tanks

Mountain Ranges Size
--------------- ------
ICE001 .MTN 45972
ICE002 .MTN 54281
ICE003 .MTN 139961
ROCK001 .MTN 63114
ROCK002 .MTN 73730
ROCK003 .MTN 136992
ROCK004 .MTN 69068
ROCK005 .MTN 41767
ROCK006 .MTN 33738
SNOW001 .MTN 67134

Printing the Documentation:
Make sure your printer is on, online, and has paper. SCORCH.DOC takes
57 pages. Then type COPY SCORCH.DOC PRN. Then hit Enter, of course.
Or use any program that will print files, such as your favorite word

VGA note:
Scorched Earth (SCORCH) is a VGA only game. It will not run on any other
type of system.

Fixing Problems:
If you have a problem with SCORCH when changing settings, you can just
delete the SCORCH.CFG file and run SCORCH. It will return to the default
settings. Or, just run FIX.BAT, and it will get rid of the bad SCORCH.CFG

Useless Statistics:
For those who are interested, Scorched Earth 1.5 was written using
Borland C++ 4.0 and Turbo Assembler 3.0. There are approximately 122
C/C++ files and 3 assembly files, totalling over 785K of source code.
Scanned mountain ranges were processed with Adobe Photoshop.

There are far too many people who have contributed to the success of
Scorch to mention here. Thanks to all who have sent letters pointing
out bugs and offering suggestions. Keep 'em coming!

Special thanks goes to the Scorch 1.50 Beta Testers... great job guys!!
Any bugs that remain are surely the author's fault.

Deluxe Registration!!
Due to popular demain, "Deluxe Registration" is once again available!
Deluxe Registration includes the most recent copy of Scorch on disk and
a complete bound copy of the enhanced manual. The enhanced manual
contains the same text as the file "scorch.doc", but is illustrated with
tables, icons from the game, and keys for all the options. Deluxe
Registration costs $30 instead of $20. Deluxe Registration is available
in the U.S. only, due to shipping expenses and difficulties.

Hang On A Minute... Why Does Scorch 1.5 Cost More?
Simply put, I was unable to make enough profit at $10 a copy to pay for
new compilers, graphics libraries, and tools to keep up with the
next release. Hopefully the price will stabilize at $20 for a long time.

If you have registered an earlier version of Scorch, you can get a
free upgrade by sending a self-addressed, stamped disk mailer, and
a blank, formatted disk. Mailers which are not stamped cannot be
returned. Please give us enough information to find you in the
customer database, or we cannot honor this free upgrade. Alternately,
you can upgrade to a 1.5 basic registration for $10 - this covers the
disk and postage from our side.

Site Licenses
Site licenses are available at MASSIVE discounts... contact Scorch HQ
with your specific requests.

Scorch Fans Outside the U.S.:
To register Scorch, all you need to do is figure out some way to get
$20 to me. Try going to your local bank and asking for a "U.S. Dollar
World Money Order". I hope to make international editions of Scorch
as time permits.

Other problems/suggestions:
If you have any ideas or bug reports, please contact the author as
indicated below. Please do not call. All comments are welcome, whether
or not you are a registered user.

Wendell Hicken
P.O. Box 1215
Whittier, CA 90609-1215

70671,606 on CompuServe
[email protected] on internet

Scorched Earth also has a home page on the World Wide Web:

Most of all, Don't forget that Scorched Earth is Shareware. The game is
good, if somewhat addictive. The price is reasonable. So why not support
the game, its further development, and the whole shareware concept by sending
in your $20.

As they say on T.V. "Thank you for your support."

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