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EXTREME PINBALL 1.0: From Epic MegaGames and Digital Extremes comes the next level in pinball. Features Ultra-Realistic table dimensions, arcade style scoreboard, multi-ball play and a new music and sound system. Req. 386-

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---=======EXTREME PINBALL v1.0========----
From Epic MegaGames and Digital Extremes
comes the next level in pinball games,
EXTREME PINBALL. Features Ultra-Realistic
table dimensions, animated arcade style 3D
dotmation scoreboard, multi-ball play and
a new music and sound system that changes
the music with gameplay events. Shareware
table features a T.V. monitor that plays a
video. Requires 386-33 (486-66 Recommended),
VGA graphics and 4 MB RAM.

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EXTREME PINBALL 1.0: From Epic MegaGames and Digital Extremes comes the next level in pinball. Features Ultra-Realistic table dimensions, arcade style scoreboard, multi-ball play and a new music and sound system. Req. 386-
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Contents of the HELPME.DOC file

Extreme Pinball v1.0
Shareware Version

Copyright 1995 Digital Extremes, Inc. and Epic MegaGames, Inc.
* Instructions/Troubleshooting Info *

Extreme Pinball requires:
A 386-33MHz or faster IBM-compatible PC (486-66 recommended)
VGA graphics
4 Megabytes of RAM
450K of conventional memory available

Also supports:
Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro, Sound Blaster 16,
Gravis Ultrasound, and 100% compatible music cards.

Version History
1.0 - First release of Extreme Pinball

To start Extreme Pinball from the hard disk

If you selected "Full installation" when installing the Extreme
Pinball CD-Rom, here's how to play from the hard disk:

1. Switch to the drive where the game is installed (C:)
2. Switch to the subdirectory where the game is installed (CD \EXTREME)
3. Type EXTREME to play.

Common problems and solutions

Running with Windows

Extreme Pinball does not run reliably under Windows 3.0 or 3.1 with sound
on. Please run SETUP from DOS and select "No Sound Card" if you
need to run Extreme Pinball from older versions of Windows. If you
still have problems, exit Windows and run Extreme Pinball from DOS.

Extreme Pinball should work under Windows 95 on most computers. However,
if you have any problems running under Windows 95, you'll have to run
it from MS-DOS Mode instead.

Note: Under Windows 95, Extreme Pinball won't run quite as smoothly
as under DOS. You may notice the screen flickering from time
to time. Though this shouldn't affect gameplay, if you prefer
total smoothness, we recommend running from MS-DOS mode.

Running with OS/2

Though Extreme Pinball may work reliably under OS/2 on some computers, we
don't recommend this because it might result in the game locking up.
Please run through DOS, instead.

Running on 4-megabyte machines

Extreme Pinball takes up nearly 4 megabytes of memory. It will
run on 4-meg machines, but only if you don't have other device
drivers or memory managers loaded.

If Extreme refuses to run, and you have a 4-meg machine, install
it to your hard disk (by running Setup and choosing "Full install").
Then, boot clean and run Extreme from the hard drive. This usually
solves the problem because CD-Rom device drivers take up a lot of
memory and may prevent Extreme from running on 4-meg machines.


If you're having problems running Extreme Pinball, you might be able to get
it up and running by "Booting your computer clean." By this, we mean
starting your computer without loading all of the memory managers and device
drivers that might interfere with the game. It's a relatively simple process,
so please bear with us.

Booting your computer clean

Reboot your computer by pressing RESET or Ctrl-Alt-Del. Wait for the
message "Starting MS-DOS..." to come up. Now press the [F5] key.

This will cause DOS 6.0 to bypass all of your TSR's, memory managers,
and other programs which normally occupy main memory.

Now change into the EXTREME directory and begin the game.


Q: When I run Extreme, the computer locks up or reboots.
A: Run SETUP and verify that your settings are correct. If you are
not using a sound card, make sure that SETUP is set for "No Sound Card".
If you are using a sound card, verify that your sound card has no
address, IRQ, or DMA conflicts with other peripherals in your system.
If your sound card works properly with other games, you can assume that
there are no conflicts. However, if your sound card does not work with
other games, you have a conflict. See your sound card manual
for details on fixing this.

Q: Extreme runs slowly on my 386 or 486 computer. What can I do?
A: Your computer or VGA card isn't as fast as the game would like.
If you're running through Windows, try running Extreme Pinball
from DOS instead.

Q: While playing, I get dumped back to DOS with an error message.
A: This means that either (1) Extreme is conflicting with your memory
managers and TSR's, or (2) you need more free memory to run Extreme.
Try booting clean.

Q: I can't seem to get anything on the screen. I type Extreme and the system
"hangs". What now?
A: Make sure you have the system requirements mentioned earlier in the
manual. If you do, you may have TSR's that conflict with Extreme. Remove
the TSR's and try running Extreme with a "clean boot" from a DOS
diskette. Also try running Extreme without sound, to determine if there
is a sound-related conflict.


Since new models of sound cards are always being manufactured and revised,
sometimes a new sound card will come out that's not compatible with
Extreme Pinball. To determine whether you are having a sound-related
conflict, try setting up Extreme Pinball for "No Sound Card." If Extreme
Pinball works without sound, but locks up with sound on, chances are that
you are having a sound-related conflict.

Here's how to contact the top sound card makers for information about
sound card problems and obtaining the latest driver files.

Company Sound Card Phone BBS CompuServe GO
------------- ------------------ ------------ ------------ -------------
Media Vision Pro Audio Spectrum 800-638-2807 510-770-0527 MultiVen (12)
Creative Labs Sound Blaster 405-742-6622 405-742-6660 Blaster
Gravis Ultrasound 604-431-1708 604-431-5927 PcVenB (14)


If you need further assistance, please call our tech support department:

In the USA: voice: 301-983-9771 fax: 301-299-3841
In the Europe: voice: +44 (0) 1767-260903 fax: +44 (0) 1737-262043
In Germany: voice: 0130 822887 fax: 0130 822886

You can also contact us online:

WorldWide Web:
CompuServe: GO EPIC
Internet Mail: [email protected]
Internet FTP:
Internet News: We answer questions in
America Online: We answer questions posted in the PCGames (keyword) area
MicroSoft Network: We answer questions in the Computer Game Forum
GEnie: We answer questions in the Games Roundtable

Contact: Epic MegaGames
2400 Baud: 414-789-4210
14.4K Baud: 414-789-4360


Epic's Email list:

To subscribe to Epic's email list and receive late-breaking news
from Epic every month or so, just send an Internet message to
[email protected] with the subject: SUBSCRIBE EPIC

Enjoy Playing Extreme Pinball

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