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1-3 player tank game w/C src.
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1-3 player tank game w/C src.
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Contents of the TANK.DOC file

Super Tank 1.1
(C) Copyright 1992 by Kevin Dahlhausen

Requires: VGA graphics


Super Tank is a version of the classic tank combat game.
The object is simple enough: shoot the other tanks before they
can shoot you. Variations on the theme include guided tank shots and
a new method of scoring.


Setting up the game is very easy. The opening screen
contains the configuration menu. The 'Tank Delay' and 'Shot
Delay' settings are used to control the speed of the game. The
default settings are intended for a 33 Mhz 386, so setting the
delays proportionally is a good way to start. The game options
are loaded automatically if the file 'TANK.CFG' exists in the
current directory.

The style of game play can be changed by turning on the
trees option. (Why trees? No particular reason.) Scoring under
the trees option is different: a player receives one point for
each tree shot, but the points are only awarded when the player
shoots an enemy tank. This leads to situations in which another
player sneaks up on you while you are concentrating on shooting


Key Blue Tank Red Tank Yellow Tank

Up: Up Arrow W P

Down: Down Arrow Z .

Left: Left Arrow A L

Right: Right Arrow D '

Fire: Home Q O


The program tends to hang if PC-Magazine's DOSKEY program is
running. I have not tried it with MS-DOS's DOSKEY program.


In accordance with the Borland C++ license, I retain the
copyright to this program. The game is free however. You are
under no legal or moral obligation to pay anything for it. The
program MAY NOT be distributed for a fee, but I do encourage you
to freely distribute it. Please inform me if you were charged a
fee for this program. The keyboard handler in this version is
from the Sprite Toolkit (STK) Version 1.0, copyright 1990 by Jari

It would be nice to hear your comments, suggestions, or
criticisms about the game. I can be reached at:

[email protected]

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